Relationship in the making?

  • I have been seeing this guy for a few weeks and so far everything is going good. I'm wondering if I can get a prediction on where this relationship will lead or if it'll last.

    I know a prediction will not tell everything about the relationship or tell for sure what the future will hold. But I am curious to know how compatible the prediction will say the relationship is!

    His birthday is Jun 5 1991

    Mine is Jul 14 1993

  • Honey

    Why don´t u just enjoy what u 2 have? What is ur rush? a few weeks? is that like 2 weeks or are we talking 6 weeks? anything more we talk months.

    Please u too are doing the tortoise hare race. Hare is seen as fast, but in that race it lost. Why b the hare when tortoise wins the race?

    Please do urself the favor, njoy the wonderful man u have found n let it develope in its own time. rushing is never good. TRUST me!


  • lol it wasnt a "should I stay in this relationship" reading. It was more of a curiosity reading to have a laugh over the out come. Nothing serious.

    The stars may be right on somethings, but it cant tell when it comes to the heart.

  • I stand by my advice! Dont rush it or u ruin it b4 it has taken to the skies!

  • Could I at least get a ready on someone who is born on Jun. 5 1991?

    Or someone born on Nov. 14, 1991.

    My brothers is Nov. 11, 1991

    But no one really seems to have a ready for a 11-11-1991 birthdate lol.

  • No one really seems to have a reading* for a 11-11-1991 birthdate

  • Sorry hon i dont do dates. Means not much to me. 4 whoever is up to u sweetie, free will n all. It doesnt matter whom we say is better for u. If we say man A n it goes wrong u will blame us for the choise, if we say man B n it goes wrong we´ll get blamed again. sorry i will not take that chance or responsibility. Irs urs n theirs choise. Not ours.

    Ure 18 ................... hon what IS ur rush? u need to figure that out first.

  • This post is deleted!

  • So what u say is u have a competition going with him n u wanna win? so u do this as a race? Does this mean what i think feel it means? THta this no matter what messages u get u wont give a dang abiut it bc its all a dang competition to ya?

    Thats so dang rude. have u 2 ANY bleeding IDEA on how MUCH it takes out of us readers to tune in and help u? It takes a WHOLE LOT of energy time not to mention goodwill n faith. N TRUST that we aint ABUSED n MISUSED,. n Frankly thats what u n ur pal do. U MISUSED n ABUSE readers for ur silly kiddies game of who gets the best amazing reading n disregard totally the messages given,.

    Im appalled. Im pissed off , im sad, n im angry. Shame on u 2. SHAME ON U!

  • CWB is right, This place isn't a "game" it takes effort to do readings. It's not all silly games and giggles. There are other websites available for that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • If u dont find this real then what are u even doing here?

  • "It's not a game? Aha! Do you know how many people on these discussions have said multiple times not to take it seriously and that it isnt even real."

    I've never witness any reader posting that. Why would a reader waste their energy and time tuning in on strangers if it's not real and or not to be taken seriously? Why are you even studying Astrology if you think it's a joke. I think you are full of it. I would recommend no one waster their energy on this person. Waste of time.

  • Hear hear!

  • Cheers to that! Whooo! 😉

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