Ophiuchus and the lvls of truth

  • I am a pothead me and sat around one day talking about astorolgy and my friend insisted that their be a 13 sign I told it's impossible cause the sign would have to exist in reallity and govern it's on base in reality he gave me some b.s. about it being all over the news and I still shunned it until I watched a video about the lost book of nastrodamus and in their it's said that he uses a 13 sign zodiac so once again im left to discover truth and I read the myth on ophiuchus and it says he was a man that found the gift of immortality threw snakes venom but the god thought we are not ready so the killed him and placed him the sky I began to see a pattern unlike the scorpio that comes before it truth isn't in it's tail but it's in the hands of ophiuchus as the snake meaning the truth can kill you or save your life and it's the direct act of lying or telling the truth with so many cover ups about aliens and 2012 and what not if we as a people would use ophiuchus truth we would blown their cover up and saw the truth wich I guess we are ready to understand but then again I'm just a kid with wild thoughts and I'm guessing until 2012 the true potential of ophiuchus will sow its truthful seeds in the next generation

  • WOW, that was a mouthful and a ton of separaste insights all bundled up into one.

    I might just have to think about that a little longer sometime. It was rather weird for ophiuchus to rear its head at this time.


  • Ophiuchus does not exist in any form of astrology practised today; not even in Vedic or Sidereal astrology. And it never has. 🙂

  • I understand that he dosent exist but the fact that nastradamus used him just brings up the question why and how and the real meaning I guess I could have over analyzed it but at the same time their is a certain side of truth that is but isnt explained in the signs and the signs explain everything along with the planets and the evolution of that truth taking place in society does make more sense with ophiuchus the actual sense of death and life and creation of is almost like having it in the palm of your hence the snake but having it intwined with the body meaning a deadly animal in the hand of a man who supposedly found the key to immortality and tried to use it to help people in a reality sense we have always had the power to let people live in their imaginary bubble or bust it open with the truth can destroy or make that person if he isnt a primary sign hr could be like Chiron the wounded healer either way transformations that occur in our mind body and spirits could be linked to these expressions and other expressions that could be hidden amongst the stars life it's self is infinate so are the possiblitys unless the nothing really changes it's just reborn with new resolve but then again we are always waiting for people or planets to return to change I thought astrology was the way to see these things coming and prepare

  • Interesting ideas. I like them. Isn't Chiron's symbol the intertwined snakes we associate with medicine? You are probably onto something SiriusLupine...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Your right I've tested this and the whole snake giving am apple is is truth of awareness and giving spreading awareness of it I've hit some vital astrological spots and mystical properties I think opuichus is I USE just as Aries is I AM and taures is I HAVE so on so forth

  • "we have always had the power to let people live in their imaginary bubble or bust it open with the truth can destroy or make that person"

    I totally agree with that. But whoever attempts such a thing must first burst his own bubble first.

    Our immortal Spirits are so far more than mere Signs or Numerology numbers. They are a part of Spirit.

  • Now if anyone wants real wisdom, he/she can visit Hanswolfgang thread. The guy tries to share it. And everyone prefers to remain in their bubble. Much safer there....

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