To everyone in this forum

  • May the light of the Universe shine upon you all. May you all find peace and happiness in your daily life.

    May the negativity wash away from you like the waves of the ocean pulling away from the shore.

    May you see the bright golden light surround you and protect you. May all your problems leave you and make you all carefree once more.

    May you all walk in the glow of the rainbow. May there be a silver lining to the end of your day.

    May you all find love and peace in your hearts and minds.

    May your health be good.

    May you walk with a sure foot and a lively step on your journey of your purpose.

    May you find all things great and good in your life.

    Your friend in tarot,

    The QueenofWands

  • @ TheQueenofWands,

    Thank you,that was beautiful!

    Namaste TheQueenofWands



  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance


    loving silver wings

  • That is beautiful..thank you for your blessings. May those blessings return magnified to you. Light and Love to you The Queen of Wands

  • TheQueenOfWands,

    Another positive message, this is what I live for and wish the same for everyone.


    What a beautiful picture!

    That is my motto everyday, LIVE, LAUGH &LOVE

  • Love That- Beautiful message TheQueenOfWands.

    Love and blessings Bee Xx

  • Thank you TheQueenofWands!! How beautiful! I feel so good right now and I know everyone that reads it will be uplifted for sure 🙂 Just so awesome my words are inadequate 🙂 And MyJourney and AngelBee you guys post the most amazing pictures!! I thank you all!! Love and LIght 🙂 GJay

  • Beautifully stated and timely for everyone 🙂

    God/dess bless ❤

  • Very nice, thank you.

  • Thank you QueenofWands, may your blessings return to you threefold.

    Love and light to you all


  • Thanks for the words QueenofWands 🙂

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you a perfect pick me up for the day. May your wishes return to you like a boomerang!

    Blessed Be

  • What a delightful words from you, I'd love to keep it with me so I can keep my good spirit hope everything to all of us here will be more blessed and always keep the faith,As I am up and down most of the time .When I read this you boost my energy in my heart,mind and soul.BIG BIG HUGS AND KISSES..

  • thank you and right back at ya !

    loving light

  • Blessings To You All. 🙂

  • Thanks Queen of Wands. I needed to read this today. Many Blessings to you and everyone else.


  • Hi Queenofwands

    Thankyou that was a beautiful hearfelt message may your kind words return to you in abundance Have a nice day .

    Many Blessings LOAP

  • We are not alone like a candle flame in the window guiding us home.

    As we join hands across the sands my we energize each other, and know we are waiting for the time to share our thoughts and meld with our hearts to make the world a better place for all the human race.

    May the warmth of the sun shine upon your face. May the stars shine bright to light your way into the night. May the silver moon brighten the waters of your dreams and carry them to the shores of hope and happiness.

    Thank you all for the pictures and all the kind wishes and blessing back to me.

    May you all be blessed with love and light. May this new day coming be sunny and bright.

    Your friend in tarot


  • Thanks AGAIN dear tarot friend,

    These words were the first for me to see today, thanks again..

    I was feeling a little low, then bamm ,the feeling disipated...

    Peace,love and light

    Namaste TheQueenofWands


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