Let;s teach each other

  • Hi all,

    Let’s share and teach each other something we know about using our perdition tools. Like the tarot, the crystal ball candles etc.

    I will start.

    Did you know that each day of the month has a color associated with it?

    Did you know that you should buy a crystal ball that has no inclusions in it? It should be clear.

    Did you know that you should burn a gold candle when you are in need of money?

    Did you know to get a more accurate reading with the tarot that after you cut the deck that you should fan the cards and then hand pick them to get an accurate reading?

    No need to correct each other if one thinks it is in correct. The point of this post is to just try to learn from each other.

    Now it is your turn let’s try to keep this post going as long as we can. I will check back later and see what I can learn from all of you.

    Happy posting

    Your friend


  • Hey TheQueenofWands, great idea here is what i know

    Did you know Crystals, can be used for help balancing your chakra's, and certain crystals,

    have different properties, that can help you in your life.

    Did you know, that even though you can read the tarot, two different ways, reversed and upright, you can still pick one that best suites you or you can incorporate both, what makes you feel comfortable.

    Did you know, you don't have to be given a tarot deck, for the tarot deck to work, you can still go buy the one that calls to you, and it will still work, for the best of its ability for you, if you feel called to buy one.

    Did you know, that Meditation, can really help calm your mind, and is good for your daily life, and to be used everyday, or when you can find the time. It can also help in spiritual growth,

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • I'm not sure I'll have a lot to contribute to this thread but look forward to reading it. thanks for your wisdom

    Blessed Be

  • Keep a peice of citrine in your wallet/purse to keep it from being empty of cash- it really works!

    If you have lost or are looking for something say this chat: "Keeper of what disappears, Hear me now open your ears! Find for me what I now seek, by Sun, Earth, Moon, Wind, Fire and Sea!"

    Magically... you will find it (or trip over it) I use this one most and works EVERYTIME. Try it yourself. I sometimes chant it then get distracted onto something else and bang! there is the thing i lost.

  • Great Thread!!.....

    Did you know that if you relax every day for five minutes and repeat in your thoughts "I love myself unconditionally" and you truly feel it, unconscious counter-orders will disappear by themselves. 🙂

    and I can second that what SilverRavenWolf said about the citrine! I have one in my purse and it never is empty....I'm no millionaire lol... but I always have enough now to cover all my needs 🙂

    Love is the key!


  • wonderful thread!!!!

    did you know that a purple candle helps open creative thoughts

    did you know a water fountain placed in the left corner of your living room can help to being peace & calm to your home

    did you know that a pink candle can help to restore love in your relationship

    I will have to try the citrine thank you all I am so ready to learn

  • Did you know that you are all great and gifted individuals even if you think you don't have anything to contribute to this thread

    Did you know spirits come to us in many forms, from plants and animals to our ancestors going back millions of years to the dawn of mankind

  • That is so sweet Marc.

  • Ditto Marc and thanks for reminding us.

    i have had a citrine crystal in my purse for just a couple of months and its true it really does work, i also have an amethyst angel which my angels told me to keep in the bathroom and when i bathe i spend 5 mins meditating and holding the angel ,it so lightens my mood.

    did you know if you burn a green candle and let the wax drip onto a large paperclip and do this everyday for a week it should bring lucky wealth, i won a couple of ten pounds on the lottery, no biggy but it worked.

    did you know if you put a picture of peonies above your bedroom door it will bring romantic luck

  • wow, how neat! what draws love to you??

    I know if you sprinkle chamomile flowers on your doorsteps and windows, it will keep bad people out of your home. Old Celtic/Druid ritual.. It works.. not really sure how but it does.

    also if you place a dandelion in your pocket and bring it into court with you it is supposed to help your case waiver in your favor in court. Celtic/Druid also..

    I once had a friend who claimed to be Druid and practiced Druid magic. I remember these from her book.

  • Did you know that you are all wonderful and have lots of knowledge to share?

    Did you know that if you inhale the vapors of spearmint or mint tea while it is steeping in a cup and then drink it that it enhances your psychic abilities?

    Did you know that you should take a cleansing bath in herbs before you do a ritual or reading?

    Did you know that you should keep the entrances to your home free of clutter so that the positive and negative chi can flow in and out without being blocked in the house?

    Did you know that each month has a color associated with it?

    Did you know that you can make your own herbal essences using dried herbs and grape seed oil?

    Did you know that not all clairvoyants see in color when they are connecting with the other side?

    Did you know that you can use basil in a money spell?

    Did you know that you can make a dream billow to enhance good dreams?

    You are all doing such a great job here let’s keep it going. I love all of what you have offered here excellent.

    your friend in Spirit


  • Did you know you have it within you to be psychic?

    Did you know you have it within you to visit the otherworld via trance? In fact you've probably already been there in your dreams.

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance


  • Ahh Yes, Yes, and Yes

    Did you know that Pisces best day is Wednesday

    Did you know that the color that suits Pisces is Blue Marine and light green.

    Did you know that your gem is Aquamarine

    Did you know your element is water

    Do I know that you know this

    Did you know that the color for the month of March is Blue

    Did you know that the color for February is Purple

    Did you know that each king and Queen of each suit of the tarot can be used as a signification card for the Querent of the reading.

    Did you know it is not a good idea to turn your back on your natural given gifts

    Did you know that if you do, it will send you backwards and you will not move forward and bring your natural gifts to the next level

    Your friend in Spirit


  • Great thread.

    Did you know that a bay leaf placed under the threashold or inside the trim of your entry doors and windows will protect your home from theft.

    Did you know you can place one in your wallet to protect it as well. (Replace twice a year on both)

    Did you know if you loaned out something that is not being returned you can chant the following

    "What was loaned out, and I want back.

    Will be returned and that's a fact!"

    Harm to none

    So Mote it be!


  • Love to lovely stuff to share, awsame thanks for this thread TheQueenOfWands,

    such a great idea. 🙂 and i love reading what you all know.

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • i meant lots of lovely stuff to share lol.

    Bee Xx

  • TQOW

    "Did you know it is not a good idea to turn your back on your natural given gifts

    Did you know that if you do, it will send you backwards and you will not move forward and bring your natural gifts to the next level"

    Did not know this thank you does make alot of sense and i know i am stuck psychically big big thank you

    loving lights


  • Did you know clear crystal quartz will help you connect to your higher self?

    Did you know it will also help you grow psychically?

  • Did you know that: When we know our shadow and learn to love it, we learn to master it, If on the other hand we deny our shadow, then it will control our lives.

    Did you know: They sky is always blue above the clouds, You too are in reality shining sunny being full of love, the more you become conscious of this fact, the faster all problems, worries and fears will vanish so that the sun can shine within you again 🙂

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