Hi Captain if you could please help

  • I have been liking this boy for a while his name is Ricardo Pinto do you feel he will ever enter my life or be close to me?

  • Well, have you approached him for a date or anything? You must have the courage to make your intentions quite clear. It's better to know where you stand even if he turns you down, than hang around forever hoping and dreaming for nothing.

  • And it would be wrong of me to step in and tell you about how this guy feels at the cost of you missing the chance to draw on the strength you have inside to take a chance. If psychics give you every answer in life, you would not grow and learn for yourself. In this case, you must be the one who risks everything in order to gain some self-respect by being brave. If you never put yourself out there, you will live in the shadows all your life. We humans are strange creatures who only learn our biggest lessons through failure. It's by getting up after we fall (no matter how many times it happens) that we grow into strong and self-confident beings. Only fear grows in the shadows.

  • yeah i guess your right, sometimes you just need to take chances and risks in life so you can learn from them or something like that. Thanks for taking the time to write to me.

  • I hope you didn't find what I said too harsh - it's really for the best if you find the courage and initiative that is there in yourself. It will help you in all other areas of your life.

  • No Captain its okay i did not find what you said to harsh its true sometimes we just have to learn and find out things in our lives ourselves.

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