Problem with Rent Increase, Please some insight needed!

  • Hi all,

    thank you for stopping by here.

    I am living to my apartment since 2003 and I new this is a cooperative building. The apartment I have rented is the only one free for them to rent it away and I think they share the income of it as a cooperative. Since in the begging they told us you should stay away of our arms distance. meaning they didn't want us close to the problems of the building, when they had meetings and staff. I felt always something is not wright and they have treated us poorly but I have an attachment with the place and I kept trying making friends with them, until I gave up and watched after my family. nothing is good around here but just my apartment and the place were I live. both very important to me.

    The rent since 2003 has been increased slowly as based on the rent regulations each year, and no problem with that. Only this year I got the notice that because the building is not subject to rent regulations as said premises are in a building that is a cooperative and said apartment is a co-op apartment owned by XYZ . They continue saying that "your apartment is not subject to rent regulation and that you do not have a lease for the subject to any rent regulations and you do not have a lease for the subject premises and are not a shareholder.

    so the rent is going the one I had plus half of it on top. Let say if my rent was $1000, now they want us to pay $1,500. I found that terrifying and I need help from someone with expertise or any kind of advice from any you would be helpful and appreciated.

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  • These people are never going to treat you fairly - you need to find somewhere else to live as the situation will only get worse. They don't see you as 'one of them' and never will. They are very exploitive people.

  • Thank You Captain, as always in help upfront. I expected you. 🙂

    That's wright and I know this by now, and I have lost so much of human touch in here. I tried so much to make them friends, even I got out of my nature for this.

    It got me isolated though. I am waiting to see the day I go to a better place. but I am not ready at the moment for this increase and I wonder If I pursue them legally do I have any chance to continue with previous rent regulations until I leave from here on my time.

    I have lots of facts that human rights can work on my side but don't know the laws on the topic and don't know if this increase is their right or wrong.

    Blessings to you!!


  • You must be careful. You don't have a lease so they can toss you out whenever they like. And legal actions may just tick them off and get you nowhere. But get some legal advice anyway just so you know where you stand. It sounds like a very unstable situation for you there..

  • Yes I will be contacting a layer !

    But truly Captain. I feel i need to fight them because of all the injustice they can get through and I know many. UNBELIEVABLE ! Not only to me but other people too, which I know.

    In one case they got this family out of their apartment in 3 days notice, to get their family in. And these guys barely speak English and guess fighting for their own wrights, its out of their minds. they also feared the law about legal papers and just left. I liked them a lot and invited them over for lunch one day after they left, cause my son missed them, and i kept contact with the girl of the family, and they came and they told me their story. The only people we liked.

    and there is more, but just saying... how can I let these bad guys continue playing the field and fooling people around so inhumanely. They feared me once when I reported in the police that they threaten me to get out of the apartment rather soon, because I asked them to bring terminator over and clean the dog poop every where found. in the backyard. And they told me no body else complains about it only you. By law the terminator should show up every month. but they save the money for their pockets. and fool the others around.

    I want to fight them, but I hate it, that is my problem. I don't want to fight per se, but they deserve it. They deserve to be punished. I feel I am tested here on this issue. So I will gather more info on the law.

    I don't forgive myself for tolerating and trusting them for so long until now. Lesson learned.

    Thank you again, I will consider your advice to be careful though !

  • **** p_o_o_p


  • some facts:

    1. When (the landlords) made the lease for us they asked money to give to them under the table and we gave a ton of them.

    2. Orally, they told us the rent is stable and is never going to increase and they totally made stupid on us, because we didn't know much about the lease and staff at that time, and we trusted them. But they told us "don't come to our meetings

    3. when I asked them to renew my lease, they ignored and closed the doors on me, not once but many times. because they wanted me out and kept asking me around when would I leave from my apartment.

  • I am bump-ing up maybe someone else has some more insights ??

  • The facts are they can do what they want because of how they have set up the co-op - and you went along with it so it's like a verbal lease. I'm not sure how many rights you will have on your side. The lawyer will advise you on this - I would consider carefully whether you take them to court or not - if you do, you should have alternative living arrangements made in case they win and then throw you out. Be assured, anyone who is abusing the rights of others will be punished by the Universe. Sometimes it's better just to remove yourself from the situation and let spirit take care of the abusers.

  • a very good friend of mine that is killed in Real Estate and Law start helping me in this. I also found my lease was sooo incomplete, the head part is not printed out at all, and no were is writen Co-op on there, for the part I see. Its so broad and general, and maybe I got a chance here. I am waiting a respond from her.

    Thank You Captain, I believe to the Universe too, and I am not going blindly fighting here !

  • lol, what a interesting word coming out from the mistake. not "killed" but "skilled"

    I left it without an s because the word in front has an s in the end "is"


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