• Hi Marc, I see around the forums you are getting lots of requests for help and I only hope I will not be burdening you with my question, but I have just had the most amazing thing happen to me, you see I have been reading a lot of your posts about our animal spirit guides etc, well, I have just spent a lovely morning searching and reading about this subject, I have felt in a wonderful positive and peaceful mood, I even found a site that gave free readings out, I did mine for a bit of fun and a part of it said "something wonderful will happen for you today, just make sure you keep watch and be open to "seeing or hearing it".....

    that was a couple of hours ago, well, I'm still sat at my PC enjoying my coffee when I heard a tapping on the glass of my door, it made me jump lol, I swung round to see what it was, to my sheer delight it was a bird! not sure if it was a Finch or a Sparrow šŸ™‚ but it stayed long enough just tapping away for me to see it....... nothing like this has ever happened to me before.... so I straight away tried to find out what message if any there could be for me and searched about these little birds for info on them, but what I've read I cannot find any relevance pertaining to me, so I was wondering if you get the chance, and you have any info on either of these little birds I would be most grateful, please, I do not wish any pressure on you, I'm very patient...:)

    Much love and blessings to you!

  • What an amazing experience, I am so happy for you HealingWays šŸ™‚

    Finch is a messenger, he is telling you that you are waking up to the spirits of the natural world. New experiences await you, won't you accompany him?

    Also, "Finch teaches to awaken to your surroundings and aids in the connections to family."

    Sparrow "aids in opening the eyes to our self-worth and instills dignity and empowerment. He teaches the importance of voice and communication and the timing of exertion and retreat. It is time to sing your song in all that you do."


  • Oh WOW!!.....Thank you SO much Marc for your speed of answering me and the most wonderful message....I have to say....I'm a bit of a cry baby, and your response made me cry....tears of JOY though!!! :)..... you see only just yesterday I had lunch with my Son and one of my Daughters, we spoke of all things spiritual again, something we haven't done much of for months and months, it was so heart warming, my Daughter grasped my hand and said "Mum I have missed us all being together and talking like this like we used to so much" I cant even begin to explain how wonderful it felt, I feel so blessed....

    so now I'm off to find those wings of mine and take flight with him...

    and then maybe we will come across another friend of mine who keeps "popping up" and being shown to me these last few months....the magnificent Eagle!!....

    Once again Marc, thank you for doing this for me.....I'm going to look at the link you kindly posted šŸ™‚

    forever grateful to you!


  • Wow, even Eagle, Great Spirit's messenger is calling to you. Fantastic! šŸ™‚

  • thanks Marc, it all feels so positive to me, I'm feeling more "alert" if you know what I mean...

    can I ask you to recommend a good deck of Animal Guide/Spirit cards for me please, I would love to look into this most natural form of learning/healing with our wonderful animals, I have always had a deep love of them, my first and foremost Animal I remember as a child was my deep feeling for the Horse, well I am a Saggi....lol...but I didn't realise that as a child, and then came a wonderful connection to the Otter, this came about when I was so drawn to read "Tarka the otter" I was about 10yrs old, it had a profound impact on my emotions at that time, I so adored that little creature..then came my love for the Deer as a child, but a few years (as an adult ) I remember one early evening it was just getting dusk I was waiting to be picked up by my daughter from the stables where my horse was, everyone else had gone home, it was very quiet and I just stood there taking in the lovely peacefulness of it when the most beautiful Deer and her young one appeared right in front of me just a few feet away in the field where I stood near the fence, that was SO magical, she looked up at me then lowered her head and just carried on grazing she had no fear of me just standing there, I will never forget that.....

    then in the past 10yrs or so I got to long to be able to swim with the Dolphins, oh what magical spiritual loving creatures they are my heart fills with joy when I think of them, I even made a Y/T video about 2 yrs ago telling of my "Dream to swim with the Dolphin).... I will post a link to it :)....cos I feel the urge to watch it myself again....lol...

    sorry I've gone on a bit, but it's been so uplifting to me to reminisce on my memories of the beautiful animals that used to pop in and out of my life.....it's a shame I never knew then they were there trying to teach and help me....but my motto is "better late than never" šŸ™‚

    ā™„ love is the key! ā™„

    heres the link to my Y/T channel and the "Dream of the Dolphin".... hope you enjoy šŸ™‚

  • Not late Denise, everything comes at the right time. Your life up until now has been one of lessons and preparations for this part of your journey. Look back and you'll find old ways and old skills that you can apply on your current path.

    For example, I too have felt a connection with animals all my life, particularly Wolf. But I never did much about it. I have spent the last 15 or so years of my life working in IT, but I can use the skills I learned to pursue my Divine purpose of being a spiritual teacher/healer. Which explains why Wolf has always been walking at my side, his is the medicine of the teacher šŸ™‚

    The animals that have crossed your path have all shared their greatest medicine with you. You are truly blessed!

    Horse is your power totem. Horse governs, directs and guides you on your life journey. He has been with you since the day you were born and he will be with you to help you cross over when your time comes. Horse is a powerful gift, indeed, his medicine is all about power. True power that can only arise from compassion, caring, teaching, loving and sharing your gifts, talents, and abilities with others.

    I bet you have many stories to tell of how these aspects of your life has brought you inner peace and contentment. That's because you were honouring your horse medicine and doing exactly what you are meant to be doing.

    Just as we have tamed horses to ride on their backs, don't be afraid to call upon your Horse to undertake some long and otherwise slow or arduous journey. You'll get to where you need to be much quicker and without having to expend too much of your energy. And remember, there is a reason why things are measured in terms of horsepower these days šŸ™‚

    Otter is "woman medicine" or female energy, as it applies to men as well as women. Otter associates herself with powerful women. As I said, you are blessed! To understand about Otter medicine, look into the elements of Earth and Water and the qualities/attributes they embody.

    As a medicine woman Denise, it would do you well to have a medicine bag or pouch. In old days, medicine women such as yourself would have had bags made from Otter hide. I doubt that's possible these days. They do still make deer hide pouches/bags however, which would also serve you well. Put something in the bag that reminds you of Otter. It could be a small stone or wooden carving, a photo, or anything that conjures images of Otter in your mind.

    As for deer... Again, you witnessed its most powerful medicine - gentleness and a lack of fear. The legend of Deer is a beautiful one. It tells of how Great Spirit called to Fawn from the top of Sacred Mountain and immediately she set off on the trail. Along the way however, Fawn encountered a Demon blocking the path to Great Spirit's lodge. This demon wanted to stop all creatures from connecting with Great Spirit. It wanted to make everyone believe that Great Spirit didn't want to be disturbed and thus didn't care. The fear this arose in others gave the demon great power.

    Fawn however wasn't afraid, she looked upon the demon with gentle, loving eyes and asked that he step aside as she was on the way to meet Great Spirit. Try as he might, this demon just couldn't frighten this gentle creature standing before him. Fawn persisted in her gentle, loving ways and it is said that as a result, this demon's rock-hard heart melted away, and his body shrank to the size of a walnut.

    It is thanks to Fawn's medicine of gentleness and persistent love, even in the face of fear, that the path to Sacred Mountain is open to all of us today, enabling us all to connect with Great Spirit šŸ™‚

    I have more to tell you about Dolphin, if you care to hear. However, I am feeling a bit drained right now so I'll post again later.

    Just to answer your question; the book/cards I use predominantly are "Medicine Cards. The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals" by Jamie Sams and David Carson. But there are others such as: "Power Animals Oracle Cards" by Steven Farmer, and "The Druid Animal Oracle Deck" by Philip Carr-Gomm.

    I suggest you look at all you can find. You will feel drawn to the right one, so trust your instinct. If you're having trouble, ask Horse to bring you to the right deck for you.

    I get a sense that Horse is going to show up in your life in an important way, as part of a journey you are going to undertake. It feels like something of a routine journey, like going out shopping, but the end result is going to be important in your life. You are also going to be grinning from ear to ear when this sign shows up šŸ™‚

    I get something to do with a taxi company, or transport of that kind. Something linked with the name, such as "Horse Cabs" lol. Also seeing an image of a Horse's head, similar to the Knight on a Chessboard. It's part of a shop. Any book stores in your area with a horse as part of its signage? If not, keep an eye out for one!

  • Dearest Marc,

    however can I thank you enough for all what you have shared with me, so much wonderful enlightening things.... I hope you are having a good rest at moment and your drained feeling is subsiding, and you are feeling better, I would certainly love to hear about the dolphin, but only when you are feeling up to it, I've noticed how much you are giving to us here on tarot, and I for one certainly appreciate it, but I would hate for you to get so tired and burnt out, please take care of yourself šŸ™‚

    my oh my I feel so blessed with the animals that are by my side, my beloved Horse, the Deer etc

    and I so resonate with the deer at the moment as I feel I need it's spirit and to be like it, as in to face that fear "with gentle loving way" in what's happening with me and all the fear stuff I wrote about in another thread....

    going back to the horse, it intrigued me what you said about Horses head looking a bit like the knight on a chessboard, I have an ornament in my living room of a horses head, it stands beside the fireplace, but mine has the image of a foal at the side of it.....I think I used a picture of my living room to post to the captain to see what vibes she picked up from my home....it was confirmed to me by her that my home is in her words "jammed packed to the rafters" with newly departed souls....hence my fears of living on my own and being here alone at night....lol...

    so, I really do need to face this once and for all....I will ask my Horse and the Deer to help me šŸ™‚

    I will look for the pic and post it here later for you to see the Horses head...lol, and I will look out for the bookshop with horse as part of it's sign, there are no bookshops in the little town I live, in the UK and don't get to go to the city very often, hate driving in the heavy traffic...lol....I cant wait to get some power animal cards, I will do as you said and ask the Horse to help guide me,

    it all sounds exiting about "something routine will turn into something important, love the thought of "grinning ear to ear"....

    Much love and gratitude to you


  • Good morning Marc, hope you had a well earned rest :).... I have to say I had a bit of a nightmare last night...lol... with all my talking and focusing on our beloved animals I half expected I would dream about them, but what came up lets say, was a little startling to me...lol

    In the dream I was trying to save my daughters tiny hamster, she was just holding it in her hands whilst in back of the car, I had to pull into a petrol station but came across a lot of negative energies there?....but anyway, I just new I had to find a safe place for this little creature so I put it into what looked like a bowl but had a few bits and pieces in it, then thought no, can't leave it there its not safe, so I put my hand in the bowl to search for it....a great big Rat bit into my hand, it wouldn't let go! it's fangs just latched on deep into my hand, (now the horrible part)....I had to squeeze the Rat with all my might to kill it to then withdraw its teeth, I felt the surging pain as I looked at the 2 gaping holes it made in my hand.................PHEW!!....this dream went on to other stuff, but that's for another thread....LOL....but I will ponder on this dream as I feel it really did have a message for me šŸ™‚

    And now, I really do have to tell you what just happened whilst I was writing all this to you, now bare in mind, my little dog doesn't have very good eyesight and he is almost deaf, just out of the blue he came into the kitchen and barked so loudly looking towards the back door (which does have a large glass pane), I almost fell off my chair, he really made me jump, I have to be honest I came out with loud "profanity"...lol...but you know what! in a split second I swung round to see what made him bark like that....and there was two of the most beautiful little Finches!!....how wonderful is that!! thank you Angels/Universe for the ways you make me "See" they make it even profound by using my half blind and half deaf beautiful little dog!!...and I got a laugh out of it too...I was a bit shocked how I just came out with that naughty word though....but I'm laughing now....

    Sorry again for all my ramblings, I suppose it's because I have lived in "my own little cocoon" (of my own making) for such a long time now, so it's been very therapeutic for me to "ramble"....so it's ok if you skip reading it....lol

    and one last thing Honest :)...I will post the pic of the Horses head you spoke of to see if its what Im to look out for šŸ™‚

    (its a bit dark but the horse head is to the left of fireplace)

    many blessing to you


  • No need to apologise Denise, I love reading your daily stories. Plus it's great to connect and share. Like you I have spent too long in self-isolation and I need to learn to come out of my shell. Indeed, my angels have told me to loosen up my throat and to speak my truth more often. It's quite liberating, I must say.

    Whenever I dream of an animal being aggressive, I usually take it as a sign that I am not honouring that animal's medicine. Or that animal is really being forceful in getting my attention. So for Rat to bite you he is really trying to tell you something. However, considering you had the need to destroy it, this rat's medicine could represent something truly negative in your life.

    Rat teaches us about survivability and adaptability. He teaches us about resourcefulness. When looking up Rat I found the following:

    "Have you accumulated too much mental and emotional baggage? Rat will aid in examining what is not needed any longer and allow truth to come forth in the midst of worldly illusions. Is it time to let go of thoughts, ideals, perceptions or people and places? Rat medicine will instil self assurance and transform fear into abundance."

    This is a difficult one Denise, from what I have told you about Rat, can you intuit anything currently in your life that embodies Rat's medicine but is very negative for you? Whatever it is, you have felt the need, or you will feel the need to destroy it. This is always a difficult decision, so take your time and trust your intuition, it won't lead you astray.

    As Hamster was also present and sick (and also a member of the rodent family), it may signify some aspect of your life that is also "sick". Hamsters are near sighted and colour-blind, yet they can smell and hear extremely well. Hamster may be telling you to rely on your other senses, not just your eyesight in this situation. Hamsters are also fragile creatures, so you may also be asked to proceed delicately or gently. Your Deer medicine will help you here.

    I can't quite make out the Horse's head, but it doesn't seem to be the one I saw. That was more symbolic, devoid of any features like mouth and eyes. More like a shape or outline. I don't think the appearance is that important, I just feel like you will know it when you see it šŸ™‚

    I haven't forgotten about dolphin either, I will write something about it shortly.

  • Phew!!.... what you said really resonates with me, I straight away thought...."I have accumulated too much mental and emotional baggage".....I think its because I have spent the last 7 yrs or so desperately wanting to "save" my Son.....I wont go into all the details about him, it concerns my fear Ive carried around for all this time that he would take his life, which has literally taken away my ability to function properly!!......BUT now my BIG realisation is....I cant do this, it really has to come from him!!! only He can save himself!!.....but being a "human" Mother makes it SO hard to realise this fact, so, I think the dream of me killing the poor Rat is telling me to LET GO.....

    And thank YOU for saying you dont mind my ramblings... I do enjoy talking to you šŸ™‚ bless you!

    SO much love and joy to you Marc

  • I'm sorry, I meant to add that you have helped me more than you know.....I am seeing things in a totally different light šŸ™‚

    once again, Bless you!!

  • You are more than welcome Denise šŸ™‚ x

  • Hi Marc, I've seen a couple of posts of yours saying you are feeling a little down, I'm so sorry to hear this :(...but I noticed our lovely Blmoon has given you some wonderful insight šŸ™‚ I hope you have been resting and you feel a little better today and a bit more at ease with things :)....

    I meant to tell you a few days ago that I got my Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer....I just LOVE them, and have been drawing some everyday for insight....well today I about fell off my chair at what came out...



    Black Panther

    the reason for my shock is because I drew these cards about 20 mins after posting my disturbing dreams I have had of late, I posted in Bee's Dream Journal/Vision thread....Phew! ....I wonder what all this means eh!.....lol

    Hope you have a wonderful happy and relaxing day Marc

    much love to you


  • Good cards. Good medicine!

    Lizard teaches us about dreaming. Lizard urges us to pay attention to our dreams, to keep a log as there are always messages for us in our dreams.

    Owl's medicine is deception, or the lack of it which brings insight, wisdom, knowledge. Owl sees through all layers of deception bringing the whole truth for whoever wishes to see it. Owl asks us to use our keen, silent observational talents to intuit some life situation. Owl can bring this knowledge through dreams šŸ™‚

    Black Panther's medicine is very straightforward; embrace the unknown. Don't fear the darkness, the unknown. Fear only keeps things hidden.

    Thank you for your words of support Denise, I am not out of the woods yet. It's going to be another two to three weeks I feel. April is a very trying month!

    Love and light,


  • Just know Marc my thoughts of healing and love I will send to you daily, I will send Reiki healing energy to help you see you through what it is you needing to do, but only with you wish it, I would not like to do anything against your free will :).... I have every faith of you coming through all this with flying colours....you are too much of a wise and wonderful person not too :).....and we need you šŸ™‚ I for one of many have had an whole new world open up to me because you led me to the Animal Oracle cards....bless you!

    my cards, yes they certainly feel like good medicine to me, I've wraped them up in a silk cloth which I sprinkled with Angel esscence oil, when I hold them and breathe in I feel so relaxed šŸ™‚ they smell beautiful!!

    I really do need to go back to keeping a log of my dreams like I used to, I feel it's more important than ever to do this, and what you say about "the layers of deception" with Owl medicine resonated with me straight away because in those "bad" dreams of mine they had a theme in all of them....Aliens appearing as human!....deception!?, I just have to figure out what the message is for me....

    and as you know, I am really battleing with my fear of the dark, I just know now this has been one of the biggest things I came to do in this lifetime!....I sincerely pray I succeed with this ....I will ask Panther to join Horse come and help me...how could I fail with those two, one on each side of me eh!....

    Love and healing blessing to you Marc


  • Thank you Denise, I am forever open to any positive energy you or anyone wants to send my way. It energises me, refreshes me and in many ways is like a second wind. šŸ™‚

    I saw a lot of horses while I was out yesterday afternoon. Something I have come to appreciate about horses recently - while reading another Shaman Oracle deck - was that Horse's medicine is also about hope. Much in the same we humans depend on Horse to literally or physically carry us forward, so too do we depend on hope to carry us forward.

    I'm glad you also realise that you have nothing to fear when you ask your animal guides to walk with you, for you truly have nothing to fear about.

    ...I really should start to take my own medicine!!

  • I will certainly send lots of Universal Healing energies to you then šŸ™‚

    How wonderful you saw all the horses and getting to appreciate the magnificent creatures!....

    I am certainly going to really visualise horse and panther with me from now on, especially at night... I really do have to let that fear of mine go!!

    I know exactly what you mean about taking our own medicine...it's like we dish it out by the bucket load for others and forget to take our own eh!....:) I'm always sending Reiki out to family and others who want it, but always forget to reiki myself, how daft is that!....but I know when I do do reiki on others it can be benefical to me too, but I ought to at least do a regular concentrated session just for me sometimes....else if I go down hill again, how can I help others....

  • Hi Marrc .... Jsut wannt to sya thnaks fer tellling me abuot firefxo ....... LOL....I know you won't be able to see all the little squiggly lines under the misspellings but I can....lol... I'm just having bit of fun :)...my Son downloaded Firefox for me and now I have my spell check back....YAY! never thought I would be this pleased to see the little squiggly red lines again.....Ooo I must get a life eh! LOL....

    But now to be serious, would love to know that you are ok my friend? hope you are getting better and better by the day!.... thinking of you and still sending Reiki

    Take care, speak to you soon,


  • Hello Denise,

    Your Reiki is having an effect as I am feeling uplifted. Did you do anything on Tuesday for me? I had a really good day on Tuesday. Full of hope and good cheer šŸ™‚

    Still being urged to retreat and take some me time, Prairie Dog is even turning up in my cards upside down now! It says my body s running low on fuel, which is also the message I had in my dreams last night (I dreamt I was driving around in a car desperately low on petrol!) Lots of synchronicities going on.

    Had an interesting experience last night actually. Two crows were "cawing" loudly and incessantly from a tree in my neighbours front garden. It sounded at times as if they were calling my name. Very cool. I sat outside watching them for a good while before they flew off.

    I don't think I have interpreted their message yet. It will come to me when the time is right. Though I did take note of a particular line in my book stating that crow is an omen of change. Also got the feeling or sensation of being warned, or to "pay attention".

  • This is EXCELLENT news Marc, I have been sending Reiki daily for you, I'm so pleased it's a part of helping uplift you :)... very interesting dream eh!, wonder what type of fuel it needs? is it actual food that needs to be addressed or spiritual food needs attention?

    and WOW about the two crows!! I'm sure you will get your answers Marc, all we need to keep doing is ask eh! and then our higher self will let us know....my Son had the very same thing happen to him with an Owl, it was really screeching at him one night whilst he was here visiting me, then a couple of nights later it happened again but at his home, I told him he must not ignore its calls and to study all about the Owl to try and see what resonates with him.....

    speaking of which, I must dash now to meet him for that birthday meal.... šŸ™‚

    speak again soon, I feel so uplifted hearing your on the mend šŸ™‚

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