Shuabby, advice needed pls

  • Hello Shuabby,

    i thank you ahead of time Shuabby if you are able to advice me on this situation. if not I understand

    You told me ( readings you offerd till midnight) that a man around 40 years old was some one worth Keeping around. I know who your talkign about but he is not some one i am dating right now. By the way you are right, he is good looking. hehehe 😃 anyhow, This man works in my sons Martial arts gym. We have had short conversations a couple of times. My mom noticed and pointed out how this man smiles big when he notices me. So all this conferms that he does like me.

    My worry is, will it upset my son if i deside to persue this man. this man has a son as well, will it upset his son? My son loves his gym and i dont want to take that away from him. And like you said, this man is around 40 and im 30 years old. i look younger then 30 so i dont know if all this would be okay...

    ive been told that this year theres a chance i would get married or engaged, I have a feelign it would be with this man...

    Hugs and love,


  • Shuabby,

    I spent some time talking and checking this man. i dont want him. Now that im open to date i seem to be very very very picky. i spent time with my ex last weekend and if i met him now i proably wouldent ever date him. (? wierd) Theres many after me, and i want to be eexcited to spend time with someone but I havent met such a man, its been a year now and im thinking im going to run m y self dry. ( i dont know what that means but it sounds just right)

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