Captain- What does my futore hold?

  • Captain could you give me a reading? Not sure what to do regarding my career, most of my past jobs ive hated. Im interested in alternative therapies and have done some training in reiki healing. Id like to do something id be happy with, if theres anything else about my future you could tell me id really appreciate it thanks.

  • So TR have you looked into doing more studying in alternative therapies?

    You do have tremendous creative potential but you have trouble handling that creative energy. You have issues, such as self-doubt and insecurity where you don't think you are as talented as other people, that block your awareness of the abundant energy available to you. Before you can open the floodagtes of your inborn creative potential, you have to find yourself - your centre, identity, balance, and boundaries, and release your dependence on other people's opinions. You must take responsibility for your own life. Overcoming any issues of past abuse or violence will help you get your will back and find your sense of self-sufficient identity. You must overcome your tendency to resistance and rigidity, nervousness or underconfidence. You have a large and powerful energy field and can generate something new, inventive, original, or insightful in the world. If you don't discharge this tremendous energy in a positive outward way, it will turn inward into a negative destructive energy, such as addictive behaviour. This energy of yours entails a form of cooperation with others, and you were born to support humanity in ways both large and small, to uplift and inspire, to support and heal. Within you is the archetype, energy, and creative inspiration of the inventor, the leader, the pioneer, the artist, even the athlete. You also have a wonderful focus and an ability to concentrate that can be applied to any sort of study or training. You are a natural networker who can enjoy many contacts as you are, here to serve the larger good of the community. When not working in the positive, you will experience feelings of insecurity and lack. Money is just a way of keeping tabs on how your energy is flowing - or if it is blocked. When you focus on creative service, abundance comes naturally.

    You need to be able to 'do your thing' according to your own impulses without being limited by the input of others. You need a profession that allows you the freedom to follow your own instincts and that requires initiative and independent action - such as surgeon, technician, entrepreneur, healer etc. You have a gift for being able to see the other person's point of view and negotiate diplomatically to ensure fairness. But you have to understand that people will not always 'play fair' with you, even if you do so with them. You are very giving by nature but you cannot allow your survival to depend on everyone else doing the right thing by you. You also must be fairer to yourself as you can be overly critical of what you see as your failings or weaknesses. You need a career where you have plenty of human contact as you often experience loneliness, and helping people heal would be ideal for you. Something like massage therapy or some other form of healing therapy would not only help others relax and approach life in a more open easy manner but would help you in these ways too.

    It will really help if you try to lighten up and become less judgmental and less intense about the details of life. Remember the bigger picture of your dreams and goals. Get to the bottom of any deep-seated feelings of guilt that may be holding you back from really enjoying yourself and having fun. Indulge in some simple pleasures and keep your feelings out in the open with those you trust. Avoiding fearfulness and suspicion will allow you to let go and relax more.

  • Thanks Captain,this has really given me a lot to think about. Cant believe how accurate you are about so many things! Im really drawn to reiki healing and am going to do some further training in this. So thanks again, very much appreciated.

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