Can Someone Please Interpret This Card?

  • Hello everyone,

    Today I was shuffling my deck, thinking about many things, mostly decisions with my life. I was thinking about Andrew, my love interest (and whether he was worth attempting a relationship with), and I was also thinking about my recent acceptance into the college Bryn Mawr College and whether or not it was the right choice for me.

    As I was shuffling my deck, the II of Cups card fell out, facedown on the deck in front of me.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what this might mean?



  • oh and I forgot to mention that it did not fall reversed. As soon as I flipped it over, it wasn't upside down. It was right-side up.

  • (as in, the top of the image was facing away from me when I turned it over)

  • Hi hun,

    I see you are still obsessing about Andrew (LOL!). No judgement...I have gone there myself far too many times to be able to throw stones 🙂

    Since you were thinking about two completely different subjects while you were shuffling it is impossible to tell which subject the card was referring to. It's really important to focus your intent on a specific question while shuffling and laying cards. My "gut:" tells me it was referring to Bryn Mawr being a good place for you and unrequited love with regards to romance (or the need to at least set it aside for now).



  • Hi Watergirl18,

    Ah! You caught me. 😉 However, let me tell you a piece of important information: although I was thinking about both Bryn Mawr and Andrew at the same time, when I was thinking specifically about Bryn Mawr, I was thinking the following:

    Bryn Mawr was a school that, statistically speaking, I probably wasn't going to get into. My grades were simply much lower than the grades of most of the other students admitted. Probability was that I wasn't going to get in, yet for some reason, I did. Bryn Mawr is close to Andrew's college, Princeton (they were brother and sister colleges back in the day) which means that the problem of long-distance no longer exists. Now, if we were to date, there would be no long distance issues anymore like there would have been before.

    Bryn Mawr college is a college that seems to promote strong and independent women. It was a school that statistically, I probably shouldn't have been able to gain admission to. And it's also a school that's close to where Andrew is which means that there's no more long distance: we'd be near one another in college and during college breaks we'd be in the same neighborhood! I was wondering to myself if perhaps my admission to Bryn Mawr is a sign from the Universe: it's saying to me, "Hey, a relationship with Andrew IS possible but you have to be strong and independent... it is possible but you can't give him all the power."

    I was wondering to myself if my admission to Bryn Mawr is yet another sign that what makes the difference in my chances with Andrew is whether or not I keep some of the power.


  • The fact that it fell face down does not bode well for the relationship aspect, but if you want I can do a relationship reading for you. Sometimes when you pull your cards too much (especially on the same subject) the messages get fuzzy and confusing....almost like Spirit intentionally tries to confuse you so you will get frustrated and put the cards down for a while 🙂 Let me know if you want me to do a spread for you...

  • Hello watergirl18,

    Oh gosh, yes, I would please like a tarot relationship spread! Thank you! I've had many psychic readings on this but I desperately want a tarot reading because I heard that the tarot is what's never wrong. I haven't had a tarot reading yet on this situation and I think that'd calm me down for awhile (since I know that tarot is never wrong).

    Thank you so much,


  • Well, my dear, any form of divination is left to the interpretation of the actual human doing the reading so nothing is infallible. A clairvoyant will get images or pictures that they then must interpret based on what those images mean to them and/or what they know of the situation. Tarot also communicates through the images and symbols on the cards so the interpretation will also vary based on the person doing the reading. Every card has a "shadow" side to it so the key is to tap into your intuition. This is why it is normally not recommended to do your own reading --- more often than not, the desires, wants, and expectations of the ego will interfere with the message.

    I can tell that you are a very intelligent and analytical person. This means you also have to struggle with the temptation of manipulating the message into what you want to see or hear. For instance, that 2 of Cups can be about love/romance, but the shadow side is unrequited love or a break-up. It can also just be about a business partnership, a kindred spirit, or the balancing of the masculine and feminine sides of a person. See what I mean? Once again, I can see this "manipulation" tendency in you because I also did this a LOT when I first started reading the cards. It's not that it's bad or wrong, it's just our human nature 🙂

    Also, free will is a very big factor - not just yours but of the other people involved. Therefore, you will always get a picture or snapshot of the situation based on current conditions. Nothing is set in stone. The cards should be used to shed light on situations and look for the best course of action based on current circumstances. They are a tool for spiritual GUIDANCE. The intent should be to find the path for yourself that offers the most light and aids you in learning your life lessons in the most gentle or quickest fashion. Any "predictions" of the future are fluid and malleable, not set in stone.

    Another caution I have for you - once again, something that I myself had to learn not to do - is not to get so wrapped up in trying to see potential outcomes and to LIVE IN THE PRESENT and deal with "what is" rather than what you want to be. Just as in obsessing over a guy too much gives your power away so does obsessive behavior with divination. Putting too much power in the cards (or other divination method) takes power away from yourself - your power to choose and act for yourself and to create your life rather than waiting for life to happen to you. It is a subtle but extremely important distinction!

    All that being said, I will be happy to do a relationship spread for you 🙂



  • Hello WG,

    I've always known that these readings are only based on the current situation and what would happen if I were to continue down the current path. I do know that a prediction through the tarot reading is based on where I currently am and am heading if I stay on the same course - and I also do know that with strategy and good decisions, I can take the future and my life into my own hands and then change it.

    Thank You!


  • Hi,

    Just wondering before we start (if you've already started, that's fine) - what information would be included in a relationship spread? What kind of information would I be able to get from a relationship spread?



  • Hey girlie - Just came in for a break - been outside doing yardwork. There are many different relationship spreads, but I will be using one that gives a very comprehesive look at where the two of you are "at" right now as well as some of your history and where each of you hopes the relationship will be or go in the future. No advice cards since I get that you are a little, let's say "stubborn", in that regard 🙂 It will give pretty clear insight on what he feels about you, however. I will be doing this for you later tonight. Right now I have to go clean up some of the branches I cut off my trees and then do a few errands. Good things come to those who wait! 🙂

  • 1)Are you sure, as a general rule, reversals have a meaning?

    1. Also, what exactly does three of cups mean in a romantic relationship spread? Does it mean a third member may be involved or does it mean that the couple will remain just friends?


  • Dear Lakshmini,

    This is a post for my personal question - please post your question as a separate post in the forum. That will also draw in more responses because it's easier for our readers to sort them out.



  • Okay, my dear, this is what the cards have shown for the status of you and your “relationship” with Andrew at the moment. Once again, advice is not given and I'm afraid it's not really what you want to hear. This merely gives you a TRUTHFUL look at where you are now and where you are headed.

    First off, Spirit is showing you in the present as exhibiting a lack of empowerment (once again the suggestion that you are giving your power away to this guy) and also is suggesting that you have an excessive focus on trying to manipulate the situation (once again, the obsession.) You have great hope, enthusiasm and optimism with regard to a future relationship with him, but it is not coming through as being entirely realistic – almost like you have your head in the clouds about it. This is not to say that you are being entirely unrealistic as you are indeed aware that currently the two of you do not really have anything going on and you do have anxiety over this which is why you are obsessing about it. You are indeed hoping for love and romance with him in the future, but are aware that at this point not only are the two of you separated geographically, but there isn’t a commitment or even the foundation of a relationship at this point.

    Andrew, on the other hand is being shown by Spirit as currently being “checked out” so to speak – withdrawn – which I believe just speaks to the fact that there really isn’t a relationship between the two of you at this point. It appears as though he is entirely focused on his future right now – getting his education and building the solid financial foundation he wants. He may even be a little too focused on material things at this point in his life. Romance is not on the front burner, let’s say. With regard to where he thinks the two of you are right now – once again, a lack of interest is being shown here. This could just be illuminating the fact that the two of you aren’t in a relationship, however it could also mean that he just isn’t thinking of you in that way. No romance or love showed up in his cards. It was all about logic, concentrated energy, mind over matter, rationality and balanced action. If he is aware of your feelings for him it’s possible that he is hoping it will dissipate, blow over, or you will grow out of it.

    As far as your history and how you saw each other when you first met, Spirit shows you as seeing him as having scattered energy and lack of focus or direction. I believe this just point to the two of you being young when you first met, however it could also be pointing to you seeing obstacles, struggle and conflict forces standing in the way of you two. Spirit shows him as seeing you as a young child when you first met – I believe he must at least be a little older than you are? They are showing me a neighborly, girl-next-door kind of feel with him looking down at you and you looking up with adoring eyes.

    As far as how you see each other now, Spirit shows you as seeing him in the midst of sudden unexpected change – shake-ups and collapses of old ways of life or false structures/beliefs. These changes are often traumatic and can indicate major transformation and/or liberation. I believe you see him as being free of a previous relationship and that there is now an opportunity for you to swoop in. This card can also just be pointing to the “trauma” you are experiencing by obsessing about him right now. Spirit shows him as seeing you at the completion of one phase of your life and about to start a new phase which can just point to your starting your college life at Bryn Mawr – leaving the nest so to speak.

    Your hopes and anxieties regarding the future of the relationship are stagnation, failure, or non-completion. So, once again, your anxiety is about obstacles, frustration, lack of commitment, resistance and lack of change. You really want something to happen with this guy!

    His hopes and anxieties regarding the relationship are once again all showing up about balance and equilibrium, fairness, prudence, carefully considered choices and making reasoned and thoughtful decisions. I think this is about him thinking that you have a school-girl crush on him and that you will grow out of it. Also, is he in law school by chance?

    With regard to external influences affecting each of you, you received the 6 of Wands which is about triumph and success and the realization of ambitions. It can also be about public recognition, acclaim and winning. However, it is important to note that the young man riding the horse on this card is wearing a laurel wreath on his head which points to the earning of acclaim – a scholarship or academic honor! So your acceptance to Bryn Mawr is an external influence affecting you right now. Both in the fact that you are trying to make this great reward you have received about HIM instead of about your accomplishments and your future and that your focus needs to be on school right now. His external influences showed up as the Page of Cups reversed. This card reversed can point to immaturity which might just be another indication that he still thinks of you as a young child. However it can also point to a fading relationship or unhappy emotional news. Has he recently broken up with someone else? If so, I would not rule out that he is still hoping that the two of them will reconcile.

    The probable outcome card was the Emperor. This card is about the world of grown-ups. Masculine power, order, control and self-assertion, rational thought and mind over matter (head over heart). In short, this is about you maturing and becoming your own person – secure and stable in your own right and not needing this man (or any other man for that matter) to bring you a sense of fulfillment or completeness.

    In conclusion, Spirit wants you to focus on YOU. Enjoy this time of your are going to a great college and you will experience many wonderful things and relationships of all kinds while you are there. You will also grow more into your own and become the woman you are meant to be. That is when you will attract the true "love of your life."



  • Hi WG,

    Thank you for your reading.

    You're right, Andrew is a bit older. his dob of birth is Sept. 12th, 1991 and mine is Sept. 4th, 1992. A little less than a year older, however, I would often act my age and he was very serious. He acted like a little adult in a sense, even when he was 17 years old! (which is when we first met... I was 16 and he was 17... or perhaps it was right before our birthdays)

    He is not in law school, though. He is a first year at Princeton as an undergraduate and he is 19 years old. He's just started college.

    About if he's recently broken up with someone else... while in High School he was very good friends with a girl in his year named Jessica (dob Feb 12, 1992). They started dating after I started to like him and she wasn't always... well, the nicest to him. They broke in the summer before college (which means last summer) and she told everyone that it was because it was time for them to start new journeys at different schools. That seems plausible - the college that she was going to go to was very far from Princeton.

    And about spirit showing you an adoring girl-next-door image of me: we live in the same neighborhood, actually. I'm not exactly next door... I'm on the other side of the neighborhood, however, when I walk with my mother we sometimes pass by his house and if he's home from break sometimes he's outside doing some yard work. The last time he was home from break and I went by his house, he shot me some quick glances and each time if we made eye-contact he'd quickly look back down at his work as if he didn't see me - perhaps that's because he knows I like him and is hoping that it'll blow over, like you said.

    When he was still in school he'd smile at me and sometimes tease me and I felt a spark there but it completely stopped once he graduated. At school he'd smile and be playful but now that he's left ,when I see him he pretends that he doesn't see me, even if he looked at me. Perhaps there was a small possibility to build off of when he was at school but for him, maybe, it's out "out of sight- out of mind" and so once he left BOOM! all possibility exploded and became non-existant.

    I've been working on my dream of being a writer every day now and I'm going to throw myself even more fully into that as a distraction. Should I try to completely make it like he doesn't exist because there's no way for the cards to change the way things look? Or do you think that spirit feels that if I concentrate on other things and go my separate way for now, there might be a possibility so I shouldn't pretend that he doesn't exist, but should simply invest time and energy and interest into hobbies?

    Thank You,


  • sorry, in the last paragraph that should be: "Should I try to make it like he doesn't exist because there's no way for the cards to change with the way things are looking now?"

  • Well, that's a loaded question I believe! Here's what I see....

    You really really really want something to happen with this guy. It is possible that he was playful with you in high school and then stopped that behavior once he realized you had such a crush for him. A year apart isn't that much, but in high school it can seem like a lot as so much growth can happen in that one year. Also, once a person goes off to college they tend to view people still in high school as so much younger - it's just a different stage in life - the difference between still being at home and being cared for by others and being on your own and finding your way in the world as a young adult.

    If he does have interest in you, he clearly is not ready to act on it. Since he is not in law school or does not have plans to go to law school, the card that came up clearly points to a lack of romantic feelings for you at this point. He is still healing from his past relationship and possibly not over it and is focusing on his education and his future at this point.

    The reason it's a loaded question is this: The problem right now is that you are so obsessed with him and are so intent on trying to manipulate or control the situation that this creates negative energy around it. It also prevents Spirit from helping you. It's the old "let go and let God" thing. Whilst holding on tightly to something you have or want, you prevent other things from coming to you. What I see with you is that when someone gives you any possible opening for the two of you having a future together you start to obsess about it again (or more, actually). Sooooo, the suggestion is to forget about it for now. Leave an opening for the future, but don't think about it AT ALL. Work on yourself. Live your life to the fullest in the PRESENT moment. If something is meant to happen with him it will and if not it won't. No matter how much you think about it, pull cards on it, get psychic readings about it, you cannot change this. Relationships involve the free will of both parties and you cannot control his free will.

    Work on you!!!! And I think it's important for you to ponder why this guy is so important to you when you haven't even really gotten to know each other or be in a relationship together. What hole will be filled by him? A truly great relationship with another man will never really be fulfilling until you have been successful at fillilng your holes yourself. Take some time to be complete and whole on your own...



  • Hi WG,

    Actually, I don't think I obsess about all openings that I get from guys - not if they're the kind of person I have no interest in or know I wouldn't want to be with. I would feel flattered, but I wouldn't obsess over that opening. Now, on the OTHER hand, if it's with someone that I like and I get an opening, then it's up in the clouds and in la-la land! LOL

    And about your question in your last paragraph: you ask me why he's so important to me when we haven't gotten to know one another or be in a relationship together. What I really want right now isn't an engagement from him or an oath of commitment. What I wish I could have is a chance to see. I guess that right now, what I want most is to spend an hour or two alone with him so that he can get to know and I can get to know him. Right now, I truly do believe that if we were to go on a date, I might leave the date no longer liking him and never wanting to spend another moment with him again. I see that as a possibility but what I want is a /chance/ to see if that's what would happen. I don't want to marry him today because like you said, I don't know him as well as I could. I just wish that I could have a chance to see.

    You keep mentioning him focusing on his future at this point and I think that is true from what I know: he's very very intelligent (very rationale, analytical, etc.) and High School came easily for him. He didn't have to work very hard yet he could graduate with High Honors and gain admission to Princeton. He was a bit cocky and overly-confident and I believe (I'm not 100% sure about this) that once he got to Princeton and started his academic work there, it was much more challenging than he expected it to be and he was sort of taken off guard.

    A little habit of mine is that I'll ask for multiple readings on the same topic (I've had good and bad experiences and sometimes there's a good psychic who just isn't connecting with you personally) and then I'll see what the readings all have in common before I make my decision. I just wanted to show you a reading that I received from Shuabby on this because she also spoke of him viewing me as a child:

    Dear DersiringLove

    You are like a fresh spring flower getting ready to bloom and show the beauty you have from inside out to the world around you. You have a desire to be in love with a man that see's you more as a child than a woman. You are now becoming a woman and he will notice that along with other male admirers. Do not cling to someone that does not hit the solar plexus of your vision. He is blind now, but that is all right. No worries there sweetheart, he will soon see, and it just may be a bit late as I feel there is a young man that will radiate to you as if though you drew him like honey. He is smart and he will bring you a lot of joy. I feel him near , so please open your eyes and heart to receive him.

    I think I'm going to take your advice and distract myself a bit. Maybe also self-improvement. I could try to make a better Me. They say that in order to attract good buyers you must have a good product so if I work on improving myself, chances are, SOMEONE out there will notice, whether it be Andrew, a guy even better for me, or potential employers.

    On that note, do you think that maybe (after a little break, of course) you could give me advice on starting a writing career? Just see the energy for if I'm on the right course in terms of what I'm doing right now, that sort of thing. Seeing the obstacles. I've always believed that no matter what happens in my love life, I should keep on writing because THAT is my true love. 🙂

    Thank You,


  • You're on the right the flame that draws the moths to your fire!!! I will get back to you in a day or two on your writing career 🙂

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