Sacred Feathers

  • Hi, I just felt the need to share this wonderful article I found on a site from a link our lovely PisceanHealer posted on my thread about totem animals (thanks again Marc)....hope you all enjoy this as much as I did,

    I adore finding feathers πŸ™‚

    Sacred Feathers

    by StarStuffs

    Birds hold knowledge of speaking with all animals. All feathers relate to human spirit and its innate connection with the Divine. They are the "initiators of air" in opening to realms beyond physical time and space. Psychic perceptions are thus transformed into spiritual intuitions. Air separates Heaven and Earth, thus the birds are the epitome of the flight between spiritual and the physical being. With bird medicine, we learn to use our innate intuitions to ride the currents of life.

    There are several kinds of feathers that help propel flight. I will only relay the most common ones without the breakdown of the specific type of feather and its function.

    The flight /wing feathers are strong and vaned. These lift and reduce drag. If these feathers are found they can heighten meditation and movements in life.

    Tail feathers are sturdy and strong. They are used for steering and braking. They align us with forces to help stop and steer our own lives.

    Down feathers are soft and dainty. These grow continuously under the main feathers for insulation and to condition the bird's coat.

    When a feather comes to you, it is sometimes difficult to tell what part of the bird the feather is from. After inquiring of the feathers and learning about the bird, eventually you'll recognize and identify feathers more easily. But nonetheless, it is a message from nature to contemplate on. When you find a feather it can lift, insulate, and protect you against life's elements. When a feather catches your attention and is discovered in an unexpected place, it is a gift for your path. Feathers bring us inspiring messages to remind of us our world and our connection to it. Their symbolic meanings inspire us to soar to new heights.

    There are times when a feather becomes a reassurance symbol by appearing to you when you are going through the different phases in your life. Letting you know that you are loved and watched over. They remind you that you are still a part of the Whole. Different feathers also may correspond to your own awareness cycles as the ebb and flow of energy changes.

    The feather creates the opportuniy to awaken your insights. Spend time with your feather and the symbolic meaning will appear. You can honor your feather by: meditating with it, breathing on it which activates the life force of air and wearing them. Make prayer sticks/wands, staffs, aura dusters and feather/fetish pots. To help you determine how birds reflect your present life you may ask these questions.

    What is the size, shape and color of the bird?

    What is the feather function?

    What are the wing structures? (Soaring, fast, slow)

    What are the actions in the air and on land?

    What are the sounds it makes?

    If you look, listen and watch carefully you will see birds and other animals around you that accurately reflect what you are feeling and going through. They can also lead you to understanding of where you are going and how to change directions in your life. All of the actions you do reinforce your connection with the bird spirits. In nature all is one. Honor what you have, it will always honor you, therefore you honor yourself and your oneness with the Great Spirit, The Highest and Most Holy One.

    Animals have never failed to talk to us, we have never listened. Only by enhancing our awareness of intuition and consciously listening to our natural surroundings can we learn from all the animals.

    "A feather is a letter from a bird."....... what a beautiful quote eh!!

    Here is a picture of a Finch, I had one visit me yesterday morning, it was tapping on the glass of my back door, it was such a magical moment for me, and he sure got my attention, the message he "bought me" was nothing less than wonderful! πŸ™‚



  • AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!

  • I love FEATHERS always have. I have an Eagle that comes to see me. I have named him Reign and this year he even found his soul mate. Yesterday he sat in one of the trees and He let me talk to him for a while 10-15 mins. Birds and wings bring Spirit's aura to us...I feel. I really enjoyed the post and I used several types of feathers for sweeping out negative places and to bring in the Love from Spirit. ALL wings are fascinating. Thank you sooo much for sharing this.

  • Thanks i really enjoyed you alls comments that was neat, feathers have always meant a lot to me when i find them but now they will really mean a lot more from the information given that is neat Tooter

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  • I'm so pleased you all loved it as much as I did πŸ™‚

    Blmoon, how lovely to see you here, what you wrote really sums it all up eh! πŸ™‚

    SpiritSeeker8, what an amazing experience that was with the wonderful Eagle!!...I too have used a big beautiful white feather when I cleansed the rooms with sage, using mainly to waft the smoke into the corners...this has now reminded me it's way over due for me to do this again... πŸ™‚

    Delbert, I'm SO pleased it will make the finding of the feathers even more meaningful to you....bless you!

    Oooo AW86, I love Robins, and you know what, I have thought this in the past 3-4 yrs that I have visits from one every so often in my garden and I too think it's the same bird?....I would love to think it is, but I'm not sure of the life span of the beautiful little creatures...

    Love and blessings to all!


  • What a lovely article, it has quite literally brought me to tears, and sent wonderful moments flooding back to me when a simple white feather randomly appearing in front of me made me feel so close to lost loved ones.

    with love kerry

  • I just found this thread. Thank you Denise, you are a true medicine woman πŸ™‚

    As an addendum, white feathers are said to be signs from our (guardian) angels letting us know they are with us. I recently found a tiny one on my living room sofa.

    Eagle feathers are considered to be the most sacred of healing tools, shamans use them to cleanse the auras of patients that come to them for healing.

    To wear a feather pointing down towards the ground marks you as a wo/man of peace.

  • Hi Kerry, how wonderful that beautiful white feather gives you so much comfort! they truly are sent from our Angels as a sign, "all is well"....

    Much love and blessings to you


    dearest Marc, what a wonderful thing to name me as, this really touched my heart!

    and how special it was to find your feather on the sofa!!....I have always gotten great comfort when I find those little fluffy feathers, about 2yrs I had a feather right on the front edge of my windowsill, it truly looked like it had been "stuck" on...I was absolutely mesmerized on how it was "just there", there was just nothing underneath it to make suspend like it did! I checked for anything that might have made it do that, but nothing, the wood was so smooth and clear underneath....I just had to take a picture of it and will post it on here now to let you see how unusual it was πŸ™‚

    Much love and blessings to you


  • Sorry about poor quality Pic , I'm no David Bailey thats for πŸ˜‰

  • I don't know if these are sacred, but they sure are beautiful πŸ™‚

  • Awwww, the photo size fit the requirements....not sure why it was denied 😞

  • Hi watergirl18, what a shame it didn't come through :(.... maybe they need resizing a tiny bit more....

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