Tarot reading in my dream

  • I didnt know where to post this so I will try here.

    I usually have dreams that are full of imagination..

    Last night I had a dream I had a reading done, I didnt ask a queation but I thought it. The question was about a gemini man I like and weather he will contact me. The reading was that he will but that it will be short. I rember the spread also, it was not usual, well not for me atleast. It was sort of, cards being thrown randomly on the floor and read anti clockwise. In the reading a new man comes into my life.

    BUT the part I am really asking this question is this - while the cards were shuffeled (not by me) one card fell out, it was the card of A Fool!

    Does anyone see any meaning in this? just wishfull thinking? ordinary dream ?

    I am hoping someone can tell me something 🙂

    Also, I woke up for a second and had another dream, another person giving me free reading, spread was, many cards on the floor, after the question is asked a part of the cards is turned over, I asked if I will meet "the one" and the answer was - no.

    But what I am mostly asking is about the first reading in my dream

    Thank you on replies

  • The Fool card represents a new beginning, a new adventure. Don't think of it as the woes of foolishness, but rather the joy of naivety. Purity in innocence.

    The randomness of the card reading and it's direction (anti-clockwise) could mean a scattering of your thoughts and energies, you may be looking at things backwards.

  • Thank you PisceanHealer on your input it does make sense

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