Feeling the presence of spirits....

  • thank you to anyone and everyone who takes the time to read this....

    hank you so much for this. my birthday is 06/20/1971. for the last couple of years i have been seeing orbs and ghost. i have moved several times and now i am seeing them again but only in my bedroom. there is one that comes every now and again and i can feel an evil presence, my 3 yr old daughter will start to scream and will turn on every light in my bedroom before going into my bathroom or downstairs. as of present she does not want to go into her bedroom under any circumstances and she keeps saying that we need a new home. also, my uncle passed and i can sometimes feel him surrounding me, on the other hand a cousin of mine that i barely knew was killed but before hand we had a really bad disagreement and i was wondering if he could be the negative force in my home. thank you very much for your time.

  • missonya1,

    there are a bunch of wats to take care ofthis sort of thing on the following thread.


    Also, hopefully someone who can see spirits will look in on it for you.


  • Dear missonya1,

    Ibelieve posted a great link on the steps recommended by Kookish and also from the angel guidance I received to tell AngelBee on getting rid of her "irritant" in her home. This is a process you can do as well, because it works with the enlisting of Archangel Michael's assistance as your angel of protection. He is an archangel, and if you see paintings of him, he always has a sword and shield at the ready before he enters into battle. He is your defender. And he will assist you in this presence by escorting him out of there.

    Michael tells me that it's not your cousin...do not feel guilty over an argument. Spirits who go Home, toward the light, have zero animosity towards anyone. Their earthly ego's are left behind, and they are moving ahead in their own spiritual journeys. They only know love and compassion and that is reinforced daily in their spirit form.

    The orbs of light are your angels I'm told to tell you. They (and you) are much stronger than the ghost can be. The ghost is a lost soul. He has not found the light and you are encouraged to tell him this, much like AngelBee was instructed to as well. It's a cleansing of your home, under the protective shield of God's divine white light.

    You will feel the presence of family members who pass on...and then while they seemingly may feel "gone", they truly are not. It's just that over time, you get accustomed to the feelings of them being there and it becomes normal to you.

    Your cleansing of your home will go through all of your rooms, including your daughter's bedroom. And tell her about Michael in her languages. Show her a picture and tell her he is her angel. And that she can ask him to be with her anytime. If she wakes up afraid, or just wants someone to talk to. Then, when you hear her talking to Michael, you will know who it is and don't be surprised if she tells you stories of him as well.

    Angel blessings to you,


  • thank you so much for the link, i will be sure to check it out. God Bless and thanks again.

  • thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. i will do all of the things you have suggested. thanks again to you both...GOD Bless!

  • i forgot to mention that my uncle passed 07/17/2010 we were so close he was the father i never had.i have not fully recovered from his passing and not sure if i ever will. my mother and i have reason to believe that my cousin had something to do with my uncles passing and this was the cause of the argument. the day after my cousin was killed ( i did not find out about it til a few weeks later) that is when i felt the presence of something evil. i have seen shadows and at times i can feel something stroking my shoulder or just standing over my bed watching me. i have heard footsteps going down my bedroom stairs but i am the only one in the house. i had told my mother about the presences i have felt and that is when she told me around the time my cousin was killed is when i first felt the evil presence. i have felt spirits for a long time but i have always felt a warm and loving feeling from them so i assumed they were my guardian angel, but the feeling that came from this one was totally different. i know that i am not imagining it because my children have told me they have seen a little boy running through the house and there are no little boys in my home only my daughter that is 3. a friend of my son refuses to spend the night or come over to my house when it is dark because of the shadows he has seen. i will try the sage and salt my mom also told me to burn cinnamon and sugar and let it fill the house. i have done the blessed oil and put crosses on all of my door knobs and i have a huge crucifix in my bedroom. i am not scared of the presence i just want to understand. thank you again for taking the time to read this.

  • for some reason knobs is not showing up... i am tripping but that is what i put the blessed oil on.

  • Hi MissSonya1,

    I have read your thread and I know what you feel as I am going though the same problem. I have one presence in home. In my case it has been in my life for 27 years. Last year I started to feel this presence more crisp, I do wish that this presence will move on. I have prayed also, have a photo of Archangel Michael next to my bed. I see a link here from Ibelieve and I will go after I finish leaving this comment . I am seeking help, also, I do hope that you can find yours.

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