2 of cups as an outcome

  • hello,

    i'm new here actually,

    and i'm almost new in reading tarot.

    however, i have done a celtic cross regarding a relationship matter

    if me and my Gf will get back togather, actually we were saparated because of her Mom.

    and this is wt i got

    1: the emperor

    2: crossing card : the fool

    3: crowns it : queen of cups

    4: beneath it : king of wands

    5: behind it: knight of wands

    6: before it: lovers

    7: 9 of swords

    8: enviroment : 10 of penticals

    9: hopes and fears: 3 of wands

    10: outcome: 2 of cups

    can someone help


  • Hello ozie1987

    Wow you couldnt have got a better card for an outcome in a relationship spread 2 of cups means long term commitment in relationship and also represents marriage so i would say its a very good possibility .

  • hoping for the best, although the reality is showing the complete opposite :

    thanks Alot 😄

  • You have the lovers as well which is a good omen i am still learning tarot myself i have started a thread called tarot talk why dont you copy and paste your reading over there as there are more experienced readers that can help you interprate this in more detail than i can

    here is the link http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=12665&replies=208

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