Ascension Alert: Accelerating Earth Changes

  • a message from Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

    Activating Your Crystalline Body Codes

    What You Can Do

    My precious sacred Sisters and brothers of light and love, we are one with thee, we commend you for your amazing divinity, as you and your world go through more earth shifts and changes. Hold the highest compassion and divinity for others, as all will be affected by the next stage of your evolutionary journey. Every one of you is precious and has a role to play in the divine plan of light, no matter what it looks likes or appears to be. Your higher divinity is in unison with the unity consciousness of one, and you may align to this higher truth that causes a sovereign deity force ensuring the highest Divine plan to override all. This will become a revealed tool of the sacred ancient technology that you once used that will empower humanity.

    You have passed through an evolutionary photonic gateway as you now reside in a new encoding of Light 33

    The center of the galaxy has pulsed huge amounts of energy out to the universe where Gaia is in perfect sync riding these cosmic forces in divine alignment for the new cycle of life. 33-13-333 As Gaia is attuning herself to the galactic center, these cosmic forces are also accelerating the codes of your crystalline light bodies. Your crystalline light bodies are your upgraded vehicles that will bring you into the golden age of light with greater access to your universal divine power. 33

    What’s coming

    The 12:12 that aligns to the 13-33-333

    Throughout the rest of March, April, and throughout the year there will be significant planetary alignments. These cosmic electrical forces are causing a rippling effect from the celestial bodies creating a zero point shift. These planetary alignments are bringing earth changes, dramatic energetic shifts with solar activity that are accelerating your crystalline light bodies for you to awaken to an increased divine source of alignment with these significant cosmic celestial forces. 444

    Accelerating of your crystalline light bodies 44

    Many of you ultra sensitive blue rays, light bearers and earth keepers especially have felt the dimensional photonic gateway that you have all just passed through. Your physical body felt this in wanting to sleep for days, feeling queasy, anxious, and unsteady. Two weeks before the Japan quake, many of you did not want to go out and wished to stay at home. What a part of you experienced was the sensing of these intensified energetic highways of atmospheric astral and collective consciences taking place on the earth. Know that your intuitive empathic feelings are an invaluable tool protecting you from incurring energies that may not be for your highest good to encounter. (“55” Archangel Michael’s power number of protection)

    Dark energies and energy pathways of negativity are leaving

    This planetary alignment broke through the matrix that was holding in place the energetic of negative dark energies still lingering in the DNA body and consciousness. This is what the new cycle of 2012 is – the purification, realization and revelation of what has been undermining your Divine Sovereignty. For your path now is becoming anew in your true essence alignment to a higher way of being human in the unity alliance of one in Light and love. You and your world are leaving and letting go of what has impaired your true path of light. 55

    You the Angelic human shaman working with the Devas and Archangels of Life

    What you can do

    You are an angelic human shaman and carry the higher frequencies of light, and are very much attuned to Gaia, Nature and the rhythms of the Cosmos. As you remember how to be in a higher expression as an angelic human, earth changes may be more felt in your physical bodies. As earth changes and shifts take place, check in to your sacred intuitive guidance and empathic language of your soul. See what is right for you personally and what you can do as an angelic guardian earth steward. Along with calling for the assistance from the higher realms, ascended masters and angels, remember the devas of healing, fairies and elementals, the devas of earth, Pan and working with the elements, also called the four directions, and the “Archangels of Life”.

    Calling the Angelic Guardian Earth Steward

    Together you may be called to do certain activities that assist you and the earth; putting certain crystals and items in certain locations on the earth and in your home that divert, direct and balance the energies, you may be guided to pray and touch the earth at certain locations. You may feel directed to take another way to your destination or to wait until the energy is in divine alignment for you to be in perfect harmonic flow with the universe. It is always a sacred exchange with Gaia and the divine and will strengthen your intuitive knowing.

    April Energies 333 Water will rule

    The celestial bodies that rule water are coming into an alignment in April and throughout the rest of the year, where water will be the influencing overriding deity in all forms. You the blue ray are all about water, flow, feelings, emotions, the sacred feminine and healing. These are times where you can align to your power element Archangel of Water and Blue Ray of Creation for alchemy, healing, purification and miracles within your body and world.

    Be respectful and honoring of water and you will see how this archangel of life will communicate and wish to serve you. The best method of assisting water to be restored to the sacred living waters of life, as some term restructured water, is by Love and respect through intentions, high frequency sound or sacred harmonics, using nature, sacred geometry, crystals, all done in a way of caring reference.

    Accelerating Earth changes, Natural and manmade disasters: What you can do

    Get a globe of the earth; hold the globe, coupling your hands around it.

    Say: I come from a place of peace and love in my holiest integrity. In the unity alliance of One, of the highest divine plan of love and light, I ask for the most benevolent loving outcome through Grace Elohim for earth, humanity and all life (this includes all animals, insects, air, water, plants, devas).

    I love you earth, my brothers and sisters and all life, thank you for your sacred service; all is in perfect divine order.

    Added option: here you may attune to the Language of Light sacred sounds of the crystalline octave of Creation. With one hand holding the globe, bring your left hand up high to the heavens and allow the holy sound to come through you from the highest source to earth. As these sacred sounds come, bring your hand down to the globe to direct the frequencies to earth and yourself.

    The language of light, the holy octaves of Creation, which your science has called the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies, brings profound transformation and transcendence.

    The language of light, the holy octaves of Creation, are even more holy than what your science has recognized them to be, as the Ancient Solfeggio; you the Blue rays and many light bearers are attuned to these frequencies to bring to earth.

    Doing these prayers is also very healing for your earth bodies. They have an attuning effect empowering the crystalline light codes, anchoring the Shekinah grace in your Christ body.

    For a specific place of the earth like Japan

    Put your hand over Japan and be the conduit for the highest divine energy, saying, I come from a place of peace, love, the highest divine plan of light.

    To assist your brothers and sisters of earth

    When your brothers and sisters of earth are facing challenges and upheaval, you may be the stewards of the divine Mother and Father Essence; using the globe to the area needed, say: From the Father Mother God divine presence in me, in no entanglements, you are safe, you will be taken care of and you are loved, all is well in the divine plan.

    Say this a few times from your heart as if you were soothing a child that was afraid. Remember when you were a child and an adult came to you with those loving, simple words that made you feel safe and healed.

    See how you feel after you do this, how it empowers you. Know it is real and affects Gaia and humanity in the highest Divine plan, anchoring the Shekinah Mother healing frequency.

    If you do not have a globe of earth you can use a map or hold your intention to the earth.

    We recommend that you do this practice daily, once a week and when you feel attuned to do so. This practice will assist alleviate stress of the earth and in your bodies for greater ease in the coming shifts of 2012 and 2013.

    Trusting your bodies' empathic natures, intuition is of paramount importance – It is your divine power!

    Trusting your bodies' empathic natures, intuition, and coming from your core center is of paramount importance as events and energies will continue to shift and transform sometimes very unexpectedly and radically. You the blue ray and Light Bearers use your innate gifts of the language of your soul as it has been heightened for you to use for your empowerment.

    We wish to reassure you that all is in the divine plan. You cannot go into your logical mind or ego to try to figure it out as you have shifted and reside in a higher alignment; go to your Christ body and Christ mind will lead you always to peace and the correct action. From peace you will bring peace. How you get there is through the sacred divine feminine, the Shekinah of empathy, compassion, love, nurturing, and by doing so you are anchoring the Shekinah on earth. We are one with thee; all is blessed and in divine order!


    The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

    “Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

    Copyright © Language of Light vocal sound transmissions by Shekina Rose Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-

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  • thanks poetic, another great article.

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  • One of the things i have been asking for is of your self you knowing in your heart your thoughts the hows and the whys all this to bring in a collective thought to bring together as one to release the fear of what others might think them thoughts and feelings that might sound so crazy to you but together as one we can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together to get a picture of the path to bring in a new world together as one ,one mind with many Hearts .

    I will not reveal all i know because at this time there are still those who want this power for the darkness and to take away from the light .

    I will start with some of what i know ,There is a very large light green crystal pulsating with energy it has 3 set of magnets circling around it 2 one direction and 1 opposite this will be the main force of energy in the coming time and from this will be the source of power for every home as we know a home and also one of the reasons for the crystals you are wearing .

    I will say this fear not what others think or how they will perceive you ,as you have given to me those who know ,know , and those who don't ,don't ,those who matter ,matter those who don't have a choice own what path they take . Tooter

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