Is he a player?

  • I am in this long distance.. friendship, relationship...But after 4.5 months really have no Idea where I really stand, I have heard sweetie 1 time, most of the time I'm referred to as kiddo, If I say I miss you, he acknowledges with I miss you to, wish I was there to, I like you to, but keeps referring to obligation to ageing parents, and until there gone,I have a duty.... this man is 67 years old, lives with parents, mother alittle ailing, father still drives, what is he's intentions or is it just that he's happy where he's at , and he's just keeping me on the string..I have flown to his state twice, at my expense, he has not offered to pay for these trips, help me please, do I move on?

  • I find in times like this one has to listen to your own heart and let it guide you down that path. A man in love would desire to have you by his side not kick you to the curbe.

  • Would it make a difference if any of the readers advised you to move on though? I think you know what needs to be done but are unable to do it.

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