Libra Sun with Scorpio Sun Tango

  • So I've been talking to this Scorpio for 8 mo now, and at first he did the typical Scorpio I like you, but I'm going to run from you, I was crushed, but recently he came back into my life and he has swept me up possessively.

    I personally am no good with understanding Scorpios, but now that he is in my life, there are a few things that leave me utterly and painfully confused at times. He is (at times) completely affectionate, to a point of nauseating, but I have a Leo Venus and I enjoy it, at other times, he is a complete mute, to a point that its painful for me. I have also noticed that If something is wrong with me, his introverted muting is on ultrabeam.

    When I try to talk to him about anything serious, he tells me how much he cares in a fierce Scorpio way (or at least that's what I have been assuming) such as, if you ever left me I would kill, but after a few brief words, he shuts off. If I press farther he either flips to being a bit angry or he tries to hide via sleep. I am a Libra Sun, Libra Rising, Libra Mercury, Gemini Moon, Aries Mars, and Leo Venus, his behavior when he's being cold, cuts extremely deep to me.

    Is there anyway to understand him, in the eyes of a very airy person? I sense his moods when hes going through them, but alas it just pulls me into a mood with him. I am perceptive to him, I just don't know how to get inside of his mind At all, not even a little. Is there any clues, any signs to whether he really does care, and do I need to intervene and try to save him when he's in moods?

    Apologies for the scattered thoughts, but I'm completely scattered at the current moment.


    (He is a Scorpio Sun, Libra Rising, Libra Mercury, Taurus Moon, Pisces Mars, Virgo Venus)

    Is there any hope here? LOL

  • Yes there is hope. The problem with Scorpios is that while they feel so very deeply, they keep all dependence on a lover (or family and friends too for that matter) hidden as they feel it is a display of weakness. As a Libra, communication is paramount to you, but as a Scorpio he can be more quiet and introverted, and relies on his intuition. However, he does need to communicate with you, as that is important in any relationship. Scorpios are all or nothing in love and can come off as very harsh. Try not to take his moods personally, though I know it's hard not to. The best part of your relationship is your devotedness and loyalty. If he has occasional moods and this is the only issue, tell him how important talking about things is to you, and try to focus on the positive side in your relationship. If you can give me the years you and him were born, I can tell you more. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • in my line of life i have met every kinds of human behavure ans personality. family upbringing has a lot more to do with interaction as to how open there family delt with problems and issues in there family circle. as far as signs go, that is not a standard to true insite to anyone by far.. No one can be held to a standard rule of thumb... It's only someone elses point of view... I love to read it for fun.. I find we all have a mate out there and at times of our life we attract a certain person in to our life and it works for so long basec on our ability to be honest with each other..

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