• Hi Jilna ,

    To be honest with you i dont know much about Raylene Kable ive never heard of her before i seen her on Psychic tv but she seem very good with these animal cards . I dont now much about shamanism im still trying to get my head around the tarot and thats taken years .

    Hi Marc ,

    A drumming track i guess that its not from Tico Torres LOL sounds very interesting .Im assuming its native american right?

  • oh and thanks for the advice on Facebook Jilna maybe oneday i will get one and my friends will all be in shock horror lol .

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  • Loap, I have no idea if the drums are Native American lol I don't think it's important. The important part is that they help induce trance and contain a "callback" portion at the end that signals for the traveller to return to the physical plane.

    Drums are also used for healing, clearing the home of negative energy and also shapeshifting. I haven't tried that last one yet! 🙂

    Jlina, did I miss a post? I take it you mean Kaleah LaRoche? That's who I found when I googled the name anyway 🙂 So thank you for that.

    I am very interested in hearing more about your wicca experiences as well. Or wicca in general for that matter, I don't even know for sure what that is 🙂

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  • Thanks for the insight into Wicca Jlina. I now know where that Law of 3 comes from. The number 3 is considered to be a lucky number for Celts, there is even an old Welsh saying "Tair cais am Cymro", which translates to "Three tries for a Welshman". I wonder if it's linked to this mystical, lucky number?

    And I am definitely making the whole journeying too hard for myself. Trying to force it to happen. I'm going to wait until I feel more of an inner desire to journey. I'm going to trust my intuition to tell me when the time is right.

    Your idea of a symbolic gesture of commitment is a great idea. I've never made a rattle, or a dreamcatcher for that matter. Always wanted one though - a dreamcatcher that is.

  • What is a ratlle

  • sorry guys hit submit post by mistake thats very intersting Marc about the drums i would love to get a purple beaded dreamcatcher and hang it above my bed .

  • Rattles are another instrument used in shamanistic rituals such as journeying and healing 🙂

  • Hi Marc

    I hope all is well yesterday i pulled my card for the day and i got Raven when i picked it up there was another card behind it it was the crow ive had a busy day and havent had time to read the book but i thought it might be an omen two birds coming out together like that, and im sorry i still havent read up on the bat then and ive just had a strong feeling of dejavu come over me as im typing this to you for some reason.

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  • Thanks Jilna do you have the animal medicine cards as well ?

  • LoaP, I was thinking of you last night as I did some work with the cards. I actually felt a strong desire to connect with them last night in a more in depth spread, the one that stood out from the book was the Celtic Pathway spread (p. 27). It was good, I really connected with that one.

    Afterwards however, I had the the thought, LivingonaPrayer needs to do this. I was going to start a new thread to make the suggestion actually. What do you think? It will require about 30 minutes of your time I reckon.

    As for your two cards; Raven's medicine is magic, and Crow's medicine is Law - Sacred Law, not humanity's. Something big, important is coming your way; Crow is an omen of change. Plus your sense of deja vu.

    I'll have to look into it further to give you a better reading. Watch this space 🙂

    And not to be rude, hello Jlina, how are you this fine day?

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  • So, a short while ago two crows came and landed on the lamp post outside my front garden. I know they were trying to tell me something so I got out the Medicine Card book and started reading. As soon as I reached the end, Living on a Prayer started playing on my iPhone. LOL


    Anyway, Crow, as I hinted at, is the keeper of Sacred Law or Great Spirit's Law. A set of right and wrong that goes way above and beyond (and in some cases even contradicts) "man's" laws. As I also said, Crow is an omen of change. She lives in the void and has no sense of time. She sees past, present, and future, light and dark, inner and outer realities.

    If Crow "caws" to you, you are being asked to pause and reflect on how you view Sacred law in relation to "man's" laws. With Crow medicine, anything you deem unjust, unbalanced, or out of harmony will find a powerful voice within you urging you to speak out.

    You are being asked to call the shots as you see them, to allow your personal integrity to be your guide. But at the same time you must be mindful of your opinions and actions. You must be willing to walk your talk and to speak your truth.

    Raven carries the medicine of magic. She is also the messenger of the void. The void is a place of darkness from which all things are born. To the Native Americans it is the Great Mystery. That which existed before everything else. Great Spirit is said to live in the void and emerged from the Great Mystery.

    If Raven flies to you then you are about to experience a change in consciousness. This may occur in any number of ways, but Raven is telling you "You have earned the right to see and experience a little more of life's magic."

    Raven is guardian of ceremonial magic. She is the one that carries all energy between the ceremony and the intended recipient be it a place or a person. This is why Raven is always present in any healing circle. You may experience this change of consciousness through some sort of healing you are about to go through LoaP.

    Whatever you do, don't bother trying to figure out the magic coming your way. You simply cannot. It's the unknown at work. The only thing you have to do is to recognise this special moment and integrate it into your spiritual growth.

    Raven is telling you "Heads up LoaP! A gift is coming your way. Don't try to explain it away."

    Also, if you have any prayers, messages, or healing you want to send out, call on Raven to be the carrier of your energies.

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  • Hi Marc thanks for interpreting the crow and raven for me ive been sick with the flue these last couple of days and havent been able to do much so i will try and read page 27 tonight and it do the celtic pathway spread wow i cant wait to see what happens with getting these to cards i read up on the bat and yes i can totally relate i am beating myself up up lately i have to let things go always judging my actions i wish i was the strenght card in the tarot had inner strenght any way will post more soon just had visitors drop in wish we could save these posts . 🙂

  • Hey Mags you are great just the way you are


  • Thanks Sheelagh

    it means alot hope to chat with you soon

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