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  • I've been in two long term relationships and the last one ended terribly. Will I ever get married and meet my prince charming and was my last realtionship a mistake?

  • Hi Pinkeee 🙂

    First of all there is no Prince Charming.. you must be your own Prince Charming in this life or else you are in for a bumpy disappointing ride.

    Your last relationship was not a mistake, no relationship is a mistake, we all learn from relationships. good and bad ones. It's all about learning and growing and moving forward with those lessons in mind trying not to make the same mistakes in future. Happiness is possible but it takes more than wishfull thinking, dreaming and or and wishing for a saviour to come and sweep us away.

    Marriage is in the cards. I got 3 cards here

    5 Of Cups 6 Of Swords The world

    You will go through a time of change and transformation, once you heal from your past and leave regrets behind you will start to move forward. There is a friend who will be there for you, this friend might introduce you to someone who you will click with. There is happiness and joy ahead and most importantly there is growth and change for the better. You will be wiser and more confident attracting your ideal partner to you.

    Once you start to believe you are worthy of love and worthy of respect you will attract a partner with these qualities to you. Advice card is The Queen Of pentacles Reversed. This card is pointing to insecurity usually comes from emotional wounds. So as advice, it would be in your favour to work on your self esteem and confidence and positive thinking to attract exacly what you want to you. I feel you will meet your "prince Charming" while participating in some sort of hobby...

    All The Best 🙂

  • Thank you so much for that gypsydreams. You are right, my self-esteem has been wounded by my last relationship. It's been a roller- coaster that I am ready to get off.

    I say prince charming because LOVE is an area that is really hard for me. So, sometimes I feel that it will never happen. Especially being 32 years old, and being two relationships that lasted a total of 15 years!

    I am ready to be happy and leave my past behind.....Thank you!

  • it will happen Mspinkee, you are still young and things will improve in this department for you tremendously. Just think positive and work on yourself. I wish you all the best. 🙂

  • Gypsydreams, I was wondering if you could please take a quick peek to see what the cards have in store for me? dob 11/20/63 scorpio

  • My deck of Russian Tarot is still packed away from a recent very quick move.

  • Besides, I'm not good at doing my own readings yet.

  • The next 12 months will be all about transformations , letting go of the past and letting go of fear.

    Things are going to get better for you, things will fall into place. A little sacrifice will be needed still but the reward will be worth it. Advice card is The Chariot. The advice here is to find focus, gain control, Being self reliant is needed to reach some balance. Goals can be easily reached with a bit of effort.

    You will have an emotional and spiritual spring clean. Throwing out all the old habbits , ways of thinking and unessesary people and thoughts which are not working for you or holding you back out the window and taking control of your life in the process. This will happen in the near future and it will kick start the much needed transformation. Always remember a little selfiness is ok and needed for one's sanity and well being. You are a giver and that is OK but sometimes you need to be the receiver also. It is ok to be a little selfish sometimes.

  • Thank you, gypsydreams. I have just left out of a bad relationship with a man who liked to get drunk and abusive. This helps me alot. And, yes, I am a giver. I rarely ask for anything for myself, even if it is a "need". I always feel that there are so many in worse need than I am.

  • I just hope that I am on the "right path" now!

  • I think you are. Just believe in yourself more and trust your intuition. 🙂

  • Thank you ever so much.

  • Gypsydream,

    I finally feel lkike the relationship is over. I was wondering what the next few months will be like for me? Love, especially.

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