Silverravenwolf, a question - smile!

  • Hi! Silverrw....I liked your answer on "changes" and my questions led to some others opening up so thank you. I am sort of tone deaf so it was me visualizing your talking about sound - fun!

    Anyway, I'm not what you would call a traditional Christian at all either but I do find the name of Jesus to be so tremendously powerful when calling for protection - and I have always been entranced with the person of Him, as opposed to some of the Biblical "rules" of Him...

    But would love to hear more of your reasons you mentioned as to non religiously why it is so powerful to call upon Him.

    Hope you will have time to share and thank you!!

    Winged blessings flying to you....


  • and hey thanks for listening to me... I've been trying make sense of all this for a few years now and it is nice to help others on thier own path of enlightenment. Also I don't have all the answers, they come with learning and being open. So if I say something that doesn't resonate well with you, just throw it out and only use what suits you!

    I call myself a guru but I am not the be all and end all... the truth lies in you and your connection with the universe, I believe I have the tools to help people think differently about life and find that connection with the devine they were missing.


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  • Well... Wicca was around well before christianity, you may be suprised to find that the bible and all "religious" holidays are taken straight from pagan beliefs and rituals and celebrations.

    Yule was replaced by christmas. Have you ever wondered why easter is observed on the 4th full moon of the year and not on a specific day that jesus was crusified...Has nothing to do with the man's suffering or ressurection, it is an astronomically significant time....

    I find it appauling what the church did to people who practiced the old Magik yet based their entire system on those same rituals. (that is what the Dark can do, so now it is time for the light to prosper once more)

  • I copied this from another website because it is easier than typing it!:

    Where Did Easter Come From?

    Does the following sound familiar?—Spring is in the air! Flowers and bunnies decorate the home. Father helps the children paint beautiful designs on eggs dyed in various colors. These eggs, which will later be hidden and searched for, are placed into lovely, seasonal baskets. The wonderful aroma of the hot cross buns mother is baking in the oven waft through the house. Forty days of abstaining from special foods will finally end the next day. The whole family picks out their Sunday best to wear to the next morning’s sunrise worship service to celebrate the savior’s resurrection and the renewal of life. Everyone looks forward to a succulent ham with all the trimmings. It will be a thrilling day. After all, it is one of the most important religious holidays of the year.

    Easter, right? No! This is a description of an ancient Babylonian family—2,000 years before Christ—honoring the resurrection of their god, Tammuz, who was brought back from the underworld by his mother/wife, Ishtar (after whom the festival was named). As Ishtar was actually pronounced “Easter” in most Semitic dialects, it could be said that the event portrayed here is, in a sense, Easter. Of course, the occasion could easily have been a Phrygian family honoring Attis and Cybele, or perhaps a Phoenician family worshipping Adonis and Astarte. Also fitting the description well would be a heretic Israelite family honoring the Canaanite Baal and Ashtoreth. Or this depiction could just as easily represent any number of other immoral, pagan fertility celebrations of death and resurrection—including the modern Easter celebration as it has come to us through the Anglo-Saxon fertility rites of the goddess Eostre or Ostara. These are all the same festivals, separated only by time and culture.

    If Easter is not found in the Bible, then where did it come from? The vast majority of ecclesiastical and secular historians agree that the name of Easter and the traditions surrounding it are deeply rooted in pagan religion.

  • I'm getting a bit negative aren't I. I appologise. I will look forward to brighter times instead of reflecting on the bad, I am, and so should you be, very excited about how we are changing and the joy we are moving towards

    Everyone I know now says that December 2012 is the time so don't stress not untill nov. 2012 lol.

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  • The Mayans probably just used pure observation, mapping the stars, noting the seasons, feeling the earth's energies and came up with the calendar as a rolling system as per the earths position in the universe.

    And hey, I love your opinions, so let them out here... I know many people like the captain, so busy trying convince everyone else they for get to sit back and listen too.

    All of what I write came from other people and the devine, filtered through my own bullshitometer...

    Smile, I enjoy your input

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  • Enjoyed reading this thread ladies!

  • Oh, so love the joke!

    Many times I think people (well meaning) try to bring up hard subjects to alieviate fears. To explain that it will not be that bad, to look at it another way, etc. but it rarely goes well. Those who hear already have their own understanding and those who don't get all uptight and it starts spiraling down from there.

    Me and my little sis are going to celebrate Beltane together this year. She has quite a few rituals for the observance and I am looking forward to see what she put together.

    Stay in Spirit and enjoy your own little piece of Eden and share it whenever and with whomever you can.


  • HA!

    I agree with the arrogance thing, I am an Australian (living in Australia) and feel the pushy arrogance coming through some of these topics.

    As I said I don't know everything and I accept that fact that I am going to be wrong sometimes! and what suits me as being the truth may not suit others (or anyone else)

    Hey, My daughter came home from school, learning about the brain with home work about brain waves.... the text book says that they measured brain waves, the higher frequency brainwaves occour when we are learning, and the lower when we are sleeping or being dopey.

    So there is real science behind raising your vibration and opening yourself to hear & listen and learn....

    Oh, and I am a dude. Watergirl.... Maybe I need to "man-up" my words a bit!

  • So sorry! Plese don't take offense -- there just aren't that many "dudes" on the forum! 🙂

  • None taken! Made me smile... You are right though. There are not many men out there ready to confront their spiritual side for fear of being a bit of a sissy. But the most powerful things I have ever acheived has been because of my that a word?

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  • Thanks but it has been the longest hottest summer in years here and we are looking forward the cool change.

  • Hi, guys.

    I wasn't originally going to answer the "Parents have to discipline their kids" comment as I thought it really was not worth the effort but...I just could not let it sit there. It goes against everthing spirit has taught me. And yes I get the soul aggreement stuff as well. I believe we set up a pattern to points us in a direction.

    On a lighter note, I love fall. Were just starting spring here but I can't wait till fall. Best time of the year nd I feel so alive then.


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  • You have a voice, use it!

    You have an opinion, speak it!

    The forums are open to all and everyone is entitiled to the same rights to speak. We can try our best to keep it civil. (and I know I was biting my tongue the whole time I was trying to write a higher and more civil responce)

    yeah yeah yeah

    Arguing is not fun and with some it is pointless BUT...there are always others that could hear your message and you never know where you will find them.

    If others are the only voice speaking to them, what are their options?

    Raising the bar for others is always a good idea.

    I for one do not intend to revisit the 2nd century either.LOL Like I was there the first time, who knows.

    I was probably burnt at least once in every century for one thing or another. (or LOL, the same thing all over again.)


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