Lost rings

  • Good evening!

    I'm desperate for guidance if anyone has some for me. I've lost my wedding rings. I tired praying to st Anthony, and 'divining' over maps of my apt without luck. I really need them back, as they

    are the symbols of love in my life, or rather, the return of it. Someone is gifted to help me

    with this,b ut I just don't know where to find them. Any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.

  • Are you still married?

  • No. I am not. But I wore them because to me they were a symbol of hope, and reminder of being lovable. I lost them sometime this fall. I don't know if they are in my house or not. But I really want to find them. Ideas?

  • Hello HA09,

    I feel that they are under a cupboard or dresser. Please let me know if you found them in this location.

  • I feel that losing them was a message to yourself that you do not need their 'support' any more and that you are strong enough to go on without them or their memories. You just need to believe inside you are lovable. I think it would be better that you don't find them because they have become like a crutch or talisman. But the magic and belief has to be in you, not outside objects.

  • Thanks Shuabby. I'll check underneath the furniture tomorrow.

    And thanks Captain for telling me why I lost them. Sometimes it is indeed 'the message' that

    is the learning point. I just am unwilling to give up asking for them yet. If this message is the intended lesson, then I acknowledge that - but then is it also necessary to keep them lost too? lol.

  • It depends if you still want to cling to them for reassurance of your lovability or not. You know they are just chunks of metal, after all, and are no substitute for your own inner self-esteem. They are not magic love charms or talismans. 🙂 You can attract love by yourself if you want to.

  • I revisited underneath the dressers, bed, and bookcases without luck. 😞

  • Any other feelings about where they are?

  • I am wondering how you will feel if you don't find them?

  • I'm frustrated. My mother's been in the hospital 4 times in the last 9 weeks, and this ring thing is just like the final insult that is gnawing at me. I would experience a great sigh of relief, joy and gratitude to the universe if they showed up now. I need something good to outweigh the heaviness. I guess that's how I feel - with the hope of finding them.

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