Silverravenwolf, a question - smile!

  • Found it- LOL.

    Through all religions and teachings there are common threads:

    God is the same as the universe and ALL religions have a name for it.

    Jesus is the same as the healing life force, Chi, karma etc.

    Angels are protective communication energies, prayer meditation etc.

    on and on...

    We have energy centres in and around our bodies that relate to these called charkras... you probably already know...

    the greatest things happen when we are aligned body, mind, soul and universe. You would have had times when things happened in a flow of positive yes, yes, that's what I wanted, yes wow didn't expect that ,yes . click, click click.... That's because you are aligned: body, mind, soul and universe. All on the same vibration!!! The universe has the path prepared and sending the way through your soul to resonate with your thoughts and you take action with your body and vice versa, You actions checks off in your mind what you are doing and your mind transends as truth to your soul which connects to the universe. Sooooo...

    Calling upon Jesus is a sacred and specific way of activating a vibration and aligning your body mind soul and spirit.

    Jesus was a real person, so your body relates to that, your mind knows of the pure love and strength Jesus posses and your request is attached to that vibration, your soul is the same energy of jesus, pure light and is aligned with your body and mind... now Jesus is the son of god so you are now (and your request) are of the same vibration as god ( the universe) so you have all the power all aligned with you and your request on a level of pure white light.

    For anything to work well for us it needs to happen on all levels. You may be doing the actions, thinking thoughts or asking the universe for help, but if it is not the way the universe needs it to happen you will only find resistance and hardship.

    You need to ask the universe fist, listen for the answers or signs, know what you need to do and then do it! that is where success is born.

    Now don't fret, before you came to this earth you laid a plan with the universe so while you are down here you can fulfil your destiny AND enjoy it. So if is feels bad in means you are not on the path you laid out... Ask the universe and listen...

    I hope I am helping by the way... I am enjoying the challenge of getting this stuff out of my head.

    Unfortunately the biblical rules about alot of things are real energies existed well before the churhes used them from a dark place of fear and used to control people...this is changing.

    Again everything effects everything. If you feel depressed, change your body! sit up straight and proud looking, strut around a force a smile... you will feel a change away from depression... this is raising your vibration whivh brightens your soul which attracts better things to you... try it now!

    Stand-up! raise your arms to ceiling, smile and say (or think) "smile on me Jesus! surround me angels please!"

    How do you feel? now notice how things seem different now, you may get the urge to do something you've wanted to for ages and you will suddenly have success and fun doing it!

    Action is the greatest key, once you feel the urges to do it, go and take action on it then the universe will rewards you for listening!

    With Love....


    p.s. Let me know how it went!

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