Shuabby Please can you give me reading....

  • Dear Shuabby,

    I hope you don't mind me asking favor ,I really appreciate your insight for me I am really eager to know some insight from you and if you do private reading I would love to hear from you.I just want to know if I will stay were I live now lately I want to go back my native land.And what year do I get married is he a fellow countryman.I am having hard time to balance my financial status I have plan to buy property is good thing to do for me.Do I have any chance to meet up again a guy initial B and if so what should i do for me to trust me again and keep close to him.Many thanks

  • Dear annielan,

    You will stay where you are for awhile longer, I do not feel you returning to your native land at this time. You are soul searching trying to find yourself and love to fullfill your inner needs. You keep looking for others to fullfill you (family) while they may fill some void in your world , they can not fill your needs . Now is the time for YOU to start standing up and stateing just what you want and show the world how strong a woman you have become. You will find love my dear I hear a name like Erroll here, he does not come from your homeland, as I feel you are where you need to be to meet this man. He will be slender and of small frame , he will have a loving heart and mind. You will know upon meeting him that you will marry him and he you.

    He is near by and seems to be connected to teaching or college in some way.

    You will buy property after you are more settled in your heart and mind.

    You are a good person, you picked a mother that would leave you when you were a child so that you could experience loss and know what it felt like, this was to make you a very good Mother when you become one, I feel twins for you. I also feel that you were not treated well and this stays with you by relatives. There again your lifepath was not an easy one to walk, it has taught you so much about self-love , that you must love yourself and not depend on others to give it to you. Your husband will have a good loving family that will take you in to their hearts and love you like one of their own.

    Happiness Is Coming To YOU

  • Dear Shuabby,

    I was crying here you really touch my hurt , I have goose bum and tears of joy 101% percent so true.MY biological mum left me when I was 6yrs.old she work over seas she visited me all the time.Whenmy wonderful grandfa and ma died who look used to look after me died she forget the fact that she have a lil girl who is me waiting and craving for her love.I was spoiled lil girl mum always send present everyone was jealous on me.Those were the days I admit that I am the apple of the eyes my relatives especially my mum's first cousin.My mum's brothers and sisters was really hard on me I have a taught time when I was young.If I turn back the time I would still choose to me.I was showered material things but all I need is love and attention. I always cried cos even my younger cousin always teasing me that I have no dad and mum and it's killing me for all I know they both away working overseas and having separate life.I always caught myself alone and thinking that they missing out a lot of things in me. No one of them giving me hugs and kiss congratulate me cos I'm an honor student always my mum sister who fulfill my mum role to the fact that she totally forget me financial and emotionally.Life is getting taught my mum's brothers gambling financially messed up.I have to ask find where is my dad apparently mum used to bring me to my dad sister and I still have good memory where she work.I meet my dad and send me to uni that was the first time I can say I have my family now thanks GOD overwhelming that my stepmum and brother and two younger sister that they knew already that they have big sister and its me.I was really happy and so grateful my stepmum that I never once called stepmum and never once treated my step daughter was the best mum in the whole world.My bro and sisters respect me as a big sister were pretty close but I'm quite protective to them especially to my sisters.My dad always makes me felt bad he never once think that he treated us unfairly.He always had complain about me cos I was always out with friends place whom his mum treated me like a daughter.My father always see to it to visit us every month vacation then back to work,I have no complain to him his a good dad good provider he always makes sure we have the best of everything especially when it comes to education. I am proud to say that all of us finished uni and me and my other sister finish two bachelor degree.I once said it here that I can give up all the luxurious things in this world all I want is love and tender care.I am not after with anything in this world cos if you feel love you have all the courage to get your goal in life.I do admit I'm kinda rebellious but I make sure I won't put myself in to deep trouble I have always my angels to tough my shoulder.Since,I was younger girl I really knew what I want in my life to have a happy family. And I appreciate all of the advice here not that I am stubborn but sometimes I takes awhile for me to adjust for I know the fact that I 'm a bit slow I will get there 100% .I deserve to be happy I'm a good person,for all the sorrow and pain in my life .My heart is full of love, unconditional love that I always said to my biological mum.She is totally sick for almost a year diabetic her health is kinda up and down but since last year when I visit her all is well .She never stop crying every time I visit her my cousin look after with her .I keeo her with me but I am worried cos she will feel boredom and loneliness here.I always whispering to her ear stay health and strong cos I want her to enjoy my lovely kids .I am always positive every time in my mind I always claim the victory,They said having a dreaming or a wish things is free cos things happen for a good reason.My grandfather always said to me don't be afraid to be alone and not all people is awful cos there a moments in time you need to be ALONE as long as you never hurt anyone and you do your obligation in life everything will be alright .So true , I do have a fear to be there un till now I tried to conquer this feelings It's a trauma grandma and fa left me.And now I have my mum I will make the most out of it for her to live longer in this world. Thanks for giving me more courage .The Mr. Right is near coming into my life wow I can't really wait but atm I need to focus to myself its good to know his on the way. You makes me feel inspired but I honestly feel that I really don't know and I can't explain.I'm thinking we already meet the Mr. B that I mention had two letter rr in his name actually his names composed 5 letter,I hardly know him but he hurt me badly he work in a big company but i reckon he mentioned to me last last he need to cancel his appointment cos he had to meet his new incoming student for welcome night out.And I was upset that time and my friends opinion was his having an excuse.And lately his doing night ship at work so is teaching in day time.Wow his smaller than me slender he is his not masculine atheletic type hope his the one his family oriented too.I can find the perfect word for you My Dear thanks for all of your delightful words your angel God send me up above .Best regards to your family and hope to hear from you BIG BIG HUGS AND KISSES..More blessing and love you heaps...

  • Oh my dear Shuabby I have a lot of typographical error sorry I know is not a nice excuse English is not my mother tongue and I was rushing answering this .I'd love to keep my mum with me but she will be homesick and no one gonna look after with her a twin I love to have them at least 3 to 4 kids that must be a good blessing to us.I do have misunderstanding to my sister this is the very first time that she never answer to my message saying sorry.,My mum having hard time and felt so bad for whats happening dad never have idea that were having problem.The things the I only complain to my dad he never once talk to us if he wants to tell something or compain it always my mum who will adress everything he want us to hear.If my dad will said sometime to anyone of us and he is totally mad you need to get out of his house and never ever step again o his place.It happens to me he disown me for 7yrs another taught time.I can really stand what his doing to me I have a good job after finished uni but still his not happy for me and when I answer him back he find me arrogant which is I only explaining my side and never raise my voice to him..He always wanted us to live overseas he only leave you alone if we settle thats the time he will stop controlling us but till now he still have a voice to us.But sometimes I realized we wouldn't be here if he never push us to be away... oh life full of obstacle and mistery LOL

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