Does he love me or hate me?

  • I need some answers can anyone help me plz.... this is the deal here dating this guy after 20yrs he finds me we hook up and life was great and i was enjoying his company , meet the family spend the holidays and his mom loves me so i get along with his sons and family.. well everything was wonderful until out of the blue he txt me saying i am a good person have a good heart bu he dose not like my ways meaning my flaws...he said i txt to much and i take every thing to the extreme( i did mention to him about my flaws ..)then this is were i am hurt and confusse. he said I DONT HATE YOU OR DISLIKE YOU but then he says dont call me ever dont come over my house and stop txting my family and leave my mom alone your stressing her out with ur crzy psyscho messages.( i called her crying telling her what wrong with jo this is not him) she agreed with me and she was hurt by the way her son treated me. SO IF HE DONT HATE ME OR DISLIKE ME THEN WHY IS HE BEING SO MEAN AND HURTFUL BY TELLING TO LEAVE HIM AND HIS FAMILY ALONE GO AWAY , LOSE MY # AND CALLING ME CRZY AND FKEN PSYCHO. I HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT RESPECTFUL AND GOOD TO HIM AND HIS FAMILY..HE EVEN BLOCKED ME FROMHIS FB ACCT AND I DONT KNOW WHY. I HAVE NEVER MIS TREATED OR DISREPECTED HIM OR THE FAMILY EVER AND i DONT UNDERSTAND PLZ SOMEONE HELP ME AM AT THE POINT OF JUST WANTING TO DO DRUGS TO NOT FEEL THIS HEARTFUL PAIN I HAVE....BROKENHEARTNSOUL

  • you keep saying "YOU DON"T KNOW WHY?" oh come on now. he told you what he thought of you. he does not like DRAMA. and you sound like a drama queen,,, men hate drama.

  • thanks for your advice , but there was not drama between me and him i never gave him shit about anything he had his space and as for my flaws well he has them to and i never said anyt;hing about it ..i love him for him with flaws and all. but he did call me today and said sorry for acting out that way with me ... he was simply scared that i would do the same thing his ex did which was cheating on him ... i can relate to that .. and thats why he said those nasty things to me so that i can hate him and for get about him as well ... so as for me being that you said i was drama well sorry your wrong i am 42yrs old and i deal with people everyday and the last thing i would want to do to the person i truely love is to give them drama in there life and mine... whats funny is men who dont like drama are the ones who create them in the first place . and turn on us women . but i am very thankful for your opioion and happy we are back and now he is mover open with me with his feelings ... thanks god bless ya

  • you fail to see the truth about yourself. when you don't get your way, you tend to fall apart. I feel sorry for you all dependent on him./

  • and when you call his mommy to complain about how badly he is treating you, and so mommy gets mad at sonny boy, chews him out on your behalf your story makes no sense at all. you are all drama and even a bit manipulative,, go back and read your first post, sorry too late for you to edit your post and can't take it back. that is your problem you lose control,, overreact and you are like a princess,, all fluffly, go ahead and talk to your people all day chatty cathy you are.

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