Which horoscope to read???

  • I am a pisces with a lot of fire in my chart. My moon is in leo, venus and mars are in aries, and nep, uranus, and jupiter are in sagittarius. Im talking about like your yearly and monthly horoscopes by legit astrologers. Not the short vague ones. Cuz i noticed my pisces is almost the opposite. Should i read leo or aries too? So confrused! Pisces overall is kinda right but the little things aren't. Idk.

  • For general daily or monthly horoscope readings you should look to your Sun sign and your RISING sign -- I noticed you did not mention your rising sign above...

  • Agree with watergirl18. Your sun sign (Pisces) is you at your core, your rising or ascendant sign is how others perceive you, while your moon sign is your emotional being. You may not have found an astrologer that "connects" with you. Keep looking, reading your sun, rising, and moon signs.

    I suggest Jonathan Cainer he is incredibly accurate for me.

  • Depends on what degree your sun is. If you're early Pisces, read that, if you're late, read Aries as well. Ascendant and Jupiter sign tend to be right on, for many people. Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer rule. Rick is my favorite. Also,is an excellent resource.

  • I've never read my Jupiter sign, thanks loststargazer, I am going to check up on that 🙂

  • Thanks! My horoscopes are usually opposite. That's why i wonder. If it says good day usually is a bad day. But a few are close. I enjoy Rick Levine's also. And a few others. And jupitersign makes sense. Since pisces is ruled by it which is prolly why you say that. Mine is in sagitarius too very prominent in my chart. But my ascendant is leo which is itiesruled by the sun. I would think that.would enhance my sun qualities. My pisces is showing more and im becoming my proud of it. But leo is pretty prominent too. I guess all of us especially us pisces have pieces of all the signs. Thanks y'all.

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