• Hi Marc

    I did the pathway spread but i was wondering if its ok would you be able to interpret it for me? ive read the book but as you know it doesnt sink in properly and it makes more sense how you interpret them here are the cards i got,

    1. Your past , The skunk

    2. Your present , The fox

    3. Your future, The squirrel

    4. The pattern that is moving through your life , The crow

    5)The challenges you have conquered or lesson just completed , The crow

    1. What is working for you , The coyote

    2. What is working against you , The alligator

    Many Blessings and thanks in advance love and light Loap:)

  • I take it none of these cards was in contrary (reversed)? And how did you get the Crow twice? Just curious, it came up twice for a reason 🙂

    So Skunk is telling you that you have honoured yourself, that you have lived up to your reputation. The respect you have earned is rightly so. You did the right thing. This may be in your day to day life, and/or to do with the lesson you have just learned which is embodied by Crow's medicine: law. In particular, I think it says you have honoured your own personal integrity and called the shots as you saw them. You spoke your truth and it was in accordance to Sacred Law.

    But Crow is not done with you yet. It comes to you again to remind you to stick with that truth, to stand firm in your personal beliefs and personal integrity to overcome your present difficulty/challenge/life lesson.

    Whatever form this lesson takes, you are being advised to make like Fox and camouflage yourself. That is to say, become as unobtrusive as you can. Even if in your mind's eye you imagine yourself to be invisible, or to blend with the room you are in or the furniture you are sitting in. Indeed, give this exercise a go, you'll be amazed at how effective it can be. Observe the acts of others, not so much their words.

    You are being asked to be cunning, but in a positive way. Observe, but don't speak. Do it in such a way as to not make others self-conscious. Fox medicine is particularly strong when it comes to family members, this may be an area you need to quietly observe.

    Working with you to achieve your goals and to overcome your obstacles is Coyote the trickster! Coyote teaches us not to take life too seriously, to always have room for fun and games, and above all to be able to not take one-self too seriously. No matter how dire the situation may seem, be prepared to see the funny side of things and to laugh at yourself if the need arises.

    Working against you and holding you back from achieving your goals is Alligator. This even plays a part in the lesson you need to learn next which is to do with Crow. Failing to properly overcome the challenge in Alligator's medicine will also hold you back from your future self, as represented by Squirrel.

    Alligator teaches us about integration. He teaches us that life is both pleasure and pain and we must digest every experience fully to better understand ourselves and each other. Again the message may be to laugh in the face of seriousness, release anger and don't be judgemental. Stay flexible and remember what Crow and Skunk have taught you.

    As a result your future will be about gathering, which is Squirrel's medicine. Essentially the message here is to gather to you that which nourishes you. In particular you are asked to create an untroubled heart and mind and fill those places with wisdom and caring. There is some effort required on your part here, but the outcome will be achieved if you mostly focus on the other cards (particularly Alligator, Crow, and Fox).

    Hope that helps you in some way LoaP 🙂

    ~ Marc

  • lol he he he he sorry about that this dreaded flue cant shake it i have always been petrified of crows growing up i would cower under gum trees worried they were going to swoop me and there is one outside chirping now ra ra ra its driving me mad it was moose for number 4 i havent had any reversals yet and its not like i sort out the deck or anything like that so i dont know why they are not coming out contrary.

    1. Your past , The skunk

    2. Your present , The fox

    3. Your future, The squirrel

    4. The pattern that is moving through your life , The moose

    5)The challenges you have conquered or lesson just completed , The crow

    1. What is working for you , The coyote

    2. What is working against you , The alligator

    Wow Marc that was amazing the way you put it into words what a great reading i totally identifyed with most cards from what i read in the book but the way you put it makes so much more sense . and yesterday when i opened the book randomly it was on page 27 , and the pathways spread jumped out at me straightaway .Thanks for taking the time to do this for me i really appreaciate it

    Love and light Loap:)

  • You're welcome. Moose is teaching you about self-esteem by the way. That is how you can move forward past any forthcoming challenges (Alligator) and into your future self (Squirrel).

  • oh moose is so spot on its self esteem that i am having problems with for sure im defently in a bad place when it comes to that . Im to judgemental on myself and i know it has to stop i keep getting a card in the tarot 5 of cups it means loss and regeret im always regreting things as well unable to move on from them

    In the 5 of cups a man looks down at 3 cups that are laying on the ground overturned all liqiud has been lost from them buts but there are 2 behind that remain untouched so even though

    he has suffered a loss he can move on and learn from this if im making any sense as im still new to learning tarot as well .Ive got that card twice in the last 2 weeks .

    Thanks again Love and light LOAP:0)

  • You are spot on with your interpretation LoaP. Think of it this way, God made you drop those 3 cups so He can give you 3 better ones 🙂

  • Thanks Marc as the old saying goes the only way is up ( great song as well) Do your cards have writing on them? i just seen some on the web that have the meanings written underneath the pictures .

  • No my cards are images only. A picture of the animal inside what looks like a medicine shield.

  • Mine are the same do you do any other forms of divination like runes ? i was watching Raylene the psychic on tv the other night she was just picking 6 cards and rattling off the meanings but in a way they made sense exactly like you do have you thought of doing it professionally ?

    I dont think i could ever charge for a read ing one im not that up to seed dont mean to sound like im beating myself up again but its true and alot of the readers ive been to do it in their home i dont think i would like strangers walking in and out of my home all day .

  • I was given a set of Runes at the same time as the Medicine Cards, but I never connected with them. I wish I knew where they were so I could give it another try.

    I've had some fleeting thoughts about going down a professional route, but I think self-confidence is holding me back. And who says you have to do them in person? We're doing them over the Internet. Miss Beth has a good model come to think of it. Not only does she give you PDF copies of your reading but she goes that extra mile and records them for you to listen to. I love that! It's like sitting down and having a chat with her 🙂

    So what can we do to raise your self-esteem? Want to do a Tarot reading for me?

  • Hi Marc

    Yes i will be honoured to do a reading for you but would it be ok if i used the pathways spread with the tarot cards ?as i really like the questions and i was wondering if you dont mind i said that i would do Sheelagh (Paddi) a animal pathwayspread would you be able to help me interpret it when ive picked the cards? i will try to do it as best as i can but as you know im still not familiar with the animal cards yet i would be very grateful for your help. I think you should go proffessional you dont come across as lacking in self confidence at all Marc the readings you have done for me are amazing i feel that you will do it in a couple of years and it will be over the phone . IVe started a thread to missbeth i have looked at her site but not sure how to go about it and is there a charge? What part of the Uk do you come from ? i have to tell you that Eastenders is my favourite show im totally addicted . 🙂

  • Hello Mags,

    I actually watched our version of Psychic TV last night. I did attempt to draw some cards as the questions were read out on TV. I got nothing right LOL Clearly I am not ready for that level yet.

    I'm keeping my eye out for one particular psychic, she calls herself Gentle Rain (or something to that effect) and she uses the animal cards. I was also amazed by another psychic who is clairsentient. I was particularly impressed with his ability to connect to so many people's emotions and even the emotions of those surrounding them and yet still disconnect/separate himself.

    Since I am a clairsentient, I would love to be able to do that!

    Feel free to use whatever spread feels right for you, it's about building your self-esteem remember? 🙂 And yes, I'll be happy to provide feedback for your reading for Sheelagh. It may take me a few days though as Prairie Dog keeps popping up from his tunnel urging me to do as he does and retreat for a while!

    On Miss Beth's site you want to click on Angel Store. That page has all the various angel reading "topics" you can choose from. You may want to wait until Mercury is no longer retrograde though. You don't want to make the wrong choice, or your email to go missing, or your bank account to be charged twice or something!!

    I have no regrets contacting Miss Beth, it was absolutely the right thing for me to do. I know you'll feel the same way, but take your time to make sure you ask the right questions for you.

    I am actually in South Wales, though I'm afraid I am no Eastenders fan 🙂

  • Hi Marc,

    Thanks for that ive picked Sheelaghs cards just trying to decipher them i muddled my cards up so that i would get some contrarys as well . I would love to get a reading off missbeth but i dont purchase anything online unless its with a prepaid credit card as you know how paraniod i am with computers . Im not into astrology but what is it with these retrogrades that bring low energy ? last time there was one everyone fell into a slump . Ive heard its lovely in Wales im in Melbourne Australia and watch eastenders on cable thats the only reason i know of it .

    Anyway Marc i hope that your energy lifts soon

    Take care love and light Mags xx

  • Wise precaution Mags 🙂

    I'm not sure what it is with Mercury Rx, but I am determined not to spend any money lol

    Love and light,


  • Hi Marc

    Im working on making my own celtic cross spread in away thats easier for me to understand and it makes sense i have taken some questions from the animal paths spread as well here it is

    1. What is surrounding you

    2. present influences

    3. past influences

    4. future influences

    5. challenges

    6. lifelessons

    7. outside influences

    8. what is working for you

    9. possible goals or destiny

    10. outcome

    I was going to add what is working against you as a question as well but last night when i was doing a practise reading with it i got a a card with a good meaning so it didnt make sense to me that a card with a good meaning such as the 9 of pentacles which means you achieved virtually your hearts desire living in leisure could be going against you , any way its not set in concrete yet ive asked the ladies on the tarot talk thread to help me out with suggestions for how i can improve it i would value your opinon as well becos as soon as i have it complete we can start our medicine /tarot card experiment if you like . I hope you are having a good weekend

    Take care love and light Mags:)

  • Looking good. I can see why you want to leave out a working against you card, as that would be represented by card 5, no?

    Remember the Celtic Cross is traditionally enclosed in a circle. So one thing leads to another which eventually comes back around full circle. Does that make sense? So, I think what may be important to keep in mind is how the cards relate to each other. Cards 4 and 10 for example. 2 and 5. 3 and 6 maybe?

    Ultimately of course, you have to go with what feels right for you, because that's how you and your oracle have bonded.

  • Hey Marc,

    Hope all is well and that you had a good weekend if its not to much trouble would you be able to type it out like ive done in the order you describe ? so i can have a look at it i really appreaciate your opinon and help on this .

    Many thanks and blessings 2 u Mags 🙂

  • Your layout looks right, I was just highlighting something you may already be aware of, which is to look at how the cards or positions "relate". When you do a spread or three with your layout, things will become clearer 🙂

  • Hi Marc

    Ive redone my spread and added what is working against you as for evey positive there is a negative side as well. and ive repositioned the questions here it is

    1. present influences

    2. past influences

    3. future influences

    4. outside influences

    5. challenges

    6. life lessons

    7)what is working for you

    1. what is working against you

    2. possible goals or destiny

    3. outcome

    Let us know what you think love and light Mags:)

  • That looks good to me 🙂

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