Wondering what's best for me!

  • I'm a Gemini sun/Scorpio rising. I am wondering if anyone out there would know what Sun/Rising combination is good for me? I've been on dates with different signs. It seems Capricorns are very attracted to me and think I'm wonderful even though astrology says we're not compatible. I always have the best conversations with them. The best sex I've had has been with Capricorns. Any suggestions/advice?

  • Stick with Capricorns then!!!!! Have fun!

  • Hmm, I would say any combination of air sun/water rising would be great for you. Maybe Libra/Pisces or Aquarius/Cancer would be great, just as examples. You would really have to take note of the man's date of birth, including the year and the time of birth to get a true picture. You also have your other planets in your birth chart (and his) to see how compatible you are (or can be).

    But if there's a Capricorn with an Air rising or a Water rising, this could work too.

  • I think you would enjoy the stability of any earth sign. you are prob drawn to that because it fulfills your scorpios emotional needs. and gemini needs help staying grounded and earth signs will help like no other in that department. I would make sure the person is able to understand your ever changing moods though. I know because I have a gemini moon and our emotions tend to bounce around and we need time to think through our feelings rathar than actually feeling them. My best friend also has a scorpio moon and she tends to hide her emotions but since i know her so well I can tell when she is in a bad mood. she will sigh deeply, fold her arms across her chest and its like the air around her changes. So my point is you are probably correct for wanting to be around earthy types to balance you out. Good luck,

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