THINK before you ask for advice!

  • Before anyone starts a new thread asking for advice I would like for you to think LONG & HARD about if you're really ready to receive the messages you may be given here. If you are not ready for TRUTH and INSIGHT into YOUR problem - then move along please.

    I have been so saddened today by a few posters who have basically smacked some of our very gifted and GENEROUS souls on this board. One of them was so ugly I had to post something on her page.

    Months ago I came here for advice about something very topical, then moths later something serious was bothering my son and I immediately ended up receiving some excellent advice that has put us on a path to really healing as a family. I had to face a few very hard truths about my behaviour and I'm grateful for the insight. (Thanks Captain).

    So if you're new to this forum PLEASE RESPECT THE GIFTED and you can post away!

    Love and Blessings from a grateful mom in Texas!

  • Oh life is like a box of chocolats---you never know what you are going to get!

  • Yeah but I don't like to see someone who's been offered a piece of chocolate take a bite then spit it back in their face because they didn't like the way it tasted. That woman just irked me to no end I just had to say something because all of you have just been too kind, especially to my family.

    At least I know my box is full of nuts - hehe!

    Beautiful picture!

  • Did you say nuts? check out the box I sent you on the said post! Blessings!

  • Absolutely Kookish, your message was spot on. Be grateful for receiving the reading. Even if it does not fit or you do not think it fits. Sometimes it can take time to understand what the reader is getting and sometimes the querant will never get it.

    Either way, if you ask and some one answers you. acknowledge the reader with a kindness.


  • Amen, as on famous talented gifted reader once told me, take from it what u can use n wich sits right in u. All that which doesnt forget it, discard it.

    I´ll add, we are NOT responsible for the messages we get when we help u. Its not all cut n dried nor juss to lay a bunch of cards. Not all is predefined bc there is much more to it.



  • Amen CWB. Ditto ditto ditto. In an angelic fashion of course.

    I take my words so very seriously when I give them to others who are asking for divine guidance and direction. I cannot compromise my ethics and say what people want to "hear" because that is not only doing a disservice to the person requesting a reading, but it's also doing a disservice to our angels who give me the guidance to share. My job is to be the messenger. To tell the story that I'm told. My story doesn't matter. My opinions don't matter. We all have them. But in readings, someone is usually in a vulnerable state, and seeking some guidance to help them make sense of a situation. And I cannot "change the words" to suit some preconceived notion of what guidance is desired.

    Onward we go dear friends!

    Angel blessings,

    Miss Beth

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