Dear Pisceans

  • Wow Stepon - I know just what you're saying. I used to lay in bed at night waiting for my kids to get home and I would worry myself ill. There were times I actually had them dead and buried (in my mind of course) and by the time they got home I was FRANTIC! One of my therapists gave me some sound advice. It might help you too - It did me!

    Choose a time during each day and set it aside, like a 15 min 30, or 45 - an hour if you have a lot of worries. Now spend that time doing NOTHING BUT WORRYING! No Tv, no phone calls NOTHING BUT WORRY - Worry about everything there is to fret over; and get it all in cause you can not worry for the rest of the 24 hr period. If you need a little more time sometimes that's OK too. But once you get up from your fret-in --- NO MORE!

    Now you can spend the rest of your time enjoying life! Be sure to carry a notebook with you so you can jot down things to worry about during the next session (But no fair cheating!). Save it up for the special time. It's like a date with your dis-ease.

    And don't forget to check your progress once in a while so you know how much all that worry time is changing anything, fixing anything, or in even the slightest way altering life in this or any other world!

    I noticed when I did this excercize the only thing that ever changed was my attitude towards how I was wasting so much time during these flings with my fears. It didn't take me too long to realize that most of what we worry about never actually happens to us. And suppose one of my loves were killed in a car wreck? Did all that worrying save him? Was I any better prepared to handle it should it occur? I've yet to find one instance that sitting alone dwelling on bad things EVER stopped anything bad from happening. NOR did it ever cause anything good to happen to me.



    You can begin your first worry session with that one if you'd like LOL

    Let me know if you try this - and how it goes when you do! worked for me!

    Remember : Worry is NOT preparation . . .

  • Thanks KrazKatie, I sure will try that, I hope it will help as it didyou, It makes me feel a little better that Im not the only one out there that worry alot. Have you ever had any come true? I had one that i can think of right now, We lived 25 miles from town, and it was in winter, I had every one wait awhile before we left, every one wanted to go right than, I said we need to wait a few, As we were driving there was a big wreak an the freeway, I had a feeling that if we left when everyone wanted to we would of been in that wreak. But I need to try that worring for at least 30 min a day, thank for the advice, ILL let you know if it works.

  • stepon -

    Keep in mind that there is a HUGE difference between needless worry and instinctual wisdom. You said you HAD everyone wait. And they did so, my guess is because they too felt a little something amiss, or they would have laughed it off and left anyway (unless you were driving).

    Everyone has the ability to hear (what I call) God. Some are just better at discernment. And yes, I have avoided a lot of mishaps following my gut - and I have gone straight into trouble by ignoring those stirrings as well. And I still get it all wrong sometimes. I'll have a feeling of dread, and I'm determined something bad has happened - but nothing has or does. At least not that I'm aware.

    Someone told me that it was my spirit crying for another and since we're all connected in Spirit, those times are meant for us to pray. Even if we don't know what about or for whom.

    If you don't mind me asking; how old are you? Male or female?

  • I just read that you a year older than I. I'm now guessing you're a man (?) If you are a woman, perhaps a good Chakra cleansing is in order. I say this because women a naturally more in tune. Men are naturally less evolved. NOTHING PERSONAL GUYS! That's just the way it is.

    No body ever told me this, I never read it anywhere. It just comes from inside my spirit. If fact I have a whole theory inside that answers every question known to mankind. From the big bang and black holes to religious beliefs, human sexuality, reincarnation, and esp. And it still all begins and ends with the great I AM.

  • KrazKatie Iam a women, And i was not driving, but i did take longer to get ready, They all just waited. So you have those feeling of something bad is going to happen and nothing does? I will say , that sometimes things do happen but not as bad as i thought it would. what is a Chakra? I just have not heard of this. I could use a whole body cleansing, lol, I take Morphine 260 mg a day ,this is my proublem, This maybe has a lot ot do with how i act today about alot of things. but before i started taking this med, I still could see what was going to happen, some of the times. And I was right about alot of people I would meet, I mean i could tell if the was a good person or not. Thanks for Taking Time Talking To Me.

  • Chakras are the points in our bodies where the spiritual and the physical meet. I think there are five of them: the groin, belly, chest, throat, and head. If they are out of balance - we are out of balance and this often manifests in very physical ways. My first clue usually is tripping or falling down without any seen obstacles. Tripping over thin air so-to-speak. Then I'll start loosing my words or thoughts mid-sentence. Things like that.

    And addiction without necessity can interfere with all of them. So if the morphine is for pain, maybe you could try and ween off. If the pain is gone but the pills linger on, well you know what needs to be done. And if the pills (or patch,or whatever/however) is CAUSING the pain then stopping is only as hard as you want it to be.

    Step one: I can't

    Step two: He can

    Step three: I think I'll let Him

  • Hi, I also fish with ascendant in Cancer, and according to the Chinese horoscope, I am born in rat years. I'm from 1972 and when I was 16 I loved to write little poems, I think you should pursue your dream and who knows, one day you can be a big name author. Love Liljenholt from Denmark.

  • I have RSD in my arm, so the pain is always there, I have some good days some really bad days, a coworker spiled some oil on the floor and put a cardboard box over the oil instead of cleaning it up, I sliped and my right arm went into the fryer, my fingers are curled, I will never forget that day. Anyway thanks for the info, you have given me something to think about. Thanks again

  • Hi fishies...

    Ivy: if you could do a birth reading and help me figure out what all goes into who I am, I would greatly appreciate it. I would love to have a personal reading done by someone as far as my natal chart goes. Thanks in advance!

    I truly enjoy being a Pisces. I like that I am in tune with my emotions as well as everyone else's too. I have a tendency to empathize a little too much sometimes but that is me. I am stubborn, at times but tend to go with the flow, the majority of the time. I am artistic but do not have much faith in what I do (others do). I am definitely a spiritual person and firmly believe that to survive this life, we have to know ourselves as much as we can, and try to show tolerance for those who do not understand themselves or each other. I embrace my quirks, faults and flaws; just as I embrace my strengths and (what my friend calls 'my beautifulness) personality pluses. I would love to talk to more Pisceans, as I am the oddball in my family. 😉 But I kinda like that too!

  • Another wonderful post about Pisceans. I love to see us all coming together!

    Judgmental, as a wise peer...or a few...mentioned earlier, embrace all your traits, Pisces or unrelated. Every unique and not so unique trait is a blessing.

  • Hi!!! 3/5/1988 Pisces/Dragon here! I love reading about you all. 🙂 It makes me feel less alone.

    I have a problem of falling in love and just letting everything go. That's the only time I truly let people in (unless I happen to find someone as open and accepting as me without attraction... not being pompous... it's the truth...) and it's one of the most damaging things I've ever done to myself. Does anyone else feel like this? Like love hurts too much?

    I've been trying to not take in others' emotions as they have nothing to do with me usually. But it's so hard. Negativity breeds negativity and it seems like lately everyone's a little on the negative side 😞 Any suggestions?

  • Hello there!

    I'm a Pisces/Rat, Cancer Moon, Venus Aquarius. My motto is, I live like a pisces, cry like a cancer, and love like an Aqua (cool and aloof).

    Your other planets will give you great insight into who you are, all around.

    I read your post about writing and your teacher and I'd have to say that there are many parallels between you and I, as well as other pisces. When I was in school I was deeply moved by an English teacher and that spawned a passion for writing for me, as well. Keep it up!

    Also, I know all about being compassionate and wanting to help people, as I have become a mental health therapist. There is nothing better in my life than looking at people objectively (the entire person, and their surroundings) and helping them from a standpoint that is truly unique for them.

    I know that being a pisces is confusing at times because we feel so many things from our surroundings, but keep grounded and stay true to yourself. Don't be pulled by the tempting currents 🙂