Request for someone who can calmly and sweetly reflect on it for me please....

  • I want you to reflect upon the situation between me (Gagan and Jose)

    : ) have a great day...

  • Hello drgagannagi,

    Regarding your situation:

    You or your relationship aren't pacing yourselves properly and are running the risk of burning out and/or creating a situation (like an illness) that forces you to stop. You may also be out of balance energy wise, try spending some time with friends of the opposite sex. Or if the two of you are in a relationship, spend some time apart with single friends.

    The key is to know when to stop and when to persist. Pace yourself better so that you can reach your goals. If this is an actual relationship then there is a definite call for a change of pace.

    Some aspect of this relationship is lacking in trust. One or both of you is hurt and afraid of trusting again. I believe you did ask if you should open your heart drgagannagi; I get the strong sense that you should. If you've been hurt recently it's time to show your vulnerable side, trust yourself so you can learn from the painful lesson. Are you willing to trust again? Why, or why not? The answers to those questions will restore your hope.

    If you learn your lessons in this situation then the outcome is that of pure joy. But it will be a gentle, fragile kind of joy, so relax. Don't be judgemental or harsh, simply enjoy the experience and the beauty of it. You'll feel refreshed with a renewed sense of life.

  • i ahve been hurt just a while ago, and you maybe right that i dont want to express in front of him as i did that after spending 3 years with my past bf and he declined. so im afraid to go upto any person and express myself. but i trust my new guy alot, only thing is im afraid to tell him i like him and want us to go ahead.

    i dont know what his past is?

    from the way we interact, i can say there is attraction n not just a friendly look., but he doesnt say anything either. he is rather gentle and mannnerful, talks few few words..., but expressive eyes and smile.

    its not a relationship, we meet for classes twice a week. both of us are 34 n doctors

    i want to know from you, can u give a look into his inside and maybe tell me would it be wise to tell him or let the affection grow naturally and accept whatevr god has destined? an active or passive approach?

  • @can u give a look into his inside...

    Very improper, same as spying on someone.

    If a person does not ask personally for this is it an invasion of privacy.

    Not trying to be mean, just trying to relay an understanding.


  • The key here drgagannagi lies in your ability to be vulnerable. Again, the question comes to mind: are you willing to trust again? You either are willing, or not.

    Look into your heart and do whatever makes you happy. Often, when we do what makes us happy, things tend to work out.

    At the end of the day the real answer is, there is no easy answer. You just got to go for it, or not.

  • ok, thanks, im ready to do it......

    the question is also whether he will accept it?

  • lbelieve, im not spying or anything, he's the one i love, im trying to get a better spiritual understanding here

    it is beyond petty things!

  • I did not say that you were, I said that what you were asking someone to do was considered spying as you do not have HIS consent to look inside him. Your love for him does not validate an invasion of someone else's privacy. Understand.

  • On this tarot forum we are looking for readings that look INSIDE people we are attatched to in order to make a fulfilling decision, there is no malice involved. Understand this too please. Noone is an island.

    This was my personal thread. I request you not to barge in and write posts here. Thanks.

  • Sorry bout that.

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