How do you understand a scorpio man????

  • Hello everyone, just need a little help here.I am a cancer woman. I have been dating a scorpio for about a year and a half. When we met he was in a relationship and I was married. We became friends and talked alot at work. My husband passed away and he started calling me just to talk and he was a great help. This went on for about six months and then I started seeing him for dinner sometimes. Things just progressed from that point. His relationship ended and I do feel responsible in ways but also feel like they had problems before I came into the picture. He has been married before and has children hisself but doesn't seem comfortable with my two children. He tells me he loves me and shows it at times but can also be very closed off at times. I have been through alot in the past few years, I loved my husband dearly and losing him took alot out of me. I lost my father six months later and that just about was too much. He was there through all of this and never faliled when I needed him. I guess now I am ready to either move foward with our relationship or decide to go back to being friends. I am ready to have someone in my life full time again. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.

  • Hey georgia, I also been dating a scorpio I think they are the greatest loves. but they also have to have other woman on the side yes they can show you they really do love you ,but you make them mad they get even. I have been with this man for 10 yrs . I don't know we just can't get it right because of all the woman should I say he is a Police officers, and they in woman faces . he just can seem to control his self. I do wish I could get out of this relationship but it feels like he is all I no , and I hate the way I feel I'm 45 now I feel like I can't get another man . I have gained weight and not happy with my body . I just want the life back I had before I met him. I was the life of the party. I loved myself then.can you help please.

  • Hi tblack, thank you for responding. First of all you do have to love yourself again. No man, I don't care how good they are is worth that. I thought when I lost my husband I would just lay down and never get up, but I did get up and came out a stronger person. We can't control alot of things that happen in our lives but our happpiness is in our control. I do love this man and he knows that but I do believe he knows I would survive without him. He knows me well enough to know that I am going to put the happiness of myself and my chidren equal with his. We are just as important. You are just as important as the man in your life, Do somethings for you, something to make you feel good about yourself again. It doesn't make you love him any less, just make sure you are equal too. I hope somehow I have helped.

  • I have been married to a Scorpio man for 10 years now, been together for a total of 16 years. I am a Libra & 44 years old. This man is very self-centered, has no patients with anyone or anything & seems to be unable to handle being around children/teenagers, even his own. His main center of focus is himself & he is also very cheap. Our biggest struggle through this relationship has been his secrets, or not outright giving me information that is important, and him not being able to accept my children. He does have a roving eye, and has an issue with porn, but he is faithful in our relationship. I would say the best quality that I find in this man, is that he loves deeply & allows me freedom. After 16 years I can honestly say that all other aspects of his personality will never change, it's just who he is & I've challenged myself to learn to accept him for him, not for who I want him to be, because he allows this for me.

    Scorpio's are truly a challenge, and if you like challenges I recommend you find yourself a Scorpio today, lol - jokingly of course!

  • cancer women and your scorpio,i love my scorpio,they are hard to understand,i am a fish,so i can see what he can say,and sometimes it is best not to know what he what to say it can get hurtful,so i just back off and let him settel,and then he is clay in your hands,we went to our 6th grandchilds birthday (we have 3 daughters non of them are his,another marriage)20 years we have been happy married the deal was he had to treat them as his ,ha, ha woopings and all,i have never disgree with his actions in front of the children,so maybe you need to think about that,it is not just one it is all and with that you have to give all,but they do not like to fight or dealing with you pulling up in your shell,to him he want it all if you hide he feels unloved,they are very loving if you let them,and you will have to loving take the lead on the kids,show him,you really have to just show him and he will have a blast,you just back off and let the love happen,stop pulling and hiding it is driving himcrazy,show him how to love you and in time it will be a great adventure,devoted till the end hope this help, crazy in love after 20 yrs to my stinger scopio.oh ya at the party he kiss me 4 times people say did yall just get married always touch him rub his leggs you then will get a island

  • for lord sake i am 48 i have gained weight,he is a scorpio,and he is so devoted i do not work, he just wants me to be happy,he raised my 3 daughters and very active with our ,yes our 6 grandbabies ,getting up at night ,changhing diapers,i am a fish,i adore him but i am sick alot he only loves me more,he works 65hrs a week,i clean the house ,he tells me baby if you do not feel like it ,that is fine we love each othter spiritually every day for 20yrs we tell each othter,we love our marriage and each other and how lucky we are, he is very good looking,and i have a good sence humor we laugh alots,my personally and looks make me feel pretty,SELFPITY,,,is no reaSON NOT TO BELIEVE INSELF,GOD DOESNOT MAKE JUNK,LOVE YOURSELF IT IS LIKE A VIRUS,INTER BEAUTY IS ALWAYS THEIR,LOVE YOUSELF ,LEARN TO HANDLE SNAKES LET HIM KNOW SNAKES NEED LOVE TOO,I PICKED UP A COPPERHEAD,SUNDAY AND ASK HIM NEED A PARNER TONITE {I HAVE A HEADACH,}A COTTENMOUTH IS A GREAT PARNER TOO, I HANDLE SNAKES I STARTED,,AT 5, I, ,LOVE TO CHASE HIM AROUND THE POND ALL,THE TIME,[[[[[[TRUE STORY I SWEAR {SHELBY R.IN LAUREL MISSISSIPPI ]BITTEN ONE TIME IT DONT HURT REALLY..... IF SCARE TRY A KING OR GREEN SNAKE. we will stop his roving eyes,,,god bless,loving,scorpio [they will run all over you if you do not get mean and tough do not holler out or fight with him out smart him so he will know it was you,dont fight you will lose us your witts.

  • Hello Georgia.

    I am a Scorpio woman. My daughters father (my ex lol) is a Scorpio. My daughter is a Scorpio. While Scorpio's do differ between the sexes, the differences are subtle. I'll give you a little bit of my own perspective on what you can expect and what you should look out for when coupling with a Scorpio male and share with you my own experiences of knowing a Scorpio male for the past 23 years.

    He will most assuredly mask his feelings for you in such a way as to keep you guessing about the depth of his involvement with you. This is a defense mechanism for him. Scorpio's are incapable of shallow emotions, Georgia. We can't remain detached once we become involved despite appearances to the contrary. He may act aloof and noncommittal, but, trust me, this is so far from the truth that it's ridiculous. When we Scorpio's fall in love we fall hard. And it's absolutely terrifying for us. His nonchalant demeanor is to keep you from realizing the great power you have to inflict great emotional pain and mental anguish should you choose to part ways with him.

    His awkwardness around your children should not be taken as a sign that he doesn't like them. No, Georgia, he simply isn't sure of himself. He's not convinced that they like him so he's trying very hard to control his behavior and his approach to them to ensure that they WILL like him. He's probably waiting for an opportunity to bond with them. Your children probably think he's a little odd, don't they? He puts out vibes he doesn't particularly want to because, once again, he's protecting his delicate insides. Scorpio's have an unnatural fear of rejection. So much so that, frequently, we sabotage our own relationships so that we never have to face being cast off. We figure that our mates, friends, associates, etc., are inevitably going to leave us eventually and we don't want to really wait around for that. So we push and prod and behave atrociously even when our insides scream at us to stop.

    One very important character trait of a Scorpio is our need for freedom. It's an absolute requirement for us to survive. I can guarantee that in all likelihood your man wants nothing more than a committed relationship with you, Georgia, but he'll deny himself, and you, that very thing if he feels like he will end up trapped or chained within the stuffy confines of an inflexible routine. You need to show him that life with you doesn't have to be an episode of All In the Family. You're not Edith and he's not Archie and life together doesn't have to conform to the rigors of a militant-type schedule or routine. As a Scorpio he's probably spontaneous and varied in his interests. He lives to explore and adventure. He's looking for the next experience.

    Scorpio's also require the freedom to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of living amongst a group and find a nice, quiet, somewhat dimly lit corner to be by ourselves. We must be able to expel the chattering of all other voices but our own from our heads. To be with a Scorpio man you will come to expect and anticipate this frequent event. It will be up to you to acquire the ability to sense when he needs to get away and encourage and support him during these times. Don't take it personally, Georgia. It has nothing to do with you but allowing him this flexibility will strengthen your relationship with him and he'll be a much more relaxed and well-rounded individual because of it.

    Scorpio's often are wrongly perceived as being self-involved or self-centered people because of our need for solitude and our pursuit of our own interests, but this is simply not true. Absolutely we are as capable as any other sign of being selfish or unsupportive of our partners, our children, family, friends, etc., but when a Scorpio disappears to the golf course or to the garage or our room and responsibilities get neglected it's not out of selfishness, it's our approach to self-preservation. We MUST ground ourselves. Organize our thoughts. Develop strategies for the coming week. Analyze situations or events. Sort through the accumulated clutter that our minds collect. We talk to God or dead ancestors or the deceased family pet. We are literally getting our shit together so we can approach our responsibilities and self-made goals with some kind of workable plan.

    Talk to your man, Georgia. Tell him exactly what you want from him because if you don't you run the risk of having him misinterpret your needs and desires. When he knows fully what you want from him he will go off into his little dark corner and set up a strategy that will allow him to meet your needs and his as well. Ask him what HE wants and make sure your questions are specific rather than vague or ambiguous. But above all else, make sure that he knows that you want him.

    Good luck to you.

  • FixedScorp1107, great to hear from a Scorpio, my daughter is a Scorpio as well. You do need your freedom, and space to be alone. My husband (Scorpio) is a fisherman, hunter & in a band, these are all true escapisms for him. He's been with my children for the most part of their lives, he does not hide his emotions about them. In my eyes, my children take away time I could be spending on or with him. Of course we can all be selfish, self-centered, but in his case I think it is most extreme. I have never met or been with someone that will not bend or budge, set in his ways. So question, if I give him the freedom that he needs, the escape from the world, as much love as I can possibly put out, and everything imaginable so that his life is easy - what would you recommend or suggest to have some type of mutual understanding when it comes to the children? Mind you, my children are 20, 18 & 17 years old, and we've been together for 16. Wondering if their is a recitfiable solution to this whole matter in a Scorpio's eyes? Or is this something that you cannot comment on because you are female?

  • Hi Penny,

    Sorry I didn't respond earlier to your post. Actually, I tried to respond yesterday but had to leave on short notice and I lost my response.

    I think, however, this particular thread is not an appropriate one in which to respond to your question (since this thread is focused on Georgia and her dilemma) so I will start a thread to address your post.

    I apologize, Georgia.

  • georgia tblack is right scorpios are very sensitive and emotional people. I'm not a man but i am a woman scorpio and we can be very hard to understan sometimes. We love with a passion so strong that sometimes it's scary. If he's not comfortable with your kids thts his fault.

  • 'Thank You, FallFromAStar. He is a very loving man. I sometimes think he doesn't know how to react to my children, mainly my 13 yr old son because their father died and all of the sudden he was in the picture. My son worshiped his father, that was his best friend and it has been a very hard few years for him because after his father both his grandfathers passed withen 18months. My son is very outgoing and VERY talkative. We are a very open family and I just don't think he is used to that. I guess time will tell, I believe what is meant to be will be. When I love someone I stick it through till the end, I'll just have to see how this chapter of my life ends.

    Thank you for your response. Scorpios are great.

  • i am with a scorpio as a casual relationship for a while, i love him very much even though its on casual basis..i dont see anyone else other than him...he said he doesn't love me but his actions when he is with me says something else...he gets kinda controlling over things i do and some signs of jealousy ...when he kisses me ..its very seems like he is controlling himself and tries to prove on one side that he is not into me and on the other hand seems like he is testing my love for really confused..,even though he says he doesn't love me..but he always says he likes me very much....i know there are some barriers between us.,which is somethings in future which will come in the way of us if we become partners.......and that barrier could be pretty, is that why he is controlling himself ???? please if someone could help he hiding his feelings or he is not in love or he doesn't know???????

  • I have been with a scorp for 16 years now and i find that they are very secretive and like to play mind games this used to bother me immensly but now i have learnt not to take it personally and being a taurus its been very hard for me to do as i am a very sensitive person and i also find that he doesnt like to talk very much where me on the other loves a good natter . Angela 2010 your post says it all sounds very much like hes playing mind games with you you need to ask him straight out where you stand with him and try not to fall into the mindgame trap .

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