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  • Yay! In the wise words of the immortal Beatles, "All you need is love"

  • MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!.... so so true! β™₯

  • Did you know Yes a crystal quarts would do you good?

    Did you know if you can not find anything in Reno look to Sparks or othe towns close by.

  • Did you know that putting loving healing energy in to one of these beautiful quartz crystals and put it in water it will hold and react to that positive energy! we really can cleanse the water this way, with love and healing....

    and did you know, my Son and I are putting these loving energies into a few pieces of our crystal quartz and placing them in the lakes this weekend :).... I have also been putting one in my drinking water jug for quite sometime now.

  • Excerpts:

    The wearing of gemstones is far more helpful than the current neutralizing chips. A single refractive gem of 2 cts or more worn on one hand and a double refractive gem on the other helps deflect the fields. Examples of single refractive gems are diamond, garnet and spinel. Double refractive are aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, topaz or any of the quartz varieties such as amethyst, peridot & citrine. In reference to the double refractive, a carat size of 4 or greater is better. Combine this with noble metals on each wrist, gold, palladium or platinum is best. Silver, copper, brass, titanium and carbon steel will assist if the more noble metals are not affordable. Wear a chain around the neck with a stabilizing pendant, such as lapis lazuli, malachite or azurite. Through this process you have a greater ability to increase your field and deflect opposing ones you see. Clear gems are great producers of higher dimensional light waves, and amplify ones field and help hold it intact

  • Excerpts cont...

    The Mechanics of Maintenance

    Now the correct flow of the 13-20-33 circuitry is dependent on certain maintenance responsibilities as we have described. We will discuss now, the obstacles that are most common in obtaining and sustaining optimal circuitry.

    Issues Effecting Auric Integrity:

    Opposing Energy Fields

    Emotional Stress


    Planetary Energy Expansion

    Negative Thought-Form Attachment

    Air Travel - Physical Over-Stress

    Medications, Alcohol Excess, Toxins

    Inappropriate Attitude/Control issues/Ego Imbalance

    Some of these are herewith addressed in detail.

    (1) Interfering EM Fields & Microwaves Result in Bio-Polar Reversal

    In your current times, the electromagnetics of the ascending earth are being amplified in potent surges, pressurized surges that can stretch & micro-fracture the flow & symmetry of your auric fields. This is a fundamental & defining necessity of the Ascension as you morph into expanded 13-20-33 Circuitry Auras in order to achieve Mer-Ka-Na within the Mer-Ka-Nic Tri System.

    In your age and usage of cell phones, computers, televisions & electronic devices your offices and homes are a constant barrage ofopposing electro-magnetic energy fields. The result can be a temporary 'short circuit' effect that if unresolved can lead to auric imbalance by means of energy loss through fissure cracks. In essence this may be termed 'auric bleeding'. Some of the effects are short termed, but others can become chronic.

    The detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields & microwaves, from your MW ovens, computers, mobile phones and televisions have been recognized by some of your mainstream medical professionals. These tend to be minimized & ignored by the masses, in part because the very suppliers & manufacturers of these generators of microwaves and magnetic fields sponsor and underwrite studies from staff or consulted scientists and 'experts' with the pre-contracted aim of disproving or vastly minimizing the contra effects. In the fact the detrimental effects are very real and most all of you are constantly within these contra-fields. As a case in point, most of you will read this message in front of a computer screen.

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  • Poetic, I've been reading the entire post of Metatron's message, I'm really intrigued. I don't understand it all, but it will come clear when the time is right, I'm sure. I've also read up on the ancient tones article, I've often wondered why I'd come into a sort of relaxed trance when listening to Beethoven. I want to hear these tones they describe!

    Did you know that yesterday was the first time in awhile I've felt intuitive enough to read cards and interpret a dream in a LONG time?

    Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given... (I'm probably not exact on that one) But, it's true. Just opening yourself allows you to be filled, even if you don't know exactly what it is you need. happy sigh

  • lols I was redundant there... **Did you know that yesterday was the first time I've felt intuitive enough to read cards and interpret a dream in a LONG time?

  • Happy April First know as April fools day.

    Did you know that the color for this month is White?

    Did you know that the New Moon is on the third of this month?

    Did you know at the new moon it is a good time to start a new project, or restart one you have not yet completed? Then finish it out before or by the full moon.

    Did you know the flower for this month is Sweet Pea?

    Did you know that the color candle to burn this month is White?

    Did you know that white is the balance of all colors? It is used for spritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, repels negativity, and for Peace?

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Did you know Atheism is a non-prophet organisation?

    Did you know the soldier that survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran?

    Did you know I used to wonder why the baseball kept getting bigger until it hit me?

    Did you know humour is the best form of medicine?

    Did you know I shouldn't give up my day job? πŸ˜‰

  • Thank you PH,

    and you're right, it was just what the doctor ordered.

  • Did you know the angels have a great sense of humour and are ingenious in their ways to get your attention? They can really make me laugh out loud πŸ™‚

  • Did all of you know you have gave me lots of hope in pursuing my goals and dreams?

    Did all of you know I love all of you in this forum?

    Did all of you know my heart if very thankful for all of you and that our life's have intersected?

    Did all of you know you prompt me to start reading and once I find something to share I will put it right here?


  • Bump anyone got anything new to teach us all?

  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you all for keeping this going as long as you did. Wow I had thought it had gone the way side why before page 8. Well I am back and I have a Did you know thought. Now what strikes me here are a few things, besides all the good information you all shared.

    Two things that I was thinking about one was about all the gem stones and their healing and helping power. Not to forget the crystals. They are important too. the next thing I was thinking about was also mentioned here about finding tarot books on line that you can download.

    What would go hand in hand with that is this

    Did you know you can make your own Tarot cards. That you can find free decks on the net. What I have found are mostly Raider Waite decks but there is more out there.

    Did you also know that by making your own deck of Tarot that you are putting all of your own energy in to the deck. That it would be best to do if you choose on a day that you are feeling very positive.

    If you are very creative and can draw really well that you can make them from scartch. That you can you can use whatever pictures resonate with you. Including family and friends. Your favorite hobby whatever you are drawn too.

    Did you know you would have to use card stock and then laminate them and then round off the edges of the cards. The free ones are not as large as a regular deck so really give a good check to the size as some can be too small. Those would be hard to minipulate as in shuffling and riffling. There are some out there that are pretty good size and good for smaller hands.

    Did you know that the 13 zodiac sign information was a hoax? What did not change was the day time and place and placement of the stars and planets when one was born. Therefore you are still the same zodiac sign that you were when you were born.

    Well thank you all again for your posting. I hope you find this information on creating your own tarot cards interesting.

    Your friend in Tarot,


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