Aura reading

  • Hello everyone:

    Is anyone willing to do an aura reading? If so, which information should you need? Thanks!

  • Sweeteyes,

    Captain has a thread called Photo Readings. You can post a picture there and she'll do a reading. I'm not sure if this is the same a "Aura" readings but I know you'd need a picture for that as well.

    Good Luck!

  • Kookish,

    Thanks so much!.

  • mmm! I feel like giving an aura reading.. Still interested?

  • StrawberryKiss, It didn't start the thread and your answer was for sweeteyes but if you could do an aura reading for me i would be happy. 🙂

  • Oh hi moonalisa, sure, I prefer private readings though, how should I contact you?

  • This post is deleted!

  • if your email is right, you'd have received something now

  • StrawberryKiss:

    Apologies for the delay. YES, I'm still interested. What information do you need? Thanks!

  • Hi sweeteyes, all I need for a basic reading is your full name (current or past). If you like a more detailed one, you can provide things like your photo, birthday and such but it's all up to you. Different information look at different aspect of you as a person. Contact me on facebook if you want an aura reading because I don't usually check here: Nessa Kiss

  • Hi Strawberrykiss , I hope you don't mind me asking the same favor for myself and I am pretty sure everyone wants aura reading. And I am really sorry if I ll try to find you at FB without your permission I am curios to know what in me apparently . There's a few same names of your so if you don't mind me asking a favor pretty please thanks in advance . Kisses

  • Hi ! There Strawberrykiss , it's me again and my apology I felt like I'm annoying you now and I just want to let you know that I already add you on my FB account it's me Anne my middle initial in fb was A and My surname was M at FB but my real name was Joann. Thanks a lot and I hope you will forgive me on what I'm doing now . I am so interested on my aura so I will have knowledge what they see in me good or bad and if I can change that my wall is not my picture it's a black wall with boy and girl thank a more blessing kisses..

  • Hi,

    That's very kind of you, but I cannot find you on FB. Is it Nessa or Vanessa? Thanks.

  • Oops I'm sorry Anne, I'm a little conscious of strangers, I'll add you again. I'd appreciate a little private message before you add me so I know how I knew you.

    I'm with the display pic Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing.

    My display name is Nessa but my full name is Vanessa, either would work I think.

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