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  • Hey guys,

    First of all Im going to give a little background on me since im new.

    On my birthday this year, March 30th, you guys gave me a tarot reading, and it was so accurate, it made me start doing tarot on this website almost daily to the point to where I just went ahead and bought me a tarot deck.

    Ok now on the situation these few spreads are coming from. Ok, me and this girl were close, REALLY close, I havent been this close to a girl since. We had some problems, that shouldnt have even got in our relationships way, but she took bad advice from peers/family members and well it did get in our way so I left town, for 3 years, I feel the cards point that out to me that I left (Hangman). Now im back in town. Lets just say venus in aries has been playing its course (it caused breakups with her best friend/my old best friend (hes now a rival to me) and I caused a couple other breakups due to the same situation that happened between me and my old best friends. Venus in aries, I love it lol.

    Shes a pisces, im an aries it was retrograde venus in pisces and aries and we both tryed communicating with eachother during these retrograde periods.

    Now im no expert in astrology but I find this all freakishly wierd how astrology was so accurate.

    Ok with all this said now to show you guys my spreads. I am pulling these cards for myself.

    The very first Celtic cross spread when I got my cards 04/14/09.

    I asked for insight on our future relationship.

    1 - Present environment and influences - Temperance (Reversed)

    2 - Obstacles - The World

    3 -future influences - The Emporer

    4 -past influences - The Hanged Man

    5 -past events - Death

    6 -future influences - The Tower (Reversed)

    7 - inquirers attitude - Strength

    8 - house or environment effecting inquirer - Chariot (Reversed)

    9 - hopes and fears - The Hermit (Reversed)

    10 - outcome - The Lovers

    Ok now Today I did two readings, the first on was on her current emotions for me.

    One Card Spread :

    Ace of Swords (Reversed)

    I dont really know what to make of this one card reading?

    Three Card Spread - This one is on her emotions for me as well

    1 - past - 7 Pentacles

    2 - present - 7 Cups (Reversed)

    3 - future - The Lovers

    I have gotten the lovers in our spreads quite a few times. It kind of repeats and I kinda like it lol. Anyways, I got it in the future once, in reverse but I did alot of readings that day and didnt let just one reading get in the way of the many lovers that appeared right side up.

    I can see some of the things the cards are pointing out to me,like the world for example, I did just change residences. Like some of it is accurate to what I can read, but im very new to this and lack alot of knowledge and my booklet that came with the deck gives very small meanings for each card.

    When I got my birthday reading from here on march 30th, death was in near future, in my current readings its been something im moving away from (i just moved).

    Id like to hear what you guys have to say who have experience. Im sure you can pick out some things for me that I am missing, or confused about.

    I hope to get better at this subject. Tarot is becoming a very interesting subject to me, very very quickly. Im currently searching for some good books on interpretations, so I can get better at it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I cant wait to hear your replys.

  • Just some suggestion: hope you find them helpful...

    You can be The Emperor....knowing, showing and being this seems key and will also have a happy influence on resolving anxieties among opposed parties.

    You're studying the Tarot. Study what the Emperor does, and is. In what new ways can YOU be more of The Emperor? This is a patient girl (7 Pentacles) but she's looking to see how you calmly FOCUS (Ace of swords reversed) Show the world how you can cut the mustard, bring home the bacon etc. and turn the World card right way up again, and also the Chariot (and take care on the road).

    Cards say you can definitely do it. Maybe even a new kind of job, coming up soon?

    Best of luck with your studies and everything.

  • I forgot which Email I used for my other account so I made this one to reply to you.

    "Cards say you can definitely do it. Maybe even a new kind of job, coming up soon?"

    I have been forming a small business, and its been successful so far.

    Its been going through dramatic changes lately, its the best its ever been.

    Would you mind giving a short summary of each reading? Or something like what you see was in my past, present, and future from the cards?

    Also, would you recommend any certain books for the beginner?

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