CWB - I'm Sorry

  • CWB,

    I'm so sorry you feel unappreciated for your readings. I know people can be super impatient and they aren't aware of the fact that you guys, as readers, don't have a life outside of the tarot threads. you're a great person. I've seen your posts multiple times on multiple threads trying to tell those in need of a reading to have patience. you do good things and I appreciate you, even though you've never done a reading for me in particular. I hope you're well. I know you're going through some rough times yourself right now. I hope it works out. I think someone told you that eating better will help. have you tried yoga and meditation as well? breathing exercises sometimes work too. best of luck. I'm always here if you ever feel like you want some encouragement or if you want to randomly give me a reading, lol. I'm not inclined in any way, psychic-wise, but I'm always here to give a helping hand. 🙂

    thanks for all you and the other readers do. 🙂

  • Dear ScorpVirgo,

    Thank you for your kind words. Charmed is great. The only thing all of us who are readers can do is give our guidance as we receive it, and move forward to help others. That is our "job", our life purpose if you will. And people will take what they can from it, and leave the rest behind. Impatience is simply a learning lesson in a person's life...and for another, it could be not being a victim or standing up for yourself, or loving yourself. We all have our own crosses to bear. So I work hard not to judge anyone. I was not annointed a judge. To me, there is just one. And He is the one with the universal viewpoint.

    Judgment is ego. I've found when you have to put someone else's because you aren't real secure in your own self. Again, a life lesson to learn. The hard part of being a reader is to not take things personally. For to us, it's very personal when we do readings. While we don't know you, or whomever we do readings for, we do have a piece of our own spirit attached to each reading we do. Charmed is no different. We don't take pieces of spirit away from those who request answers to their dilemmas...but we always give ours away to you. So it's hard not to feel spiritually invested in each reading we do.

    Charmed, thank you for all you do. You know you are a lightworker and I might suggest that you ask spirit to let your healing be in your messages, and keep your spirit in tact. So you don't give too much of it away. I've had to do that myself. When you feel tired, and drained, and health issues abound...guess what's happening? You are giving too much of yourself away. A simple blessing for yourself ahead of time surrounds you and keeps your highest self in tact.

    Angel blessings to all,

    Miss Beth

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance

    May the wings of the angels who hug you be that of your favourite flower and may you be engulfted with its fragrance.


    loving silver wings

  • thanks guys! just trying to put some positive energy out there and say thank you for all you do 🙂

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