The First Thing That Should Be Addressed

  • Hi, I just got this message in my emails and thought it important to post here, it really applies to what we are all going through at this moment in time, hope it helps 🙂

    A New Message From VERONICA

    The First Thing That Should Be Addressed

    "The energy of the planet at this time is chaotic in the best of circumstances. Each person participating can feel the frenetic energy as it emanates from the surface.

    This energy can bring fear into the hearts of those who cannot assimilate it all properly.

    What should one do in times of trouble?

    The first thing that should be addressed is your own belief system. The ability to rise above the difficult energy is crucial. Know that you do have the power to balance all situations. Even if it is a mass consciousness moment, realize that every drop of positive thought projected into the most dire situation does help.

    Secondly, having a sense of well being while appreciating your own skills of creativity. Not every experience is perfect. Sometimes even the difficult ones can garner much growth and perspective. Do not judge difficulty harshly. realize that you are capable of contouring any experience. Allow yourself the lesson, even if it's not pleasant. Take from it the created new energy and use it to continue your evolution.

    Nothing is lost.

    Nothing is wasted.

    Decide within yourself that you have value while learning the lesson.

    Whenever possible allow this energy to be released into your reality. It helps with the planet, others, and yourself.

    The time of ascending to a new level of perspective is at hand. Be the one who embraces all of it and grows.

    If enough of you participate in this way, the transition will be easier for all.

    The time is now."


    ♥Love is the Key♥

  • AMEN!!!!

  • angel hugs


  • angel hugs

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