Silverravenwolf, a question - smile!

  • A past life reader told me I was burned at the stake more than three times before, Which shows I HAVE been a girl before! LOL

    If you are reffering to my blast at the captain about being a bit of a toss, I just know how hard it is not to let fly and release that bad vibration welling up inside. Just saying we should (including myself) process the stupidly fearful things people are saying and interpret them into joyful words that resonate well for you.

    Alot of the time spirit will give you messages in a way that creates the action you need to take, not everyone needs the message delivered in the same tone, or even the same message.

    So someone being told the earth will destroy them if they don't change is what is needed for them to improve, however to reach the same outcome for another may be to reach-out and help others from a place of joy and love.... Athough the messages are different the intended outcome could be the same... Peace, love and light...

    So it is unfair for those people needing a message of "change or die!" to tell us that are already "changed" or in the required state that we need to change or suffer the repercussions..

    A bit like a doctor telling a fat, diabetic smoker to change their ways or their body will give-up kill you. It would be ridiculous for that fat unhealthy person to tell me the same message given that I am already fit, healthy and never smoked...get what I mean?

    If I need a message from the doctor I will see them myself, and if I get a message of "everthing is ok" I should not tell the Fat dude to ignore what they heard because I heard it's ok we don't need to do anything.

    We will all get the message that is right for us, by raising our vibration and listening to the universe, god, alah, spirit whatever name you have for it.

  • But stand-up to the humans that try to control you by using fear and oppression. we deserve free will and none has the right to take that away, or manipulate it... like advertisers.... don't get me started.

    It doesn't get too cold here in winter, only as low as 3-6 degrees Celcius, Zero on the odd occasion but the days are about 10Deg.C (no idea what that is in Deg.f ) but it doesn't snow.

  • 10 degrees Celsius is 42 degrees Fahrenheit 🙂 In Celsius, the degree at which water freezes is zero, in Fahrenheit the degree at which water freezes is 32. Just in case y'all wanted to know!

    And now I don't feel so bad for calling you a girl, SRW! I have been told that I have always been a girl in my lifetimes, but that I have always "railed" against it...hence, my very strong masculine side 🙂

    I would like to pose a question to you - something I have been struggling with to be honest. The messages for the past month or so have been to align the heart and mind. I believe this means to tap into our intuition more for guidance. My problem is I feel like my intuitive voice has disappeared. I used to naturally use my intuition without knowing it (if that makes sense) and once I discovered it was there I struggled with hearing it at all. I shifted from "not knowing what I know" to "knowing what I know" and now I don't know anything!!! But do I determine what is coming from my intuitive voice and what is coming from my ego? I really can't tell any longer...

    Any thoughts are appreciated ❤

  • How timely, My used to be very intuitive, but lately lost confidence and started questioning EVERYTHING.

    Our two year old picked a book at our local shop and would not let it go so we had to buy it, however is was not listed on their system and therefore we got it for free. (nice people)

    So this book that Magicaly followed us was all about intuition and was truly a great book. If you can I recommend getting it. It's called Guidance 24/7 by Crystal Nani.

    I am not an expert yet but here are just few tips that I am confident about:

    Intuitive messages are short and to the point, less that 7 words long. That little voice in your head will be like "cross the road".... "leave your job".... "call your friend now!"

    You MUST want to hear the guidance. If you ask for a way to earn a million dollars, but don't believe you will ever have a million dollars, you won't hear the message.

    When asking for guidance, do not place conditions on the answer. eg. "please show me how to make my life happier, but don't tell me to leave my boyfriend, I just couldn't handle that" by placing conditions you close of your ability to hear any answers.

    Your logical mind or your heart cannot confine your intuition. Inutition does not guide you based upon worldly rules, weighing pros and cons of each situation.

    Your spiritual direction will be breif, concise and then quiet.

    Your Thoughts however will go round and round to and fro trying to find a conclusive answer.

    An example is you may be thinking about calling your friend to see if they are ok but don't want to intrude and your mind is torn between calling, leaving them alone blaa blaa blaaa...

    This is just your thoughts and is not guidance.

    However, you're cooking dinner, wondering where the salt is hiding this time, then a little voice says "call Lucy now" and you think wow where did THAT come from, you pick- up the phone and call her, she was just heading out the door to go out, while you are talking a car looses control and crashes in Lucy's front porch, right where she would be now if you hadn't called.

    Now intuition is only going to saves lives, it will help you in every avenue of your life. (i just made that story up... it may never have happened.) The book however is full ways intuition has helped people.

    Please read the book it has step by ways to tune your intuition to suit your needs, it helped me on my own path to a much more spiritual life. Google her too. Cristel Nani

    P.S. I don't get a commission from sales of her books, go to the library if you need.

  • That's My wife... at the start of that... I should read it before I post it

  • SRW,

    I used to be a bit (Meaning huge) rabble rouser. I sopke out against anything that smacked of stupidity and control. I've calmed down quite a bit, now and try to either stay out of it (not my fight) or state a higher message.

    Your insight is quite well honed. I understand the idea of different people needing to hear the message in a different way, you put it so well. Thank you.

    Also on the book you mentioned on intuition, I will check it out. Sounds like something I could use.


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  • We love tinkerbell in our house!... Her curiousity gets her in trouble too! LOL.

    My insight may appear well honed because I was always taught growing up that "if you don't have anything nice to , say nothing at all"


    "it's better for people to think you're a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"

    Needless to say I grew up timid and quiet. But now that approach has lead me to only speak about things I have thought about first!

    Also The author of the book is Christel Nani. not the spelling I first gave, sorry.

    How was your week-end? our kids had Hockey and play dates so I am all tired out. ;(

    I need some sleep angels tonight!

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