Dear Pisceans

  • Hi Pisceans, my name is Maliah and I am a Pisces/Rooster. I was searching on Google: Pisces, so that I can better understand myself and I came across the All Pisces discussion on Tarot so I decided to make me a page and chat with those who are like me. I was born March 11, 1993, yes I am only 16. I don't read a lot even though I think I should, I love to write, umm poems, songs, essays, shorstories and hope to become a wonderful poet and novelist, maybe even a screewriter. Like most Pisces I am very sensitive and compassionate. After reading about Pisces I understand the reason for my actions. I know all of you have read about it too. I love being a Pisces. I've met a few Pisces and I do not think they act they way I do, well other than my 7th grade substitute teacher, who was like a second mother, I love her, I really don't think they are like me. Sorry, I am a judgmental person. Pisces are definitely unusal. I love it. Please write back.


    Confused and Judgmental.

  • Hello dear fellow pisces:

    All pisces have basic tendencies but your moon sign and rising sign can affect you too. Check those out. I am a pisces/aries and monkey. So I can say I am stuboorn but endearing... Also check which part of the sign you are in. Maybe you were on the cusp of another sign. I suggest you get your chart done. It will reveal so much more than you think. As far your pisces tendencies go... embrace them. We are a sign of knowledge, old age and as my scorpio boyfrined puts the most innocent yet seductive playboy bunny alive. We know how to nag wihtout nagging, seduce with just a glisten of our eyes and listen with no complaint. Yet when we need to we can slip away into the depth of our water. Enjoy being a pisces. It is a celebration of surviving the rest of the signs and our last eleven plus lives. If you ahve any questions, I have studied astrology for ten years. Just ask

  • Ha I just read you were 16. Silly me. Okay so you dont need to know that info but i can give you more age appropriate. You sound like me when I was 16. Hang in there. Just take the time to study the sign. It will fall into place.

  • Ivy317 I am a pisces and I was just reading your blog girl sing it sister I truely love being a pisces I always have!!! We are the most unique I would say out of all the signs and we literally get a with everyone its a beautiful thing. I even find at times we can also be the most complicated also but I like the fact that most people cant figure me out and they just dont get me I actually like it better that way just a quick question why the numbers 317? Thats my birthday I guess thats why I'm asking well thanks again for being pisces and proud.

  • Hello fellow fishys!

    Sounds like me at 16 also! I could swear nobody else was like me or understood why I am what or how I am. Now that I'm (much) older - that hasn't changed a bit, except now I don't give as much creedence to what they think.

  • My birthday is march 11 too! Im a Rat I guess in chinese astrology or whatever. I dont really like being a rat, I wish they would change it to something more loving maybe. Like a chipmunk or squirrel.. but RAT??? sounds kinda harsh.

    anyway, JUDGEMENTAL... dont be judgemental!!!! Please dont go that route. It'll only cause you trrouble. Be kind to everyone. even if they look different, or sound different so that you can flourish and become a good beautiful nice fish. No one likes to be judged. I know I never did.

  • I'm a rat/fish as well

  • Pisces Sun/Aries Moon, Year of the Horse - stubborn, determined, sentimental - I leap into waters before knowing their depth, but always seem to get to the top for a breath of fresh air.

    Lessons, lessons, lessons - I love being a Pisces!

  • Hi Comerades,

    i'm pisces too, moon: Taurus, Ascendant: Leo. (Dragon)

    its definitely nice to be a pisces. Forgiving, Sensual, Loving, Kind, Compassion, Funny/witty....sometimes obstinate, judgemental, temperamental, sensitive, emotional 😄

    Forever able to swim at 2 directions...depending which side we wanna take...hahaha

    Hi Ivy, need some expert advise from you since you've been studying astrology for 10 of my friend who is a astrology reader told me my rising is Cancer instead of Leo....but according to the reading in, i am which shd i believe...haha. Confused

  • Hi I'am a pisces also, my birthday is March 2 1959, I have a proublem , and I get myself in trouble because i feel that I know what the other person who ever it may be , what that person has done, or what they have done, bad or good, its like I can see right threw them, Its like i can feel there feeling. And when i get introduce to someone, I can tell if they are a good person or not. And most times Im right, I know when to shut up and walk away, Like if the person that i may be talking to is in a hurry and want to go , i can sence that. I like to be alone, I love to dream, I do not trust many people, I always seem to push the good ones away, I do not like to put stuff off for another day, I want to do it right now, And I do not like to wait, Is anyone out there like me. I would like to know how to be more intuitive, instead of shuting it off when i start to have a intuition . Its like i know it might not be good news, so i push it away, Oh I also love to help others.

  • Hello fellow pisces,I was born ,2-25-46. I also love being pisces. Nobody ever understands me .I suppose mabee my husband is kind of right,he says i live in a world by my self,which is fine with me.HE is 8-12-41,a leo.But most of the time what ever is happening ,ZING,he misses it.We have found common ground on most things.We have been married since 1963,and we have raised two children,happily mostly.The kids know we are different,and thats ok. I do sense things more than anyone else ,i know. Sometimes they look at me like im crazy,and call me when they need help.They kindof expect me to just ,know,what ever the situation. I am also left handed soo I tell them,only left handed are in there right mind,which confuses the issue more,.I DO LOVE BEING A FISH!!! haha hoho. I wish you all good swimming,have fun. ROLA12

  • So STEPON -- Where is the problem?

    Like ROLA12, I am continually accused of living in my own world. But we are very happy here!

  • Hi, its nice to be in the water with all of you!! 3/4/59, moon-Capricorn ( Boar),

    I've often been told I'm in my own world which is true, I'm a dreamer & quite comfortable there. I'm very intuitive & always regret when I don't follow my intuition. I do block myself from people who have negative energy because its too hard & exhausting to be near them & not take on their negativity. Lately I realize I'm an empath - are you? I also have a sense of things no one else seems to feel so I've learned to keep it to myself & wait to see what unfolds. I am happy as a fish yet there are times I'm not quite sure which way I'm going-in 2 directions at once LOL!!!!

    Love & laughter to all

  • Hi there fellow Pisceans. Im wishing you all the very best. I am born 2/26/1951 and in the year of the cat/rabbit.. Having a Scorpio moon, it makes me intensely aware of what is going on everywhere and I feel so strongly that my emotions just shut down sometimes. I try to make sure I laugh every day, even when I dont feel like it. We Pisceans FEEL everything on a deeper level and sometimes cant put into words what we are feeling. Thats why we submerge to the depths of the ocean and stay in our little worlds where we feel protected from all negativity. We come back to the surface when we want to and please dont worry about what people think of you because they are all too busy thinking about themselves for the most part. We are the healers of the world and are born with this gift. Follow our intuition and inner voice. We are ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Take a leap into the unknown, we have luck on our side. Love and light to you all!

  • hello fellow pisces,

    I too am Pisces, 2/23/79 capricorn moon, capricorn rising. I don't know too much of what that means,but as far a being pisces that is I. Sensitive, emotional, selfless, caring,mythical, spiritual,

    All good qualities a person would want to be right? You would think its easy being so giving caring ect...If life was easy. but thats not the case. My life always seemed to be a struggle, but i know deep inside it will never be that bad and there are so many others worse off than myself. I am beginning to realize things about myself that i'm assuming has to do with being a pisces. For instance, I'm realizing my mood swings are really what i call absorbing others feeelings. I was reading previous posts and recall someone calling it empath. Is this right? Any way, i think im beginning to tune into my intuition. (for example: One night i was rushing my kids to go to bed, and for what reason i dont know; I told them it was very important to go to sleep because in the morning we would have to go visit their uncle only to get a 6am urgent call that something bad had happened to him at the time i put the kids to bed).This happens often;but it's kinda hard to grasp until its spelled out already. How can improve this?

  • MY proublem is they do not like what i have to say, and I always push people away I do not let them get close to me, Anyway its a long story, There is more to it

  • I've been told I'm brutally honest. I say it's just part of my charm! I was thinking about how I seem to push the good ones away also. Maybe it's because we have this need to help, heal, or fix in some way, and the "good ones" don't need us like that. (?) Our human nature says "If I let you in, I will be hurt" but the Spirit wants to be of service. The constant struggle of always choosing the wrong ones to let close comes from somewhere in-between.

    A guarded heart is one that contains anger, pain and bitterness. Doesn't matter if you remember the trauma. Your heart remembers. That is why forgiveness is so important. It isn't for the forgivee - but to benefit the forgiver. It is the most powerful aide to the Spirit we have. The lack can destroy, maim or kill one's self or others, and an abundance can create joy, bring love, give life to those old and young alike. AND IT CAN BE THE HARDEST THING ONE MAY EVER DO!!

    If your personal wall wasn't built during this lifetime, and you can't understand why you feel this way (IE: can't forgive something that hasn't happened), then, perhaps, a consult with clergy or a past-life therapist could help. Or you could bypass all that and just go straight to Jesus. After all he is the father of forgiveness!

    Just a thought or two on the subject.

  • Hello!

    I am a Pisces, Cancer rising and moon & I have so many other signs in water I shouild float! Being a Pisces is hard but I would not want to be any other sign. It is hard because Our world does not easily accept people who are compelled to help others, be kind to all & yes be brutally honest hence, in my case, I tend to never fully trust anyone nor let anyone into my world beyond a certain level. Yes, I said my world, because as most of you have commented I too have had that evil little sentence thrown at me. I am proud of "my own little world" nothing bad ever happens there and more importantly I do not get hurt there. On the flip side however, this does create much loneliness (SP?). I'm to the point where I am ok w/myself and ok w/how far I let important people (like my Aquarious) husband in and in turn they must be ok with what I give them.

    The very most important lession I have learned is to love I am.

    Viva la Pisceans!

  • I don't know if empathic is the right term for me. But with just a little bit of knowledge i did go from "schizophrenic" to "clairvoyant" in one afternoon! LOL

    One (of many) instance is of the week my mom died. She lived in CA. I'm in CO. On a Wed. I began to feel what I could only describe as "Air suckers". for days I felt as if someone or something was trying to reach into my lungs and pull the air from them. I kept asking my boyfriend if he getting ready to leave me. But I didn't connect them. Then on Fri. my Spirit lamp started spinning wildly and wouldn't stop even after being physically halted. On Sat July 4th, I was walking the parade route morning my brother as the parade was the last place/time I saw him alive. Feeling exceptionally lonely, very down. When I got home later that afternoon They called. My mom had died Friday. She went to the hospital Wed because she couldn't breath. Apparently the wildfires had smoked them up good and a lot of elderly were having trouble getting air. She asked them not to call me. I don't know why.

    Well, the lamp continued to spin madly until a few days later when A conversation involving my dad, mom, and brother (all deceased) was ended abruptly by me, out of anger, With "And this conversation is over!" At that moment the lamp came to a dead stop. It did not move again for a year until the first anniversary of her death. Now it is back to moving every time a visitor joins us in the house. Sometimes It comes with smells, noises, or shadows and I don't always know who it is. Other times I hear or have conversations with "others" and the lamp isn't moving at all.

    I've heard them since I was young - hence the rather large Psychiatrist's file with words like "bizarre" "deranged" (i prefer re-ranged myself) and "disassociative" It wasn't until my youngest son started seeing the same shadows I felt and heard that we realized what was really going on.

    I have had many other situations. This is just the most personal of them due to the nature of things.

  • WOW! you all hit it right on, It was like I was reading myself, or what I would of said. I do push the good ones away, and I do get lonely, but sometimes I like beging alone, Yes I have gotten hurt alot, And I cant trust no one rigth now , Im sure I cause it myself, I also worrie alot, I feel that something bad is going to happen, Beging in a car sometimes freaks me out, I try to push all bad thoughts away, I do not know why bad thoughts come to alot, so than I worry alot, Iam afraid of hights, I do go twice a month and try to talk about all my proublems, but it is not getting me no were. Thank To You All,

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