Taurus Male and Scorpio Female....Hows it gonna be??

  • Hi All:

    I am a 28 year old Scorpio/Libra cusp (Oct 24th) He is 35 and a Taurus (may 12)

    The 2 of us have been dating for about a month now, but we are not exclusive. Between the 2 of us, we are both very focused in our careers and help one another by bouncing off ideas and give each other advice in terms of both being successful. On the intimate side....WOW...we connect on a level that is quite intense! More intense than the cancer I dated a while back. Very passionate and very sensual in the bedroom....I couldnt ask for more!

    From what i have read on these taurus guys, they are quiet, confident, secure, possesive and slow to love. So far, Ive seen all the qualities listed and beginning to see the possesive side, but not too much. Between the 2 of us, we travel alot for our jobs. I travel alot within the state, while he travels the country and also out of the country to Ecuador. He is an owner of a hotel 1 degree of the actual equator. While ive been told by his friends not to fall in love because he will be leaving soon, i keep myself in check to protect my feelings. On the flip side...Im only assuming that he too is starting to fall for me. He left for Colorado on Tue for business and do some snow boarding. The plan was for him to go to CO, then leave for Ecuador. Before he left for CO, we celebrated St pattys day together with all of his friends at my house. I cooked corned beef cabbage and shephards pie then we all went out and partied hard! The following day, I took the day off and we spent it in a private cabana on the beach, got private massages and ate delightful brunch all underneath the cabana facing the atlantic! Then topped our evening with a very nice elegant dinner at a fancy restaurant. We ended the night with a nice bubble bath at my place. That night after the bath, he got very quiet and seemed a little taken back (i guess thats the right words) then he changed his tune back to being his normal self. (I really didnt understand it). Anyhow,Ive spoken to him everyday since hes left, and he has now changed his plans to come back to FL. (FL is home for him) He tells me misses me and asks the same of me nearly everyday since Tuesday, and its only saturday! lol 🙂

    Because of his friends and his position of traveling, I have really just taken the approach to enjoy his company and time spent together, but at the same time, Im starting to really have deeper feelings for him. We have the same taste and find that we have alot in common, In terms of goals, food, luxuries, evenings out etc. We both work hard so we can play harder and enjoy life relaxing...we are totally in synch in these terms.

    My question to all of you is: any advice, thoughts, suggestions on this taurus/scorpio/libra compatability. Should i let him go? He tells me that he typically only comes to FL a month a year to visit, then stays in ecuador. But everytime we're together it just keeps getting better. Hes since changed his plans (not just after CO) but also told me, hes only 6hrs away and plans to come back every month and half. He wants me to come to ecuador and visit him when he goes, and all of his friends and i want to plan a trip here in the summer to stay at his hotel.

    If it helps...we were both in a relationship with our ex's for 10 years and both of us had a stepson...both of our relationships ended because of our careers. I think we are both standoffish on the word "commitment" because of our pasts.

  • A friendship and a love affair are both favoured here, and marriage or a more permanent living arrangement can often result from them. A friendship or love affair can in hindsight be seen as having been a proving ground from which a deeper commitment may have evolved, but such relationships have great value in themselves and are usually free of such expectations. As your friend or lover, the Taurean man will take great pride in your mental abilities while you for your part will admire his natural ease. This relationship has much to teach you both - you Scorpigal will learn how to relax more and your partner how to focus his thoughts more effectively.

    Whatever the physical attractions here, the primary thrust of the relationship is not necessarily sexual or emotional but usually lies in the realm of the mind. However, too much sarcasm must not be allowed to dominate. Marriage or a longterm arrangement can both benefit and suffer from this combination's relaxed attitudes, which may undercut ambitions and dilute dynamic drives, but which can actually result in higher productivity and fewer losses due to argument or stress. A common love of aesthetics, nature and beauty can also unite the two of you.

    Just don't become so relaxed or over-satisfied that you take the relationship for granted. A lack of commitment may make your partner feel that you are not serious about the relationship. Don't get too bottled up in your head. Show you care, regularly. You, Scorpigal, can have an obsessive need to control everyone and everything around you (plus a fear of being taken advantage of and dumped) that might also undercut the effectiveness of your relationship. Your friend may be terrified about being poor and thus may concentrate more fully on his career than he should, neglecting you. You both need to talk honestly about your fears, issues, and problems because this has the potential to be a very good relationship if you both work hard on it.

  • WOW...first of thank you very much!! (also, im sorry i posted on someone elses thread)'

    I didnt see your response until now. I broke it off with my taurus today. As much interest and feelings i have for him and as much hope i had in the 2 of us becoming more than just FWB's (friends with benefits as he titled it) I couldnt stand to continue being treated the way that he has been towards me lately. As for lack of commitment, i feel it is the other way around. As i have been the only one "semi" open about my feelings to him. The only reason why i say "semi" is because anytime i have tried to talk about my feelings, he shot me down and it made ME feel that HE didnt take our relationship seriously, and made sarcastic remarks about the status of our relationship. I know that deep down he really does care for me, but at the same time scared. I just cannot understand why he cant be open and honest with me about his feelings. Like you say in your last sentence, we do need to talk honestly about our fears, issues, and problems. I too think that our relationship can be more than what it is....but it seems he does not give us much credit, and I dont know how to express myself to him without fear of being rejected again. For the last 5 months I have done nothing but assure him that i care for him, but hes been very unfair to me, that (your right) i do fear that i am being taken advantage by him and has also dumped me 2x in a matter of 5 months that ive known him! For me...its not that im trying to control, rather i cant handle the amount of emotional game play that he seems to continue to want to play. I too, am very driven with my career, just as him; and made the decision today that i need to just go back and focus on myself.

    I am doing ok, and feel that i have done the right thing by writing him my feelings with where I stand. I sent this morning and still yet to hear from him, as it has now been a week since we last spoke. I guess i wonder if I m going to hear from him soon in response to my letter..... 😞

    Thank you again Captain for taking the time to provide me your reading.

  • ...also i must add that, I have NEVER had difficulties in expressing myself to anyone, even past relationships in my life. I have been rejected by people/partners after expressing myself, but it never really stopped me from continuing being honest and have fear of what they might say. Again, aside from him having rejected me....i cant understand WHY i am so scared to express myself.

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