Go with the flow or sever ties?

  • Hi all, am new here - just signed up for forums today and am hoping somebody out there can help/advise.......

    I have been seeing a gentleman (DOB 06 October 1966) for the past 6 months but has been very casual - maybe seeing each other twice a week and sometimes going 1.5 weeks without real contact and then a few brief hours of an evening. We do get along very well together, in particular I love his sense of humour but I really don't know where we're at. In all the 6 months we have spent only 2 full weekends together and that's because we were away from our home towns.

    Like him I have had 2 marriages. He is my first 'relationship' in the last 6 years and boy have I serial dated in that time (in fact I still am as I don't know where I'm at with him). A typical Sagittarian born 24 November 1959 but unsure of time of day I don't like to feel tied down but feel ready after 6 years to create some foundation in my life as don't wish to be single for the duration.

    Can someone advise whether this liaison is going anywhere or am I wasting my time? Please feel free to ask any questions you need to know.

    Many thanks in anticipation

  • Hi yummy brummy I know I may be young but I think I could give you a piece of advice-I think you should probably go with the flow. You two seem to be vibing very well and if you want to know where you stand with him just be frank and ask-hey better to know than to be wondering every minute. I think you should enjoy the times you do spend together and your not wasting time-your enjoying life again. I hope this helps! Wish you two the best of luck. Many blessings, love and hughs 🙂 God bless

  • Thank you Asia, that's very sweet of you x

  • Your welcome. I love helping people out any way I can 🙂 Hope everything goes well! God bless

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