Captain-Questions About My Future?

  • Captain you've done a reading on me before I have this great big feeling that wonderful things are really going to come my way this year in every sense of the word. I feel as if I am really going to be sucessful to some degree and I going to be learning yet enjoying life alot at the same time. Im going to Miami for film school and I dont have to pay anything! , Im also planning on modeling and continuing writing scripts for this new film contests. Ive been working hard but for some reason it doesnt bother me only because I always know my time is coming. Captain can you tell me what do you see? and also can you tell me what my feelings may be is it excitement, intuition, etc?

  • Your feelings/intuition are right. Your life is heading for happiness and even some fame. Just keep your head when the excitement builds. There are a lot of fakes and con artists in show biz and modelling.

  • Oh wow! Really! That's great to know-but I have to say Ive been feeling that way all along! I do wonder how I could avoid all of those fakes? I've been preparing for it and all but all I can do is go for it and find out myself. Do I just need to follow my intuition to avoid all these con artist?

  • Yes, follow your gut instincts and you will never go wrong.

  • Hi Captain could you do me a reading, not really sure what to do career wise. Have had various jobs in the past but hated most of them, i am interested in reiki healing and have done some training, would like to find something id be happy doing. If you could tell me anything else about my future id really appreciate it thanks.

  • All right I definetly will. Hope everything goes well Im nervous but trust me and Im excited. Thank you so much I appreciate your help 🙂

  • Do you think I would be more sucessful in film or modeling or perhaps equal amount of sucess in both? Personally I think film because its my biggest passion but I recently got into modeling, its a very great trade it helps me boost my confidence and become a more powerful and strong person but hey you never know?

  • Thornyrose, if you start your own thread, I will answer you there.

  • Asia, I think one profession can help the other.

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