Insight on a Frustrating date

  • Hi there.

    I recently went on a very weird date. Although we laughed quite a bit, the individual I went out with seemed to never unplug from their humorous default, and I don't feel like I really got any closer to them than when we were just acquainted. Additionally, the date was very short (20 mins.) I don't plan to go out with this person again, since my attempts to connect on a deeper level were rebuffed. I know delving deeper is commonly reserved for later dates, but a deep connection is something I've come to believe is paramount romantically so I tested the waters.

    Although I don't plan on going out with this person again, I can't help but want answers to the cause of the disconnect. I went home feeling very frustrated and confused. I essentially feel like I wasted my time. I still don't know what the person I went out with was looking for, and I long to understand if our interaction was brief and surface level only because that's their nature, or because they aren't interested in me.

  • Continued:

    For what it's worth I am a Sagittarius, and the other individual is a Libra-- although what I'm really looking for is insight.

    Any help is appreciated.

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