Shuabby-May You Give Me a Reading-In Need of Insight

  • Hi Shuabby, (My birthdate is May 6th 1992, 9:28 pm) first off let me saying I have been through a lot in my life but I love it because the depths of my struggle is really the base of my height of sucess I feel Im about to experience! Im planning on going to film school in Miami and Im getting into modeling as well. I feel and know Im going to be big. (I recently had another reading about this and seems as if I am right). I dont really like to talk about my ex (November 1st 1991) (and we broke up 3 months ago under crazy circumstances) only because Im in the process of being complete and letting go of the pain I felt from the breakup. I care for him but its not to the point where I''ll be willing to make myself unhappy (not that I did anyway lol) but I have been having crazy dreams and random thoughts about him lately aside from the odd encounter I had with my phone concerning him a week ago. My intuiton tells me his life is going ok but he's sad and disappointed about the breakup but doesnt like to think or talk about it because the crazy circumstances and how much he was going through at the time. I dont know if he still cares about me or not but I feel as if he regrets hurting me and still might care but feels as if I hate him for what he did. Im am curious about this is my intuiton right and do you think he might ever cross my path again (sometimes I feel that way but I dont know if it is necessarily good if he does)?

    Thank you so much for your insight! I really appreciate it 🙂

  • Looking back on everything, I think he loved me but he definetly had that Hades Phespherone complex going on within the course of our relationship being that I was so good natured and loving. He was overwhelmed at how much of a good person I was but he had so much darkness going on in his life to really appreciate me the way I wanted to be esecially with the way he handled our breakup.

  • Sorry my story is so long I though detail was important enough in order for you to answer my questions 🙂 thanks!!!!

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  • Shaubby if you want the full story it is located under Taurus Girl Calling Out To All Scorpios

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