• Hi MARC ,

    I wanted to ask you a favour as you know i have been trying to learn the animal cards i was wondering do you have any special techniques that you use when doing readings with them? I have been puliing a card here and there for different people and they have all been spot on so far and here where i am in Australia we have psychic tv and one of the psychics on there are using them as well she does a six card spread . The cards were bought for me by my uncle so they came to me i never chose them and i feel that this is a sign that iam destined to learn them but like i said to you sometimes i cant get into the book i dont have a lot of time on my hands at this stage in my life either to focus my energy fully in into learing them . I would be grateful for any advice you could give me .

    Many Blessings and thanks in advance Loap .

  • Hello Loap,

    It's great to see you've connected with the cards. I was given my set by my aunt, so I agree that it does count as a sign.

    I actually consulted the cards regarding your situation and this is what I got.

    You are essentially doubting yourself, allowing paranoia to creep into your mind. There is also a suggestion that you are lying to yourself, deceiving yourself even though the truth is staring you in the face. Whatever works for you when doing readings for others, trust in that process. Whether it's the way you shuffle the cards or how you frame and ask the question. The truth is; it works.

    You don't need to focus any more energy into the cards than you already are. Perhaps that is the self-deception?

    There are two steps you can take to remedy your blockage.

    1. Observe the obvious. Watch your step and honour your inner knowing. Accept the truth of the situation.

    2. Sit quietly and peacefully with the deck of cards in your left hand (your receiving side). Let the energy of the cards permeate you for as long as it feels right for you to do so. Then draw a card from the pack. You may want to shuffle the deck or cut the deck, or spread the cards out on a table, whatever feels right to you.

    Take a moment to just look at the card. Meditate on the image of the animal (even if it's in contrary) and see what thoughts or feelings or images or whatever come to you. Then when you are ready, read the description in the book.

    The answers you receive will be exactly what you need to do in order to get past this blockage of yours, so take your time with this one.

  • Also, to keep the channels open, do a daily reflection. Ask the spirits to give you a lesson for the day then draw one card from the pack. Read the description then go about your day.

    At the end of the day, reflect on the lesson of the card and how it impacted you.

    (On a side note, any idea what spread the TV psychics use? I've been trying to find ways of using multi card spreads for others myself. The ones in the book don't seem to fit)

  • HI Marc

    Thanks for doing a reading for me you are spot on about the self doubt and the paranoia bit as for lying to myself im open to anything or so i thought but i have been told this on many occasions by other readers as well but i know this is going to sound silly to you but i honestly dont know which area in my life it is in which im lying to myself about its got me stumped as like i said i thought that i was open to anything but obviously im not . I was wondering if its ok would you be able to tell me which cards came out for me so i can reflect on them for future reference ?

    Ok thanks for your insight i will ask the spirits to give me a lesson for the day and i will let you know what comes out as i am doing this with tarot cards as im trying to learn them as well and its been very intersting some of the things that have happened are so spot on to what the cards say i pick 3 of those a day as i have a greater understanding of them but with these i will do what you say and pick just one . She seems to just pick six as far as i know she doesnt really say what spread it is i will see if she is on youtube and i will post the link here.

    Many Blessings Loap:)

  • Marc

    I was just was on ther misery loves company thread and wanted to tell you something funny

    yesterday my hubby parked next this car and it had on the back windscreen in big letters Hello im a Jovigirl have a nice day and on the 8th day god created Jon Bon Jovi he said i cant belive there are others out there as he is so anti Jovi lol .

    I just didnt want to post it on that thread as i didnt want to cause any upset .

    I cant find anything on that psychic her name is Raylene Kable they do have a facebook page i dont have one as im so paranoid lol sad but true i find it creepy but you can ask her questions there if you like here is the link

  • Thanks for the link Loap. And LONG LIVE BON JOVI! lol

    Being paranoid about FB is a wise thing actually, since all of their privacy settings are set to off as default!

    Anyway, don't worry about the self-deceit, it's not silly at all. In fact, I think I am deceiving myself as well as I keep running into my own roadblock over and over. The card I drew for you yesterday was Weasel in contrary. When I asked the spirits what area of your life you need to look at or what do you need to do to move past the self-deceit, I drew Bat.

    I feel that you need to sit down with the book and read the entry for Bat to get a full answer, but I was drawn to the words "death of some way of life that no longer suits your new growth pattern". Try to identify some old habit or pattern that you keep falling into. Find a way to break it.

    I also got the image of the Hanged Man tarot card in my mind as a I read. I don't know much about Tarot, does that mean anything to you?

    (Love's the only rule is now playing on my iPhone. Hmm... "You've got to lose to win". Listen to it, see if it helps you with your situation)

  • Thanks Marc

    I will look up the bat and get back to you on it . what does it mean when you say about facebook settings are set to default ? i have heard something that its hard to delete photos off facebook as they keep them is this true? I picked my card for today and got the Elk and i could totally relate and yes i am outgrowing old ways of thinking i thinks its 40s syndrome as you read on the misery thread i was a negative dweller now i have learnt differnt techniques to rid these things from my life for example if someone hurts me now i surround myself in whitelight and i imagine a cord running from my heart to theirs and i ask the angels for protection and i say Blah Blah you really hurt me when you said or done this, i cannot carry this negativity or hurt around with me anymore so i am sending it back to you and i envisualize myself cutting the cord and it goes back to them with full force .and i pray to the angels to never let me feel this hurt or negative energy caused by this person again and it really works for me .

    With the song loves the only rule the circle album has a lot of songs on it that i can relate to how i was feeling at the time there is a song called can i be happy now wow it describes exactly how i felt i was in a dark place back then . youve got to lose to win ok il keep you posted on that one .

    Here is the meaning for the hanged man let me know what you think

    Divinatory meaning

    Upright - Devotion to a worthwhile cause. Temporary suspension of progress. Flexibility of mind and a willingness to adapt to changes. Sacrifice in the present to reap benefit in the future. A waiting period. Rebirth. Sacrificing one thing to obtain another. Transformation. Circumstances literally turned on their head.

    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Loss. Lack of commitment. Preoccupation with selfish and material things. Despite drawbacks a preference for the status quo. Oppression. Apathy in pursuit of goals. Taking the view 'Better the devil you know'. Failure to act with an inability to move forward or progress.

    Have you heard the song thay sing for Kurt Cobains daughter called lonely at the top? Its a beautiful song .

  • With Facebook, all of the privacy settings are set to allow anyone and everyone to view your photos, status messages etc. You can change them, but if you're not aware of it in the first place...

    You can easily delete photos from Facebook, but while they are on their servers they do reserve the right to do with them as they wish. It sounds worse than it is, when you think of all the billions of photos they have, the chances of them doing anything with yours are pretty slim.

    I can also relate to Can I Be Happy Now? I was in that dark place end of last year. And I ain't goin' back to that pain.

    The Hanged Man in its Divinatory position makes total sense. If you think about the bat in it's natural state in its cave, it hangs upside down. Bat also teaches us about "Sacrifice in the present to reap benefit in the future. A waiting period. Rebirth. Sacrificing one thing to obtain another. Transformation."

    And no, I haven't heard that song, I'll go find it on YouTube, thank you Loap

  • Tell Frannie I'm sorry she didn't get to know her dad

    I'll bet he's sorry he didn't get to know you too

    Tell her there'll be people saying things that make her sad

    How her daddy felt alone, how he was hurtin' bad

    I guess that won't be too far from the truth


    Yeah, it's lonely at the top

    Happy is one thing it's not

    I was jaded, suffocated; it got too hard to breathe

    But never got as high as I needed to be

    You know life becomes worthless when they steal your dreams

    I just couldn't live with what was left for me

    And I couldn't run far enough from the truth - what's the use?


    Yeah, it's lonely at the top

    Happy is one thing it's not

    Before you know you find yourself alone and looking down

    No one there can help you stop before you hit the ground

    It's lonely at the top

    Tell Frannie I'm sorry - I better kiss her when she cries

    I'm sorry I left her, never said goodbye

    Didn't mean to leave you all alone but then the music died

    Though the song remains the same, I couldn't live that lie

    You know that ain't too far from the truth

    And you know that ain't too far from the truth


    Yeah, it's lonely at the top

    Happy's one thing it's not

    Before you know you find yourself alone and looking down

    No one there to help you stop before you hit the ground

    Yeah, it's lonely at the top

    Yeah, it's lonely at the top

  • Hi Marc

    yes i agree with the hanged man as well im sorry to hear that you were in a dark place as well back then And I ain't goin' back to that thats exactly spot on with how i was feelin i havent had chance to look up the bat yet but from what you wrote it sounds exactly like what i need how long have you been learning these cards for?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think it's on my Amazon wish list Jlina. It sounds familiar.

    I can't remember when I first got the cards, but I took to them immediately. Then I stopped using them and as a result misplaced them. This was a few years ago. When I told my aunt recently that I was missing them, she got me another pack 🙂

    I've only really been picking it all up again for about a month now.

  • No i havent Jilna sounds interesting .Have to google him

  • Marc

    You are doing very well for a month you have really bonded with them . Why dont you take on tarot next ?as for someone who doesnt know tarot you were very spot on with the hanged man .

  • Thanks Loap. To be honest, I don't feel a "call" with Tarot, not as a divination tool for me to work with. I feel a connection, (probably because all things are connected), I'll even turn to them for answers, but I have no desire to use them. Does that make sense?

    I feel strongly pulled towards shamanism actually. I recently bought a new set of cards called the Shaman's Oracle. I also bought a book aptly titled "Follow the Shaman's Call". Both are available on Amazon if you (or anyone) is interested.

  • I have many decks of cards some i havent even opened yet my uncle is like Santa hes bought me every different deck hes came across and they are not all tarot but i dont think i have those im sure i would have remebered the name of them.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Jlina, thanks for all the references. I tried a spirit journey last night to a drumming track, but with no luck. I was too frustrated, didn't relax properly and never left my living room floor 🙂

    I am open to suggestions and advice however.

  • Actually that's not entirely true, at one point everything went darker before I felt myself spinning around.

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