Let;s teach each other

  • this is wonderful we are getting more information here in this thread. Keep up the good work. Thank all for posting keep it up.

    Did you know about this book The Sacred Round by Elen Hawke

    Did you know about this book Incense, oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham

    Did you know about this book Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

    Your friend in Spirit


  • Love Scott Cunningham!!!

    Refer him to everyone I can.


  • Love this Thread! Did you know that you should love everybody unconditionally and if you can't love the person, love their soul!

  • Did you know that you can make your own New Age Calendar?

    Did you know that if you do not have the forthwith to have it bound that you can use binder rings that come in 0ne and two inch rings and a hole punch to to put it together?

    Did you know that you can print out your home made calender in book form and then use a ribbon in the crease of the center pages to hold it together?

    Did you know the more you handle your predition tools the more positive energy you put into them?

    Did you know if you hand make them that your positive engery is sealed into them?

    Your friend in Spirit,


  • I'm nervous, but here are my little did you knows:

    Did you know that violet has the highest frequency of all colors?

    Did you know you can use violet light/flames as a means of raising consciousness and communicating with your higher self?

    I find myself decreeing "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM a being of God's desires." whenever I need a little guidance, or even just a boost in my mood and energy. I'm still learning how to effectively visualize, but from even my meager attempts I've never been let down.

    Light, love and peace


  • Thank you LittleBuddha. I did not know that. I believe violet is also the colour of Archangel Michael's protective aura.

    Did you know green is Archangel Raphael's colour of healing energy?

  • Next time you have a bath, fill it up and then before you get in, visualize it being full of what you need or wnat ie dollar bills or hearts for love, and then get in and absorb that energy. Haven't tried it yet, will tonight. Baths are very magical anyway seeing as we are so full of water ourselves. Adding salt to a bath will cleanse you of all negative energy, also good after a reading. Or even before to make yourself relaxed and open to receive information. I do most of my readings in the bath.

  • TMI Paddi LOL,

    Did you know that water is full of life force/prana/chi whatever you call it. Bath or shower whenever you need a boost and as for wanting a drink of water, it could be what your body wants is prana!!

  • Did you know I don't even own a bath... oh wait, that's not what this thread is about is it? Ahem.

  • Oh PisceanHealer, I SO feel for you!...I do have a bath but cant use it due to dodgy knees, cant get in or out....lol

    Do you know I TOTALLY agree with Ibeleive in that water is truly our life force!!....and it holds memory!!!.... and that opens up an whole new ball game!! πŸ™‚

  • lololololo oh my what beautiful words and funny ones as well.

    Did you know that Saint Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of the Police department?

    Did you know about this book? We do not die by George Anderson?

    Did you know I also agree about the water too?

    Did you know you should not be nervous about posting what you know in the did you know theard

    Did you know what you said is so very beautiful.

    Did you know that when I read what was said about St. Michael the Archangel that I saw the ace of cups from the tarot in my mind?

    Did you know that it made me emotional?

    I have really learned somethings here in this thread that I did not know. Thank you all so very much.

    Keep posting we are really sharing lots and lots of information here.

    love to you all


  • Back to water and holding memory,

    Did you know that if you project good thoughts or healing thoughts at a glass of water or a bathtubful it will hold those thoughts and release them back into you or someone else. (Remember this one when your love one is sick)

    Did you know that if you think good lovely thoughts while making coffee it will taste delicious.

    Did you know that if you are in a hurry and angry/disturbed it will taste bitter.

    Same goes for your cooking ladies, so tell your hubby and kid to leave you alone when your cooking and no arguing.

  • Hmmmmmm...I am going to buy a Citrine Crystal and see if it works!!!

    I will keep you guys posted on my results.

    Thanks for all of this valuable information too πŸ™‚

  • IBeleive my hubby is the cook in our house, that is when he is around. And you can really judge his mood by the food. LOL (mostly salty because he is in looove with me)

  • LOL Marc yes that is one of the sad things about this society, the bath is no longer in because a shower is quicker and saves water and space. We gutted a room to put in a bath when we moved in to this house, couldn't do without it. When my daughter of 8 is sick she just lives in it (she is also a pisces actually) she loves water.

    Water holds memory? Fascinating. i must give it a try.


  • PS did you know that when you stop worrying and stressing, things work themselves out?

  • Oh, thats an good one.

    Did you know that if you put items on a wish list that you can not afford for the moment after a time they will come to you. (Caution, the more the item costs the longer it make take and try for generallity rather than specific, don't make it too hard for the Universe to come up with it.)

  • For u twits out there,

    OMG, did u no LOL is now n the NOED (New Oxford Engllish Dictionary), LOL

  • Oh, I guess their called tweeters, nevermind.

  • Ibelieve, did you know that nothing can make coffee taste good! πŸ˜‰

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