Need to know if hes the one

  • I met Brandon back in January on the 13th and he moved in with me on February 14th. Even though I knew all about his past, not a great one, I still wanted to be with him and one day marry him. Things have been going really good for the most part but he is still struggling with addiction problems on occasion. I really felt in the deepest part of my soul the moment I first held him that he was finally and truly the one for me. I feel God so present in our lives and even though sometimes I do not know what to expect on a day to day basis I still feel he is my soul mate.

    My question is am I right? If I am I will stand by him to the very end of the age but if I am not I need to know now and perhaps have him move out. I have thought maybe he needs to go to some treatment place but not end the relationship. Or do I just keep him here and continue on the path we are on?

    Despite his problems he believes so much in God, just like I do and volunteers daily with our church. We go to church every weekend and that is something I always wanted a man to do. He currently is not working but is hoping to find work. I believe he really, honestly and truly loves me and these are all the reasons why I don't think I should let go of him. I believe what is going on will pass and he will become more of the man that he says he wants to be. In the meantime however there has been a lot of things that have happened to make me have doubts. However I do not want to give up on my soul mate if this is indeed him I will love him unconditionally and support him as best as I can.

    We've set a wedding date originally for May 14th of this year but currently we are both going thru divorces and I am not sure if we will be both divorced as of that date.

    My name is Sandra my DOB is October 23, 1972

    His name is Brandon DOB October 26, 1978

    Thank you so much for listening! I don't want to jump out of the boat to soon but I want to get off of it asap if it is just a slow boat to misery.


  • He needs to go for treatment and even then it will be a rocky road because addiction is not the only issue he has.. Is he the one? No..he isn't and I feel you know this already.

  • You should do yourself a favour and read up on what The Captain has to say about soulmates or ask her about them. 🙂

  • Any other opinions on this?


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