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  • I get email from different financial company's about investments and stocks it also helps keep me informed some on what the economy is doing and headed but it is just information take it for what its worth you can take this as fear or you can use common since be informed of what to expect and hope fully take action as you can so many people have got their head buried in the sand or just do not want to see the Truth but things are changing fast and Truth is knowledge its what we do with it that matters.

    White House Economists Predict CRISIS to "DWARF" 2008!

    by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

    Dear Delbert,

    I have great confidence in mankind's ability to ultimately overcome even the most extreme of challenges. But at this juncture, America has yet to begin that arduous process. We live an unrealistic lifestyle on borrowed money and borrowed time.

    That's why, we have long been warning you about a looming crisis with the power to crush the U.S. economy. Unless Washington makes a 180-degree turn, we face a catastrophe that could end our way of life as we know it.

    Now, just as we predicted, America's massive debt crisis is exploding into the headlines. Our warnings — the same ones for which we were scoffed at earlier — are now being echoed by many among the political elite.

    Just this last week, three Congressional leaders — Senator Mark Warner, Congressman Allen West, and Senator Joe Manchin publicly warned that we are approaching — I quote — "Financial Armageddon," ... "Fiscal Armageddon" ... and a "Fiscal Titanic."

    And on Thursday, no fewer than TEN former members of the White House Council of Economic Advisers — including President Obama's former top economic adviser Christina Romer — added their voices to those warning of a looming economic catastrophe.

    In an editorial published by Politico, the bipartisan group warned that unless the White House and Congress slash the federal deficit, bond investors are likely to turn on the United States, triggering an economic crisis that could — again, I quote — "DWARF 2008."

    Consider that for a moment: In 2008, Wall Street came within a whisker of a financial meltdown. Financial monoliths like Citigroup and Bank of America nearly went bust. And Lehman — one of the giants of Wall Street — simply ceased to exist.

    Now, these top economists and Congressmen are saying, in effect, "That was NOTHING. Just wait until you see what happens NEXT!"

    American Apocalypse

    For the last week, I've been renewing my warnings to you nearly every day. I've told you that unlike the credit crisis that triggered the last major stock market collapse ...

    The "Fiscal Armageddon" that could "dwarf 2008" will be intensely personal. Millions of Americans will face the specter of lost incomes ... lost savings ... lost buying power ... lost homes ... lost liberty.

    In my new video presentation — American Apocalypse — I show you why. Plus, I give you a clear plan to insulate yourself and your wealth as this historic catastrophe unfolds.

    I detail the three massive crises — all converging in this time frame — that are capable of changing history: What you must do to protect your family and your finances before it's too late.

    I reveal the infuriating reason why you could find yourself paying more than $11 for a gallon of gasoline and over $10 for a gallon of milk. And I show you how to protect your family's financial security with investments designed to nearly quintuple your money as this crisis unfolds.

    I document why you could soon see interest rates exploding into double digits ... your Social Security and Medicare benefits slashed ... even riots in the streets. PLUS I tell you about the self-defense investments that could triple, quadruple and more.

    I drop a huge bombshell on America's banks — why more than 2,000 of them are now vulnerable to this crisis. And I describe the $51 investment with the power to nearly quintuple your money when the dominoes fall.

    And I give you the details on why thousands of U.S. stocks are now as vulnerable as toy balloons in a room full of RAZOR BLADES. Plus I tell you about the investments that could make you 134.4% richer if a decline happens in the next 12 months ... and 155.4% richer if it comes sooner.

    DO NOT miss a minute of this shocking video: Click this link to watch it now — while there's still time to protect your family and your finances. American Apocalypse will begin playing immediately.

    Good luck and God bless!


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  • Delbertc,

    I get some of the same information and I agree on the potential crisis. When alot of major companies were about to fail our government said "it was too dangerous to let them fail" and they threw lots of unbacked money at the companies which of course put us in a worse position. Oil is purchased in U.S. dollars and since it's so weak this will effect the price of oil which will effect the price at the pump. IMHO we'll be paying $5/gallon by the end of the year. The U.S. dollar is very weak due to our debt and there will be a tipping point from which there may be no return and our financial system will fail. Again, this is just my humble housewife opinion.

    I do believe these sites give great insight into financial situations but the problem I have with them is they want to give you stock tips to "invest" your way out of this crisis. If things are crashing you DO NOT want your money in the stock market. We haven't had money in the stock market since around 2006.

    Our country has to STOP giving away things. Did you know the U.S. just loaned $2 BILLION to Brazil so they can start s drilling program off their coast. I haven't gathered all the details yet but in my understanding so far we don't have access to the oil that's found, it's basically and investment. Besides, we don't have $2B to loan! If our government thinks drilling offshore is such a good idea why don't they allow U.S. companies to drill in International waters off our coast? China & Cuba are doing this but U.S. companies are NOT allowed. I live in the South and my sister lives in Mississippi so I understand the concern for Mother Nature but we're talking INTERNATIONAL WATERS.

    I loved your openness on the other thread "There is no more time", it was brave of you to write everything Spirit gave you and I was kind of surprised there werent more comments about this - I commented. I hear what you're saying but it is hard to wrap one's mind about this. I'm not "gifted" so I don't "feel" anything about what you wrote but thanks for sharing.

    If anyone reads this please understand I'm not "gifted" in any of the spritual ways other's receive and share their information. I just enjoy attempting to understand our economy and global markets.

    Blessings Delbertc and I hope things are going better for you.

  • All the information i give is not and i say again not to scare people but to try and inform and to give any information that spirit gives and spirit gives this for a reason and the times it is given .

    I give also what i feel from my Heart if and only if i feel comfortable with it and feel it will serve a purpose for good ,i do not promote this sight or what it sells but threw my dealings with others and the media not wanting to report the truth ,but these things are happening i dont have to worry about losing money i dont have any maniley i put this own here to show what is coming and what is going own in our country.

    Yes you are very right about the dollar being used for the world trade ,but the dollar is losing its staitus and other countries are makeing plans to establish a new curenicy for world trade and if that happens we here in the US will suffer a whole lot more and the dollar could clolaspe complety and i do not just say that off the top of my head .To buy fuel the US would have to but the curency that is the standard at that time and the more in debt we go the less it is worth ,think in terms of what makes the dollar strong and what backs it up other words you can push a wheel barrow full of money and wont be able to buy a loaf of bread cause its a paper worth nothing .

    Can this happen ? Yes it is happening now we are almost to the point of not being able to pay interest on the money the US has borrowed do you think our creditors are just going to forgive our debt ? All the countries in the world don't have enough to bail us out of debt so what do you think is going to happen ? If i borrowed and borrowed on some thing and i couldn't even pay the interest don't you think the creditor is going to take the collateral i have put up for all that money they have loaned me ,Guess who is our biggest creditor ? China and when the dollar is worthless the biggest asset China will have is the US and if the dollar is no good or worth less we can not buy fuel or any imports we will be a 3rd world economy and they will come collecting what is owed and we want even be able to defend against it .

    What can we do? I do not know ,the first thing is to clean house in the governments of this country ,do away with all the influence of lobbyist do away with all the retirements funds for the congressmen and senators and all their perks ,and it is sad about the other parts of the world but it is time to clean up our own house before we clean up some one else s .

    A child knows he can not buy candy if he don't have the money!! How can i help you if i can not even help my self and if my family is suffering because i am spending all the money on booze where is the harm in that ? So would it be right to spend my family into poverty? Think what is our Government doing ? The same thing and the ones who have a lot of money are getting more your not .Honesty has went out the window in this country use to you got paid for the labor you put in and got rewarded accordingly by your efforts ,now its called equal rights where is the equality in work ?

    Our Government is rewarding liars and thieves for their work and justifying it by saying its best for the country for the liars and thieves it is but not for people like you and me,where is the accountability for their actions if i done that or don't pay a bill guess what happens i will go to jail and loose what ever i can not pay for .

    I have not given the other visions i have had and i wont untill i am advised to ,can we make a change ? I do not know but i do know if we just keep burying our heads in the sand or keep be leaving and have faith it will work out on its own, No, nothing will change for the better just get worse .

    If you doubt that ask your self not what someone says or tells you but ask yourself If Spirit keeps telling you over and over to do something and you don't and when it happens how prepared are you for it ? Your not because you didn't listen or you chose to go the easy rout and listen to the ones that say just have faith it will be OK and yes it will be a lot better if you prepare yourself for it the best you can in all ways , so now you have to face it and deal with it the best you can with what you have to face it with and that is a fact.

    The fact is the Earth is changing ,now you can wish all you want but is that going to stop it ? NO ,so wouldn't you rather be as best prepared for the change as you can ? Another fact is some people sale their truths and knowledge and direction and convince you this is what is best for you,look at our Government do they tell the truth to you ? NO cause they have underlying motives for what they are trying to convince you of and so do a lot of others who are trying to promote their selves for arterial motives and even justify it as for the good of mankind and i myself doubt most when i see the truth and know it and also when they are selling something to promote that truth.

    If i would advise anything is to seek your own Truth not mine or anyone's else yours and the less of any fear the more we can see truth but you have to seek it and wont to see it. Tooter

  • AMEN!!!!

    Love to you Tooter!! thank you for this!


  • Very Alarming Information!

  • Huge investors flee while Congress fiddles!

    by Mike Larson

    Dear Delbert,

    When super investors are fleeing U.S. dollars and turning their backs on the U.S. Treasury, it pays to take notice!

    Take Bill Gross, who runs PIMCO, the world’s largest bond fund. He recently said U.S. treasuries have “little value” because of Washington’s exploding deficits and debt.

    According to Gross, PIMCO has been actively SELLING treasuries because “We are out-Greeking the Greeks”!

    Meanwhile, legendary investor Warren Buffett just told a packed audience in New Delhi that he “would recommend AGAINST buying long-term fixed-dollar investments.”

    Mr. Buffett’s reasoning: Our massive debts and money printing virtually guarantee that the dollar’s slide will continue, and bond investors will be repaid with dollars that are mere shadows of their former selves.

    And yet our politicians — the very people who could restore faith in our country, shore up our currency, and work toward undoing our massive debts — can’t agree on ANYTHING!

    As I write this, we are moving closer and closer to a complete and total shutdown of the U.S. government and Congressional negotiators are still billions apart on a budget comprise.

    But you know what’s even sicker? It’s the fact that

    Even if they reach an agreement — and even if Republicans get every last penny of the cuts they want — it’s still less than 4% of the projected 2011 deficit!

    Make no mistake, Delbert: This is tantamount to fiddling while Rome burns.

    The message is clear. The smart money knows we are facing what could very well be the greatest economic catastrophe our nation has ever seen ... and they’re positioning themselves NOW.

    So are YOU ready?

    Are you doing what must be done to insulate yourself and your family from the consequences of this historic event?

    Do you know how to USE it to multiply your money many times over in 2011 and 2012?

    Dr. Weiss produced his new American Apocalypse video to help you protect yourself and even profit from this massive exodus from the U.S. dollar.

    Click this link and this free video will begin playing immediately.

    Best wishes,


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