Hans Wolfgang, career and spirit help bitte

  • Hi Hans Wolfgang!

    I always appreciate your insights at key times in my life. You never fail to speak what I need.

    About a year ago, you predicted a shift in my work life. This turned out to be a very fortunate time, meeting new friends and developing dynamic relationships. I have been able to integrate my work with my spiritual life in a way that's been lacking for a while.

    An opportunity I have wanted for several years has come open in another department. Several synchronicities have popped up during the past few days, running into old coworkers from bad traumatic jobs, etc, also people who have beat me out for promotions in the past going for this slot... its all highly energetic and I recognize these things can be as much to clear old junk as they are signs of change in workplace. Clearing old karma is never bad.

    My current boss is one of my best friends and has put in a good deal of time getting my applications ready, etc. He's a Pisces. He's also without question a soul friend. Part of me wants to go for the job; part of me is torn and wants to stay where I've been so happy and fulfilled. There's nothing romantic or sexual here, just that sense of duty and connection and loyalty. I love working for him. It's been an amazing experience.

    Since you predicted this originally, I'd like your input into what's happening now. I'm getting old enough to realize being type A is not always the key to spiritual happiness. I also realize complacency and comfort isn't a good reason to stay put, either.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts, stories, musings.


  • WantingQuietude,


    I'd like your input into what's happening now: make an assessment of your situation, think about what goals you once had and where your path has led since then.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts, stories, musings: you have a difficult and responsible task to which you are not adequate. Moreover, you do not devote yourself to it with all your strength but go about with inferior people; therefore the execution of the work fails. In this way you also incur personal opprobrium.

    Never use any drug. Your experience should purely be of meditation. I can understand that you have been through a tremendously beautiful experience, but that experience disappears as the effect goes out of the system.


  • Hans Wolfgang,

    That was painful. Some truth, but painful. I don't believe all my contacts are "inferior," however.

    I will sit with this.

    Thank you.

  • WantingQuietude,

    I appreciate your feedback and your sincerity.

    What is understanding?

    Someone has said, "The mingling of the drop with the ocean."

    Someone else has said, "The descent of the ocean into the drop."

    But it is the disappearance of both the drop and the ocean. Where there is neither the drop nor the ocean, there is understanding. Where there is neither one nor many, there is understanding. Where there is neither the finite nor the infinite, there is understanding.

    Understanding is oneness with existence.

    Understanding is truth, understanding is consciousness, understanding is peace.

    'I' is not present in understanding . Rather, what remains when 'I' ceases to exist is understanding .

    And perhaps this 'I' which is not 'I' is the real 'I'.

    'I' has two existences: the 'ego' and the 'being'. I am not the ego, but I seem to be. I am the being but I seem not to be.

    Consciousness, pure consciousness is being.

    I am pure witnessing consciousness, but because I identify with the stream of my thoughts, I do not see this. Thought itself is not consciousness. Consciousness comprehends thought. Consciousness is the witness of thought. Thought is the object and consciousness is the subject. To identify the subject with the object is to be unconscious. This is the opposite of understanding . This is sleep.

    What remains in the absence of thought is consciousness. To be in what remains is understanding.

    Awakening into thoughtlessness opens the door to existence. Existence means that which is. Awaken into it -- this is the essence of the message of all the enlightened ones.

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