Let;s teach each other

  • Did you know that if you put a fountain or aquarium in your bedroom, that you will be getting up all night to go to the bathroom? Especially if you're drinking all that water.


  • Did you know that most people need to read that dictionary to find out when to type LOL. It was meant to show that what you were saying was a joke lol. (oh wait that's the wrong place for the lol) LOL.

    Hey to keep theme: to stop stuff being stolen from your house (or workplace) write this on the inside bout the entry door:

    "What comes to me I keep, What leaves me I free.

    But ,it shall not leave with he, who carries not my key!"

    LOL. (damn wrong again...) LMAO

  • Did you know that if you use an ordinary deck of cards and take out the ten of diamonds, place it in a copper bowl if you have one.Then place a quarter on the 10 of pentacles (diamonds),while asking what you want it to manifest for you materially, be specific, and ask for the amount that you need! I and others have been astonished at what has happened, 10,000 for one friend in one week! The money was from an accident, but still, I told her one week, and it was one week later that the money came in. I am not smug, I am about to so this as soon as my little fingers stop typing!

  • Did you know: If you write down what your life would be like if you were completely happy, And then check several times daily whether your thoughts, your words and your feelings are supportive of your Ideal life. Remember: your words, thoughts and feelings form your reality!


  • Did you know that the scent of Lavender is a Natural Relaxant and will bring up your mood?

    It is also said to plant Lavender in your garden to draw luck and to plant it by your doorway for protection.

  • Did you know that you can charge you predition tools by the full moon?

    Did you know that those born in a Balsamic moon phase have strong psychic abilities?

    Did you know that the Balsamic moon is the last phase of the waning moon?

    Did you know that Prayer is very powerful?

    Did you know that Windows media guide internet radio has some very nice New Age music stations?

    Your friend in Spirit,


  • Did you know that this forum gives me hope that one day soon people from all different walks of life will unite and focus on learning from eachother rather than fearing differences?

    Did you know I have no idea where to buy a citrine crystal?

    Did you know that when it is said that we were made in God's image, it really means that we have just as much creative potential as God? (Insert whatever term makes you comforted, God, Buddha, Higher Self, etc)



    PS- This has been getting me through some rough days lately, learning from you all and focusing on the positive rather than sinking into negative. Thank you all!

  • I'm happy for you and check New Age stores to find your crystals, we all have grown here. I learned this yesterday : Ancient Solfeggio

    The language of light, the holy octaves of Creation, which your science has called the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies, brings profound transformation and transcendence.

    The language of light, the holy octaves of Creation, are even more holy than what your science has recognized them to be, as the Ancient Solfeggio; you the Blue rays and many light bearers are attuned to these frequencies to bring to earth.

    Doing these prayers is also very healing for your earth bodies. They have an attuning effect empowering the crystalline light codes, anchoring the Shekinah grace in your Christ body.

    P.S. You can goggle Ancient Solfeggio

    They are on U-Tube also

  • Did you know that you can obtain free books of the original old arcane and esoteric teachings online?

    Most are pulic domain (so there are no copywrite infringments)


  • Yummy Beth, going to copy that and check it out, love, love, learning! I just found out why I'm in pain and sleepy:

    More Accension symptoms and lots of blessings are to start flowing in April! Yeah!

    Upper Back pain, chest pain, heart pain, esphogus and sleepiness. From Karen Bishop.

  • Did you know that flowers are the earth's way of giggling.

  • which would explain why my happy giggly little 4 year old daughter Ana loves flowers, the first thing she did when she was born was smile, sunflowers are her favourite.

  • Okay, new one for me anyway we need to wear jewelry to protect our Aura's from Fissures from radiation from the microwave, computer, etc. Per Arch Angel Metatron.

  • http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=13220&replies=3

    Hey Paddi Cakes hope you feel better. 🙂

  • Thanks Beth, if I'm not in front of my conmputer, I am in front of the microwave (warming up the coffee or tea for those of you who prefer it).

  • Oh wow, I'm an admin and spend at least 40 hours a week in front of monitors. Any particular kind of jewelry?

  • HEY!!!! I was going to buy the Citrine Crystal Yesterday (I did not go to the store yet),

    This Morning out of the BLUE!! I received a phone call from a Gentlemen telling me that the company owes me $117.00.;and that he will deliver the check via Federal Express!!!!!

    I guess my intention ALONE brought me good fortune!

    $117.00 might not mean much to you guys...BUT, when you are FLAT BROKE, it is like you have won the Lottery LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!!

  • Clear quartz crystal is good to keep around monitors.

  • Hmmm I need to find a new age type store in Reno. Or does anyone know a good online source? I move all around my workplace, would a quartz crystal on a necklace work?

    Hooray StandingTall! I know exactly what you mean about being broke. $117 is a miracle!

    Back to did you know:

    Did you know our emotions are a guidance system for what the universe wants for us? If something is making you sad, it is not what's in alignment for you. So instead, focus on the things you want and they will be drawn to you. Does that make sense?

  • That makes PERFECT sense to me LittleBuddha.....I agree with that whole heartedly 🙂

    did you know... I LOVE you all for BEING you!


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