Captain update on my situation

  • well captain ive spoken to the girl from the seems like shes trying to keep me at arms distance.though there have been a few moments of kindness.for example while i was with her a security guard walked in and was hitting on her.i didnt want to be rude or appear jealous so i walked away to give them space.i came back when he left and she handed me a choclate..maybe shes just kind??also yesterday we were talking like i said,i think she might try to be keeping me at arms length,but squinted her eyes when i said "i wanted to go see that girl" then i explained that i was reffering to i imagining things,or is there a chance of me and this taurus girl angie having something?

  • I have given you my advice on this situation. The girl has already given you several signs that she is not interested - she feel sorry for you (she is a kind-hearted person and doesn't want to tell you straight that she is not interested) but is getting fed up. You are turning into a stalker. You need to develop more courage when you like someone - just ask them straight out if they want to go out with you, and then walk away and find someone else if the answer is 'no'.

  • okay thanks.

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